Beat-Breaker – Triple Point Mixtape



It’s over a year since Beat-Breaker put together a mixtape and braced the pages of Breakzlinkz but in that time he has had the chance to gather up some new foot stomping breaks and now give us a brand new mix to wrap our ears around.






1… Specimen A & Deekline: Lift Me Up
2… Pyramid ft. Jak Berry vs Bradley Drop ft. Proxxy & DJ Latern: Leads To Nothing / Give Yourself
3… DJ Fixx & Joe Dela Cruz: G.O.M.D.
4… DJ Fixx & Joe Dela Cruz vs. B-Phreak: G.O.M.D. / Burning Up
5… Sell Rude: Rotor Block
6… K-Deejays: Middle Of The Night
7… UFO Project vs. Bradley Drop: In Your Eyes / Ghettoblaster
8… Kid Panel: Kasmir
9… DJ Fixx & OndaMike: Make It Go!
10.. Yankee: Back To Love
11.. Yo Speed: Flying To Miami
12.. Kelle: Banshee [Beat-Breaker Re-Edit]
13.. Future Flex: Power Moves [VIP]
14.. Alt A vs. Yo Speed: Just For Bass [KWeRK RMX] / No Man
15.. Plump DJs vs. Yo Speed: Let’s Bounce / No Man
16.. Stanton Wariors ft. Janai vs. Pray For Bass: Never Let The Dancefloor Go [Beat-Breaker Mash-Up]
17.. Yankee: Dance Bitx
18.. The Flashback Project: Get Wid It
19.. Plump DJs vs Miau: Invincible / Scratches
20.. Marten Hørger & Neon Steve: Church
21.. Aylen vs 9Trance ft. Dread MC: Counter / Tripy
22.. Yo Speed: Escape
23.. Specimen A & Rasco: Never Forget
24.. FM-3: F Dat Beat
25.. Pyramid: Successful
26.. Perfect Kombo: Jam Of The Space
27.. Kuplay: Roots
28.. Kuplay vs DJ Fixx & OndaMike: Roots / Oh Snizzy
29.. Marten Hørger & SkiiTour: Redlight [Left/Right RMX]



Beat-Breaker – Element 94



UK’s Beat-Breaker is not a nasty person but after hearing this mix set i’m starting to think otherwise. Starting off the mix dark & dirty Beat-Breaker drives us on with a mix of new sounds topped off with some older gems throughout. There’s a few Re-Licks of his in there as well setting in motion a well executed mix of Breakbeat music.

(Element 94 is Plutonium)







1.Sketi: Pull Up / Big Sound
2.Friction ft. Matrix: Ultrafunk [Beat-Breaker Re-Lick]
3.Original Primate: Vanilla Krush
4.Sketi vs. Kelle: Gilead
5.Ill.Gates: Mortal Weekend
6.DJ Fixx & Ondamike: Pop That
7.Deekline & Specimen A: Run Da Riddim
8.Pyramid: London Feels
9.C:Live Collective: This City is LDN [Beat-Breaker RMX]
10.Pirate Jams: One Way Back
11.Shade K: Plastic
12.Shade K: Phantom
13.Marten Hørger: oh Girl [Beatslappaz RMX]
14.Deekline & Specimen A ft. MC PSG: Like This
15.Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson: Ain’t Nobody [MutantBreakz RMX]
16.DM: Hangover
17.Nixon vs Mafia Kiss: Compare / High
18.Future Flex: Power Moves
19.Deep Impact: Raggamuffin
20.Plump DJs: Light Fantastic
21.Plump DJs: Light Fantastic [Beat-Breaker Re-Lick]
22.Kelle: Containment Breach
23.Aggresivnes / Yankee: Rock This [Brainkiller RMX] / Happens All The Time
24.Colombo: Fly By Night
25.Plump DJs: Lose Your Mind [Beatslappaz RMX]
26.Beatslappaz: The Drop
27.DKNZ: Mixed Signals
28.Mace: Jungle [Plump DJs RMX]
29.Stanton Warriors vs. Cause & Effect ft. Janal: Never Let It Go [Beat-Breaker Re-Lick]



Beat-Breaker – Doctor Hooka’s Surgery Mini Mix



UK’s Doctor Hooka returns to the airwaves after a bit of time off with his popular Breakbeat show “Dr Hooka’s Surgery” for NSB Radio and in association with the Funk N Filth blog. With 3 top artists doing the guest mixing, DJ B-Side, Greg Blackman and Beat-Breaker.

This is Beat-Breaker’s 15 minute mix for the show a selection of phat Mid Tempo music orientated for that Glitch Hop sound.







Beat-Breaker – Big Night EP Mixtape



Hitting the top of the charts with his release of his “Big Night EP” on Juice Recordings UK’s Beat-Breaker drops an essential Bass bomb of a mixtape in promotional of the release. Both tracks are featured in the mix as well as some popular bass laden breakbeat tunes.

Check out the Beat-Breaker – Big Night EP here:







1… Beat-Breaker ft. The DropStarz: Hit It / Hit It [Deep Impact RMX]
2… Aggresivnes: Booty Shakes
3… Pray For Bass: Arabe Aranobe [Beat-Breaker RFX]
4… Specimen A: Hard Times [MutantBreakz RMX]
5… Stanton Warriors: Colima
6… Wes Smith: Break You Down
7… Sketi vs. Original Primate: Don’t Stop / Vanilla Kush
8… Kuplay: The Zombies Are Coming
9… Wes Smith: Levitate
10.. Beat-Breaker vs. Damn Right ft. BBK: Get The Beat Pumping
11.. Pyramid: London Feels
12.. Pray For Bass: I Gotta Groove
13.. Sunsha: Fat Beats
14.. Pyramid: Successful
15.. BreaksMafia: Bass Trap
16.. KMFX ft. Whiskey Pete: Blazing
17.. Aggresivnes: Go Shake It
18.. DJ Fixx: Lowlyfe
19.. Mervin Mowlley ft. The DropStarz: The Get Down
20.. Wes Smith: Party All Night
21.. Beat-Breaker ft. The DropStarz: Breakbeat Nympho
22.. Wes Smith: Give It To ‘Em [BreaksMafia RMX]
23.. Wes Smith: Body Move [Califunkya Mix]
24.. DNKZ: You Know It
25.. Beat-Breaker: Big Night



Beat-Breaker – 50k Soundcloud Plays D&B Mix



To be honest I’m not really one for straight up Drum & Bass but to help Beat-Breaker celebrate 50k plays on his Soundcloud page Breakzlinkz will make an exception. High tempo peak time music in this one and a great mix for all you D & B heads out there.







1… Toronto Is Broken: Navigate
2… Killer Hertz: Levitation
3… DC Breaks vs. Keeno: Moving On / Faithless
4… Noisia: Voodoo
5… High Rankin vs. Noisia: 5am Gurn Crew / Voodoo
6… Killer Hertz vs. High Rankin: All Out / 5am Gurn Crew
7… Futurebound ft. Jaguar Skills vs. Killer Hertz: Shadow King / All Out
8… Dub Elements: Heartbeat / Short Circuit
9… Blaine Stranger vs. BMotion: I See The End / Bear Hug [VIP]
10.. BMotion: Bear Hug [VIP]
11.. June Miller vs. Break: Hide & Seek / Ain’t No Turning Back
12.. Noisia: Minatures [Phace RMX] [Beat-Breaker RFX]
13.. Andy C vs. Tweakz & Emtee: New Era [VIP] / Tell Me
14.. Beat-Breaker vs. The Upbeats: Set Me Free / Veiled
15.. Dr Meaker ft. Lorna King: You & I [Beat-Breaker RFX]
16.. Toronto Is Broken: The Antidodte
17.. Noisia: Into Dust [Neon Light RMX]
18.. DC Breaks vs. SKMA ft. Cheshire Cat: Organism / Fumin’ [2017 VIP]
19.. Matrix & Futurebound: Scatterbrain
20.. Friction & K-Tee vs. Chase & Status: Jupiter [Mefjus RMX] / Blind Faith [Loadstar RMX]
21.. Killer Hertz: Prometheus
22.. InsideInfo: 82 [Beat-Breaker RFX]
23.. DC Breaks vs. Turno & North Base ft. Harry Shotta: Hustle / Third Eye
24.. DC Breaks vs. Teddy Killerz & Annix: Hustle / Leap Of Faith
25.. Killer Hertz vs. Teddy Killerz & Annix: Cryogenics /Leap Of Faith
26.. Shockone ft. Metrik & Kyza: Lazerbeam
27.. Danny Byrd: Bad Boy
28.. Mind Vortex: Alive
29.. DC Breaks vs. Delta Heavy: Everybody / City Of Dreams
30.. Toronto Is Broken vs. Maduk: Spirit Song [2017 VIP] / Nothing More




Beat-Breaker – Juicey (Mix Set) + FREE tunes



It doesn’t get any fresher than this ! UK’s Beat-Breaker has exploded onto the scene recently with a barrage of new official tracks, free remixes, free tracks and a bunch of re-licks of some of my tunes (Pecoe). Most of which can found in the links below and most of which you can hear in this brand new mix from called “Juicey”. Just hit that direct FREE download button.






1… Beat-Breaker: Daydream
2… Beat-Breaker vs. Damn Right ft. BBK: Get The Beat Pumping
3… Wes Smith: That Funky Disco [Califournya Mix]
4… Beat-Breaker: Cry
5… Wes Smith: Get Hyped [Califunkya Mix]
6… Wes Smith: Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me [Low End Hustle RMX]
7… Beat-Breaker ft. The DropStarz: Glitch Rock / Glitch Rock [Ninjula RMX]
8… Skrillex vs. Benny Page & Zero G vs. Schema: Recess Yuh Audio [Beat-Breaker RFX]
9… The Prototypes: Electric [Far Too Loud RMX]
10.. The Prototypes: Electric
11.. Marten Hørger & Neon Steve: You Don’t
12.. RadioKillaZ: Massive
13.. Freestylers: Hypnotic Eyes
14.. Wes Smith: Do The Uprock [Califunkya Mix]
15.. DJ Fixx vs. Wes Smith: Soulstice Hips [Beat-Breaker RFX]
16.. Beat-Breaker: Makin’ Me High
17.. Wes Smith: Funk Train [MutantBreakz RMX]
18.. Wes Smith ft. Short Stack: Ride That D
19.. Wes Smith: Beats & Girls [Beat-Breaker RMX]
20.. Wes Smith & Dirty Kicks: Dub Warrior
21.. Stormbreakerz: After Party [Tony Vibe RMX]
22.. Yo Speed: Blaze It Up [CoolTasty RMX]
23.. Plump DJs: Fear The Funk
24.. Deep Impact: Raggamuffin
25.. Big Daddy’s: Booty Sweat [KMFX RMX]
26.. Plump DJs: IOU One [Beat-Breaker RFX]
27.. Deekline & Rtkal: Flute Ting
28.. Plump DJs: Skylon
29.. Aggresivnes: Rock This
30.. Pray For Bass: Been Been
31.. Wes Smith: Deep Down [Califunkya Mix]
32.. Colombo: Blazing Pianos




Set Me Free / Murda Theme EP (Drum & Bass)






The Pecoe Remix Re-Licks EP





Beat-Breaker vs. Damn Right ft. BBK: Get The Beat Pumping






Beat-Breaker – Cry EP (Juice Recordings)




Boom Of Thrones (video: Twitchy Pixel, music: Beat-Breaker)




Check out the video here: