Diesel Power 044 Feat Swim INC Guest Mix – 9.10.2021



Diesel Power is the official show of Diesel Recordings on Nubreaks Radio hosted by Bassica and this time with a very special guest mix from that glitched out basster Swim INC. Not only can this guy make some mid tempo monsters he can produce higher tempo Breaks with the best. First half of the show is Bassica in the mix with the second hour being Swim INC.





Bassica Tracklist:

01.Prato & DRKWTR – Yanni’s Revenge (Original Mix): Diesel Recordings
02.Perpetual Present – Salamander & Pickles (Original Mix): Hofmann’s Delight on Diesel Recordings
03.Jprime – We Run The World (Original Mix): Diesel Recordings
04.Mutantbreakz – Brooklyn house (Original Mix): Guachinche Records
05.Boundless Frequencies – Captivate (Original Mix): Diesel Recordings
07.Perfect Kombo – Frecuency (Original Mix): Funktasty Crew Records
08.Lady Shade – Distance (Original Mix): ONE7AUDIO
09.Perpetual Present – Infinity Pudding (Original Mix): Hofmann’s Delight on Diesel Recordings
10.Perpetual Present – The Singularity (Original Mix): Hofmann’s Delight on Diesel Recordings
11.Hyper, Beatman, Ludmilla – Lights (Refracture Remix): Fractured Music
12.DeiBeat – Hit The Dancefloor (Specimen A Remix): Toast&Jam
13.Riton, Bad Boy Chiller Crew – Come With Me (Riton’s On a Charva Tip Club Mix): Ministry of Sound Recordings
14.United Satates Beat Squad – Ass Up (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
15.DRKWTR – Love, Funk & Chunky Stuff (Original Mix): Free on Diesel Recordings

Swim INC Tracklist TBA



Bassica – Electronic Beats Selection Guest Mix 2021



For the Electronic Beats Selection Show Bassica drops a top notch upfront mix of breaks with a lot of fresh releases from Diesel Recordings (her label) as well as music from Toast & Jam Recordings and Hot Cakes. Nice breaks mix from someone who is on top of the breaks game at the moment.






01.GavTech – Make Your Head Drop (Boundless Frequencies Remix): Diesel Recordings
02.Pete Wilde – Right Here (Original Mix): Diesel Recordings
03.Alt-A – Never Gonna Be (Original Mix): Diesel Recordings
04.Rihanna, Volac – Don’t Stop The Music (Casual Punk Party bootleg)
05.Rasco, Specimen A – Yesterday (Original Mix): Hot Cakes
06.DeiBeat – Hit The Dancefloor (Specimen A Remix): Toast&Jam
07.Mafia Kiss – Tundra (Original Mix): Punks
08.Alt-A – Get Down (Stephen Cole Remix): Diesel Recordings
09.Mariion Christiian – Mosaic (Alt-A Remix): Diesel Recordings
10.Alt-A – Sunshine (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
11.Kid Panel – My Bassline (Original Mix): Toast&Jam
12.Prato – On Jupiter (Original Mix): Diesel Recordings
13.ID: Diesel Recordings
14.Alt-A – Just For Bass (KWERK Remix): Diesel Recordings



Bassica – Break Tech On NSB Radio – The Best Of 2017



Bring you the best in all types of Breaks music from 2017 be it remixes or originals the Break Tech Show on NSB Radio have digged deep through their crates from last year gathering some great tunes that made the grade to be included in the show. From the more type of Progressive sounds to simple Bass & Breaks sounds to straight up Breaks this is a great show and one not to be missed.






00.Break Tech Intro
01.Pio Beat, Sonek – Nuri (Original Mix): VIM
02.Wes Smith, Dirty Kicks – Rubberbands (Original Mix): Juice Recordings (USA)
03.Alt-A – T-Rex (Original Mix): BBZ
04.DM – Wanted (Original Mix): Bombtraxx
05.Staxia – Complianing Robot (Destilux Remix): Diablo Loco
06.Alt-A, EK – RS Beat (Original Mix): VIM
07.Evan Gamble Lewis – Compulsion (Original Mix): Bombtraxx
08.Detach – Can You Feel It (Original Mix): Hit Biscuit Records
09.Evilbeat – Sex Effect (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
10.Slugware – Lizard Bite (Original Mix): VIM
11.Robosapiens – FSociety (Original Mix): Kiosek Records
12.Tom Clyde – Driving Me Crazy (DNCH Remix): Census Sound Recordings
13.Borka FM – Reflections (Original Mix): Ego Shot Recordings
14.Alex Clubbers – Rock It (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
15.DM – Station 9 (Pio Beat Remix): MetaPop
16.Better Kicks, Sheri Marshel – Freedom (Detach Remix): Hit Biscuit Records
17.Gosize – Dreams (Kodek Remix): Toast & Jam Recordings
18.UFO Project – No More (Original Mix): Alkimia Recordings
19.Alex Wicked – Warlock (Original Mix): Spektra
20.Left/Right, Jacq – Bad (Original Mix): Punks
21.Mechanical Pressure – Emperor Souls (Original Mix): Breakbox
22.Trip Soup – Atlas (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
23.Kraneal – Yang (Original Mix): Stars & Knights
24.Fisso, Spark – Looking Forward (Original Mix): VIM
25.Jiro – Bumper (Original mix): Hit Biscuit Records
26.Kayshan, Mariion Christiian – Mariposa ft.The Weathering (Stromlinie Remix): VIM
27.Resistor – Cyclops (Original Mix): VIM
28.Peter Paul – Rescuing Emotions (Mechanical Pressure Remix): BBZ
29.Destilux – Sneeze (Bear Moss Remix): Diablo Loco
30.Sergei Orange – Savage (Original Mix): Rune




Eztereo – Guest Mix For Break Tech – 24.6.2017



Proudly presented by V.I.M. Breaks & Diablo Loco Records this is the newest Break Tech Show hosted by Bassica and aired on NSB Radio. In this months edition of the show Bassica has a very special guest mix from up and coming Spanish artist Eztereo with mainly all tracks in his mix coming out of Spain. All round top show with some more upfront Breakbeat music.

Hit up Bassica’s Soundcloud page for a whole back catalogue of DJ Mixes and special Guest Mixes: www.soundcloud.com/basssicka






00.Break Tech Intro
01.Captain Capcom – Cptl Ctrl (Original Mix): VIM
02.SUB’N’DUB – Close Me (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
03.Windom R – Anima Mundi (Original Mix): VIM
04.Mechanical Pressure – Pergam (Original Mix): NFBmusic
05.Goldillox, Evan Gamble Lewis – You’re A Star Now (Original Mix): Kaleidoscope Music
06.Rage King – Spaceship (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
07.Yankee, Citybox – Jump (Original Mix): Elektroshok Records
08.Colombo – Blazing Pianos (Original Mix): DogEatDog Records
09.Destilux – Vans (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
10.Rick Tedesco – Break Free (Original Mix): Break Wind Productions (free)
11.Tom Clyde – Driving Me Crazy (DNCH Remix): Census Sound Recordings
12.Seth Vogt, Goldillox – Lost (Original Mix): M-Toxin Recordings
13.Bea2m – It’s Not Madness (Original Mix): NFBmusic
14.Audio Dropout & Borka FM – Mind Games (Original Mix): VIM
15.Mechanical Pressure – German Girl (Original Mix): VIM
16.Trocoloco – Do It (Original Mix): Break Wind Productions (free)


Guau – We Are The Future [83]
Specimen A – Hard Times (Mutantbreakz Remix)
Rage King – Spaceship (Eztereo Remix) [Diablo Loco]
CoolTasty – Throw Me [83]
Eztereo – Body & Soul [Elektroshok Records] Coming Soon
Eztereo – No Bad [Distorsion Records]
Lady Waks & Mutantbreakz Ft. Ragga Twins – Booty Bounce [IBWT]
Pray For Bass – Michael Bass
K4DJ – Work Keep (Eztereo remix) [Fantomas Records]
Crab Djs – No Damn (Eztereo remix) [Fantomas Records]
The Brainkiller – Eclipse [Musication Records]
Amnexiac – Classic (Eztereo remix) [Stars & Knights Records] Coming Soon
Firestar Soundsystem – Dat Booty (Yo Speed Remix) [Distorsion Records]
Suga7 – Higher (Original Mix) [Wasted Recordings]
Suga7 – You Play (Eztereo remix) [Wasted Recordings]
Sub´N´Dub – Close Me (Eztereo Remix) [Diablo Loco] OUT 26TH JUNE
Eztereo – Distraction [Selecta Breaks] Coming Soon



Bassica & MadB ft Kid Panel – NSB Radio Breakscape – 29.4.2017



Breakscape is a NSB Radio Show hosted by Bassica featuring the best in Breaks with a new guest DJ almost everytime it is aired. Last months show Kid Panel was the guest DJ mixing up some of his recent releases as well as other bass dropping tunes.

As well as hosting the Breakscape Show Bassica also hosts the Break Tech show in conjunction with VIM and Diablo Loco Records. Hit up Bassica’s Soundcloud page for a whole back catalogue of DJ Mixes and special Guest Mixes: www.soundcloud.com/basssicka





Bassica Tracklist

01.Evan Gamble Lewis – Stripper Gas Whips (Original Mix):Bombtraxx
02.Evan Gamble Lewis, Breezy Pop – Story (Original Mix): Bombtraxx
03.Geon – Green Palace (Original Mix): Acida Records
04.Vadim Shantor, Kid Panel – Beautiful Music (Original Mix): The Pooty Club Records
05.The Beatkillers – Paranoid (Original Mix): DogEatDog Records
06.Shockillaz – Rock Representa (Original Mix): Expand Records
07.D-Sabber – Red Light City (Original Mix): BBZ
08.Vanilla Skillz, Stonewash – Lose Control (Detach Remix): Breakbox
09.Colombo – Nugatory (Original Mix): iBreaks
10.Bangor – Locked Door (Original Mix): Runwest Records
11.Alt-A, EK – RS Beat (Original Mix): VIM
12.Freq Boutique – The Sugar Cube (Original Mix): Base Industry Records
13.Evan Gamble Lewis – Compulsion (Original): Bombtraxx
14.Interra – Faded From Reality (Original Mix): Criminal Tribe Records

Kid Panel Tracklist

01. Ondamike, BBK – My Bass Is Fkn Heavy (Baymont Rmx)
02. Freestylers – Hypnotic Eyez
03. Kid Panel & Coarse – Sounds Of The Soul feat. Conscious Route
04. Kid Panel – Go With The Flow
05. DNCH – Golem
06. Original Rude Boy – Here Comes (Pirate Jams Club Mix)
07. Dj Icey – The Circle
08. Vadim Shantor & Kid Panel – Promise
09. Kid Panel – That Body
10. Kid Panel – Dropping That Bass
11. Sub Focus – Love Divine
12. Tokyo Machine – Hype
13. Frenzy – Brain Dead Party Music feat. Richard Wette
14. Pirate Jams – Sweets From Heaven
15. Thomas Vent – Listen To Your Heart
16. T99 – Anasthasia (The Freestylers Extended Rmx)
17. Aggresivnes – Rock This
18. ID – (Kid Panel Rmx)
19. Kry Wolf, My Nu Leng – What You Feel