Beatman & Ludmilla – (Classic Breaks Part 2) Breakout Breeze – Summer Edition 2019



This is a true classic two hours long mix from the golden era of Progressive Breaks. Beatman & Ludmilla have selected some of their favourite Progressive Breaks tracks and re-mastered them, mixed them and provided a classic backdrop of timeless music. Check this one out !





Beatman and Ludmilla – The Very Best Of Progressive Breaks Remastered Volume 1



I do like Progressive Breaks, from the early days of Australia’s Nubreed and even in the early 2000’s with such artists as Hybrid, Junkie XL and Luke and Chable. Beatman & Ludmilla have just re-released one of their most popular mixes to date, totally remastered and a step back to the classic sounds of Progressive Breakbeat.






01. Junkie XL – Mushroom (Original mix)
02. Meck feat Dino – Feels Like Home (Original mix)
03. Chable and Dirty Fours – Tokyo (Original mix)
04. Hybrid – Just for Today (Original mix)
05. Conjure One – Tears from the Moon (Hybrid remix)
06. Lostep – Villain (Original mix)
07. Lostep – Burma (Sasha remix)
08. Infusion – Legacy (Junkie XL remix)
09. Junkie XL – Beauty Never Fades (Animatrix edit)
10. Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Original mix)



Beatman and Ludmilla – Breakout Breeze – Summer Edition 2017



Beatman and Ludmilla are back with their everlasting series of Breakout Breeze mixes. This one is the 2017 Summer Edition and again an epic experience for the avid listener, full peak time blinders of Bass, Breaks, Trap and 4 on the floor music. Grab your download now !






Beatman and Ludmilla – Breakout Breeze – Spring Edition 2017



Beatman And Ludmilla have been producing their ever popular Breakout Breeze mixes for some time now and as you can see they are back with a Spring Edition for 2017. Starting off with a brand new Breaks track produced with the legendary Hyper with no name at this time and moving through some 4 on the floor action of Electro House, a stomping mix indeed.






01 Hyper & Beatman and Ludmilla – ID [Forthcoming]
02 Arston – Redline (Extended Mix)
03 Razihel – Rip Your Face Off (Original Mix)
04 Kelle – Briefcase Chase (Original Mix) [AYRA]
05 Bethany Brown – With Me Tonight (Dusk is Remix)
06 LeKtriQue – Shred (Original Mix)
07 Manaka Kataoka – Talus Battle (Chime Remix)
08 Pillface – Goldshot (Original Mix)
09 Arston – Godfather (Original Mix)
10 Julian Jordan – Saint (Original Mix)
11 Steve Aoki & The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 2.0 (Edit)
12 Yultron – Make Electro Great Again (Original Mix)
13 Tokyo Machine – Blast (Original Mix)
14 Foxhunt – Cryptozoology (Original Mix)
15 3D Stas – Anger (Original Mix) [AYRA]
16 3D Stas – Nothing But Deceit (Original Mix) [AYRA]
17 3D Stas – 1707 (Original Mix)
18 Adventure Club x Dion Timmer – Need Your Heart 2.0 (feat. Kai) (Edit)
19 Kelle – Serbian Business (Original Mix) [AYRA]
20 Shadient – Lotus (Original Mix)
21 Noisestorm – Escape (Original Mix)
22 Alan Walker – Alone (Restrung)
23 Ephixa & Laura Brehm – Losing You (Original Mix)
24 Above & Beyond – Surge (Original Mix)



Beatman And Ludmilla – Breakout Breeze – Winter Edition 2015

Beatman And Ludmilla - Breakout Breeze - Winter Edition 2015


Beatman And Ludmilla have just posted up their Winter Edition of Breakout Breeeze for 2015. This epic 2 part mix finishes the year off nicely with some great Breaks and Electro House Music.


Beatman And Ludmilla – Breakout Breeze – Winter Edition 2015 Part I




Beatman And Ludmilla – Breakout Breeze – Winter Edition 2015 Part II