Beat-Breaker – Juicey (Mix Set) + FREE tunes



It doesn’t get any fresher than this ! UK’s Beat-Breaker has exploded onto the scene recently with a barrage of new official tracks, free remixes, free tracks and a bunch of re-licks of some of my tunes (Pecoe). Most of which can found in the links below and most of which you can hear in this brand new mix from called “Juicey”. Just hit that direct FREE download button.






1… Beat-Breaker: Daydream
2… Beat-Breaker vs. Damn Right ft. BBK: Get The Beat Pumping
3… Wes Smith: That Funky Disco [Califournya Mix]
4… Beat-Breaker: Cry
5… Wes Smith: Get Hyped [Califunkya Mix]
6… Wes Smith: Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me [Low End Hustle RMX]
7… Beat-Breaker ft. The DropStarz: Glitch Rock / Glitch Rock [Ninjula RMX]
8… Skrillex vs. Benny Page & Zero G vs. Schema: Recess Yuh Audio [Beat-Breaker RFX]
9… The Prototypes: Electric [Far Too Loud RMX]
10.. The Prototypes: Electric
11.. Marten Hørger & Neon Steve: You Don’t
12.. RadioKillaZ: Massive
13.. Freestylers: Hypnotic Eyes
14.. Wes Smith: Do The Uprock [Califunkya Mix]
15.. DJ Fixx vs. Wes Smith: Soulstice Hips [Beat-Breaker RFX]
16.. Beat-Breaker: Makin’ Me High
17.. Wes Smith: Funk Train [MutantBreakz RMX]
18.. Wes Smith ft. Short Stack: Ride That D
19.. Wes Smith: Beats & Girls [Beat-Breaker RMX]
20.. Wes Smith & Dirty Kicks: Dub Warrior
21.. Stormbreakerz: After Party [Tony Vibe RMX]
22.. Yo Speed: Blaze It Up [CoolTasty RMX]
23.. Plump DJs: Fear The Funk
24.. Deep Impact: Raggamuffin
25.. Big Daddy’s: Booty Sweat [KMFX RMX]
26.. Plump DJs: IOU One [Beat-Breaker RFX]
27.. Deekline & Rtkal: Flute Ting
28.. Plump DJs: Skylon
29.. Aggresivnes: Rock This
30.. Pray For Bass: Been Been
31.. Wes Smith: Deep Down [Califunkya Mix]
32.. Colombo: Blazing Pianos




Set Me Free / Murda Theme EP (Drum & Bass)






The Pecoe Remix Re-Licks EP





Beat-Breaker vs. Damn Right ft. BBK: Get The Beat Pumping






Beat-Breaker – Cry EP (Juice Recordings)




Boom Of Thrones (video: Twitchy Pixel, music: Beat-Breaker)




Check out the video here:




Beat-Breaker – Covering All Basses Promo Mix & FREE EP


In promotion of Beat-Breaker’s recent FREE 11 track EP release “Covering All Basses” he has just uploaded this great new mix with some more exclusive re-fixes from him plus some great tracks of some very well know artists. if you haven’t grabbed your copy of his FREE EP hit up the Soundcloud link below, all are expertly produced and professionally mastered.











1… Left/Right & Refracture ft. Grace: Racing For A Red Light [Beat-Breaker RMX]
2… Yankee: Take On
3… Stanton Warriors: MPC [Beat-Breaker RFX]
4… Plump DJs: Lose Your Mind [Beat-Breaker RFX]
5… Plump DJs: Yes Yes [Hybrid Theory RMX] [Beat-Breaker RFX]
6… Lucas: Think Of Tomorrow [Beat-Breaker RFX]
7… Common Underground: 27 Calibre
8… Beatslappaz: Pause [Beat-Breaker RFX]
9… Stanton Warriors: Hoping [Left/Right RMX]
10.. Noir & Olivier Giacomotto: Reeste [D’Silva RMX]
11.. Sunsha: Fat Beats [Beat-Breaker RFX]
12.. Deformaty vs. General Midi: God Robot [Beat-Breaker RFX]
13.. Stanton Warriors: Hoping [Marten Hørger RMX]
14.. Marten Hørger ft. Lazarus: Deeper Down [Beat-Breaker RMX]
15.. Perfect Kombo: Line B
16.. Deekline: Gotta Believe [UFO Project RMX] [Beat-Breaker RFX]
17.. Wes Smith: Funktrain [Mutant Breakz RMX]
18.. Badjokes ft. G Ross: Drop Down Low [Beat-Breaker RFX]
19.. Specimen A: Check The Sound [Beatslappaz RMX]
20.. Marten Hørger ft. Donkong: Feel
21.. Mafia Kiss: Close The Door [Beat-Breaker RMX]








Beat Breaker – Broken Down Mix



Starting off with an original track Beat Breaker sets the tone for the whole mix with some great upfront high energy Breaks tracks, selection of bass music and a top notch tracklist to boot. Highly worth a download and a listen.









1… Beat-Beaker: Broken Down
2… Delta Heavy: Conquer The Galaxy
3… Shade K: Funkin’ Texas
4… Sketi: Here Comes the Funk
5… Sketi: This Is How We Like To Do It
6… Aggresivnes: Put The New Needle
7… Wes Smith 7 Dirty Kicks: This Party’s Out Of Control [DJ Fixx RMX]
8… Breaksjunky & Alekay: Get ‘Em [Imba RMX]
9… Beatslappaz vs. Kuplay: Pause / Miami Bass
10.. Plump DJs vs. Mij Mack: Yes Yes [Hybrid Theory RMX] / Jungle Ting
11.. 601: Make ‘Em Clap
12.. Stanton Warriors: Hoping [Left/Right RMX]
13.. Sketi: The New Skool
14.. 601: Ubad
15.. Krafty Kuts: The Wasp
16.. Perfect Kombo: Untitled One
17.. Wes Smith: Funk Train [MutantBreakz RMX]
18.. Wes Smith: Beats & Girls [Beat-Breaker RMX]
19.. Pray For Bass: Keep Praying
20.. Kuplay: Back To The Old School
21.. DJ Fixx: Drizzle
22.. Deekline & Specimen A ft. Rubi Dan: Ra Ra Ra
23.. Pirate Jams: Turn It Around [Beat-Breaker RFX]
24.. Deekline vs. Agent K: Gucci Chronicles [Beat-Breaker RFX]
25.. Beat-Breaker: Last Rays Of Sun








Beat Breaker – Delirious

Beat Breaker - Delirious


We have finally reached the end of Beat Breakers musical mix journey through all of the 12 musical keys. This time all tunes in this mix are in the key of D Minor.

For all previous mixed in key mixes follow this link:





01.. Mr Scruff: Get A Move On [Sketi RFX]
02.. Ying N Yang ft. Marc Spence: Dirty Donald
03.. Control Circus: Shenanigans
04.. Shade K: Pumpkins Eat Brains In Filthy Sewers [Beat-Breaker RFX]
05.. Geon: Super Extreme
06.. Pianohead: Tellin’ Me [Retropolis RMX]
07.. 601 / Creotaur: Bones / Tornado Inside Me
08.. Odeed & Wish: Spark The Flair
09.. Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion: Talk Too Much [Beat-Breaker RFX]
10.. Chase & Status vs. Loadstar vs. Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion: Blind Faith [Beat-Breaker RFX]
11.. Czeknology vs. Deeper Connection: Deep Souls & Moments In Time [Beat-Breaker RFX]


Beat Breaker – G-Force

Beat Breaker - G-Force


Nearing the end of Beat Breakers incredible journey of mixes through the 12 musical keys he now moves on to the key of G Minor starting off with some phat breaks and heading into the 140bpm breaks genre later on.

For all of the mixes so far click here:




01.. Deformaty vs. General Midi: God Robot [Beat-Breaker RFX]
02.. Slamboree: Death Of A Festival [Dutty Moonshine RFX]
03.. Far Too Loud: Drop The Bomb [Beat-Breaker RFX]
04.. Gato Preto: Gato Preto [Access Denied RMX]
05.. Nero: Me & You [Philly Blunt RFX]
06.. Nero & Philly Blunt vs. Dr Beats: Me & You Want To Move [Beat-Breaker RFX]
07.. Dr Beats / Geon vs. Kulman: Want To Move / Intensity
08.. Geon: Live Plastic
09.. Disco’s Over: Rainbows [Deformaty RMX]
10.. Dr Beats: Supah Dupah [Beat-Breaker RFX]
11.. Sketi: The Mad Scientist
12.. Sanxion: Rock With Me
13.. Sanxion / Retropolis: Rock With Me / Get Choppy
14.. Retropolis: Get Choppy
15.. Flux Pavillion vs. Ajapai vs. Nero: Got 2 Know This Way [Elite Force RFX]
16.. BreaksMafia & Massacre: Raves In The Bridge
17.. Temazo: Little Things [The Flashback Project RMX]
18.. Modestep vs. Schema: Take It All [Beat-Breaker RFX]