B-Roll – Breakbeat Heat July 2021



I’m a little late on this one but B-Roll is back with some breaks bangers for July. Grabbing some tunes from Beatport B-Roll plays a selection of new music all centred around the Beatport Charts giving us an incite into what’s hot and the freshest of fresh.






1 The Dark Knight Rider (Original Mix) Rasco
2 Funky Marisabel (Original Mix) SellRude, FunkyBitz
3 Back once again (Original Mix) DJ WAVS
4 Brenda (Original Mix) DJ Randy
5 Kill The Bill (Original Mix) SellRude
6 With My Help (Original Mix) Prototyperz
7 OMG (OnDaMiKe Remix) Face & Book
8 After Midnight (Original Mix) Baymont Bross, Sekret Chadow
9 Dance Sucka (Huda Hudia & DJ30A Remix) Doc Roc
10 Bass Face (DJ Mondo Remix) DJ Fixx, Huda Hudia
11 Scattomatic (Hankook & Perfect Kombo Remix) The Darrow Chem Syndicate
12 First Rave (Under This Remix) Firestar Soundsystem
13 Supa Dupa Fly (Club Mix) Ondamike
14 Get Fresh (Extended Mix) Rob Analyze, Ondamike
15 Dats Dat Shit (Original Mix) Ondamike
16 Panty Dropper (Original Mix) Ondamike
17 Bad Boy (Original Mix) B-Phreak, Bradley Drop
18 Stasis (Original Mix) Sergei Orange
19 Precision (Original Mix) Digital Base, Andy Vibes
20 Smoke (Original Mix) Ondamike, Dmoney
21 Here And Now (Kid Panel Remix) The Darrow Chem Syndicate
22 Rock The Disco (Perfect Kombo Remix) Spark, Fisso
23 Fat Duck (Original Mix) Bad Legs, Dj Tortu
24 Planetary Bass (VIP Mix) Ondamike



B-Roll – Funkin 2021



B-Roll keeps dropping the new mixes left, right and centre and here he is back again with a collection of mid tempo funk in this 14 track 30 minute DJ mix. A few tunes from me (Pecoe) thrown in too for good measure plus some of the usual suspects in the mid tempo scene.






1 Funk For The Renegade Master – Pecoe
2 Gonna Work It (Prosper & Stabfinger Remix) Nasa Funk
3 Comin Up discObeta
4 We Had Disco – Pecoe
5 Doozer Jam – Sonale
6 Mr Stabalina – Boogie Down [Scour Records Freemix] Mr Stabalina
7 The Name Sonale
8 Flip The Funk – The Funk Philosopher
9 Coming Through (VIP Mix) Mined & Forrest
10 Premier Banger
11 Do Your Thing (Beat-Breaker Remix) – Pecoe
12 Rock It Mined & Forrest
13 Funk Toxic (Lack Jemmon Remix) Mined & Forrest
14 George Michael – Careless Whisper (Father Funk Remix) Father Funk



B-Roll – Damn That’s A Tough Break – Parts 1 & 2



B-Roll is at it again back with some more breaks, beats and bass. This time B-Roll hits us with some tougher types of sounds from the likes of Far Too Loud to Rouge Element plus a whole bunch of well known breaks artists.

Divided into 2 parts, sit back, hit play and rock out to the best.


Part 1





1 Back To The Old Jack (Original Mix) Freerange DJs
2 Robofunk (Original Mix) Neurodriver
3 This Just In (Deformaty Remix) Night Bandit
5 Bring Back That Funk (Original Mix) Wes Smith, White Boy Awesome
6 Shakedown Beat Assasins
7 Guau – Puklay (Original Mix). Master
8 Fuck U (Original Mix) Kuplay
9 Attack The Speaker (Original Mix) Kid Digital, Rubi Dan
10 C’est La Vie (Sketi Remix) Electrophile
11 Predator Clan (Original Mix) Electric Soulside
12 Faster Than Light Far Too Loud
13 Minimal (The Rogue Element Remix) Hardy Hard, Lady Waks
14 Push It (Original Mix) Dubaxface
15 Keep Dancing (Freefall Collective Remix) Seed
16 Drop The Bomb Far Too Loud
17 Skincrawler a Stereo: Type
18 9. Dutty Moonshine Featuring Mica Millar – Bang Bang Boom (Robopunx Remix) MASTER Dutty Moonshine
19 The_Tunnel_(VIP_Remix) Control-Z_Vs_Screwface
20 Play It Loud (Broken Robot) Far Too Loud



Part 2





1 Good Life (Aggresivnes Remix) Quadrat Beat
2 Blackout (Original Mix) Far Too Loud Vs Code Zero
4 Shockillaz – Bad Robot (Original Mix) [Expand Records]
5 Landmine (Karton Remix)
6 R U Ready (Original Mix) Kid Panel
7 Disposis (Aggresivnes & FactorFunk Remix) BreakZhead
8 The 1st (Far Too Loud Re-fix) X-Dream
9 Blur -Song 2 (Beatsmack Bootleg)
10 Blade (Bass in the Place) Public Domain
12 Outta Space Vip feat top cat _DEEKLINE


Atomic Hooligan Vs Lee Coombs – Mixed by B-Roll



Two of the power houses in the early Nu Skool breaks scene of the 2000’s were Atomic Hooligan and Lee Coombs. Atomic Hooligan more on the breakbeat tip and Lee Coombs more on the Tech Funk side of things. B-Roll brings them both together for another tribute mix of back to back music.






1 Obsessional Rhythm Andy Gardner, Lee Coombs
2 Wait Till You’re Sleeping (Aquasky Remix) Atomic Hooligan
3 Alright All Night Lee Coombs
4 Wiggiddi Atomic Hooligan
5 Monologue (Lee Coombs & Kostas G remix) Future Funk Squad
6 Smoke & Mirrors – Ben & Lex Re Atomic Hooligan
7 Control Lee Coombs
8 You Wot Blud – Atomic Hooligan Atomic Hooligan
9 Fallout Lee Coombs
10 You Are Here Atomic Hooligan
11 The future sound of retro Lee Coombs
12 I Don’t Care (Tomcraft Remix) Atomic Hooligan
13 Detox Lee Coombs



B-Roll Vs Stanton Warriors



B-Roll has been rolling out the showcase mixes of late in quick succession. This time he takes on the task of dropping tunes from the legendary Stanton Warriors, digging deep into their incredible archive of beats and mixing 22 of their well known party favourites.






1 Superstar Stanton Warriors
2 Get Wild Stanton Warriors feat. Big Daddy Kane
3 Jerk That Stanton Warriors feat. Eboi
4 Mpc Stanton Warriors
5 Handz Up (Stanton Warriors) Ed Solo, Deekline, MC Flipside
6 Somali Funk Stanton Warriors
7 Sub Focus Rockit (Stantons Remix) Sub Focus/Stantons
8 Hope Time (Rogue Element Mix) Stanton Warriors
9 Pump Up The Jam Stanton Warriors
10 Precinct Stanton Warriors
11 Bodywork (Extended Mix) Stanton Warriors
12 Walking Stanton Warriors
13 Shoot Me Down Stanton Warriors
14 Dooms Night (Stanton Warriors Radio Edit) Azzido Da Bass
15 New York Stanton Warriors
16 Seeker (What What What Remix) Stanton Warriors
17 Drop the pressure (stanton mix) Stanton Warriors
18 PMT (Stanton Warriors remix) Stanton Warriors remix
19 Blue Stanton Warriors
20 Dip and Get Low Stanton Warriors feat. Rodney P
21 Prisoner Stanton Warriors
22 Get Up Stanton Warriors, Ruby Goe, Hollywood Holt