Various Artists – LIVE @ Glastonbury Festival – 24.6.2005



The Glastonbury Festival is a five-day festival of contemporary performing arts that takes place near Pilton, Somerset, UK. In addition to contemporary music, the festival hosts dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, and other arts. Leading pop and rock artists have headlined, alongside thousands of others appearing on smaller stages and performance areas.

These DJ mixes from JDS, Soul of Man, Aquasky & Adam Freeland were part of Annie Nightingale’s Glastonbury Festival Breakbeat special back in June 2005.

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Diverted – Tholid (Vlad Remix) (TCR)
Paradox 3000 – Party A (Funk Funk)
JDS – Dirty Funk (TCR)
Headcharge – Girls In Da Club (paradox 3000 Mix) (Funk Funk)
JDS – Blackout (TCR)
JDS – Jump Around (TCR)






The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds
Drummatic Twins – Feelin Kinda Strange (Nick Thayer Remix) (Finger Lickin’)
PMT – Gyromancer (Stanton Warrior Remix)
Tom Reed Vs Wakeman – Ocan Baksoska (friendly Remix) (White)
Rouge Element – Just back out (Funktional Breaks)
Soul Of Man – Foxy Moron (Finger Lickin’)






Radiohead – Everything Bootleg (White)
Aquasky & Meat Katie – Overneath (Passenger)
Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Aquasky Remix)
Aquasky & Long Range (Aka Phil Orbital & Nick Smith) – Crosswire (Passenger)
Aquasky – Boom (777)
Aquasky & Elhornet – Girls & Boys (Passenger)






Cat Power – Come Together (Adam Freeland Mix) (Marine Parade)
Unknown – Unknown (White)
The Doors – Hello I Love You (Freeland Remix) (Marine Parade)
Daft Punk – Robot Rock (Adam Freeland Mix)
Locodice – Cellar Door (420)
The Rapture – House Of the Jealous Lovers (Adam Freeland Mix) (Mercury)
Adam Freeland – Morning Sun (Marine Parade)



Aquasky – We Run Tingz Propah



Aquasky dropped 3 mixes for February this year the first 2 are Breaks mixes and this the third a Drum & Bass mix of bangers from 2016/2017 (check the tracklist). No secret squirrel in this mix, recorded the usual way… 2 technics turntables, 1 rane ttm56 mixer, 2 novation dicers, macbook pro, serato sl3 and 2 shure whitelabel needles. No pre-timing of tunes, all done live on the decks. Aquasky did this mix for Juston Alson aka Blacklist for a radio show he works on in Seattle called The Vortex and is on c89.5fm and 24/7 worldwide at






1: DJ Rap ‘Set It Off’ – Propa Talent
2: Ed West & Inja ‘Jungle Every Day (FLeCK Remix)’ – Born On Road Records
3: L Plus ‘Avenger’ – Technique
4: Brazed ‘Dancing’ – Moshbit Records
5: Beat Assassins ‘To The Top’
6: Phantom Warrior & Soul Train ‘Blood’ – Liondub
7: Phantom Warrior & Soul Train ft. Navigator ‘Heavy Like Tank VIP’ – Liondub
8: Document One ‘7th Dimension’ – Technique
9: PhaseOne ‘Broken Chains (DC Breaks Remix)’ – Disciple
10: Space journey ‘Arcturi’ – Flex Records
11: TC ‘Have You (Sound Of Noise Remix)’ – Don’t Play
11: The Upbeats ‘Cauldron’ – Vision
12: Misanthrop & Stoner ‘Venere’ – Neodigital
13: The Burner Brothers & Liminal ‘The Good Life’ – Flex Records
14: Prestige ‘Stressed Out’ – Serial Killaz
15: Rico Tubbs & Ragga Twins (Genetix & Brent Aquasky Remix)’ – Passenger
16: Bachelors Of Science ft. Emcee Child ‘Backfoot Dub (Bladerunner Remix) – Code Recordings
17: Halflight ‘Breaking My Heart’ – UKF Music



Aquasky – Keep Rising To The Top Mix February 2017



As promised Aquasky has set loose his second mix of three for the month of February. This second mix is a full on Breakbeat assault with tunes from Aquasky and the Passenger label back catalogue. The mix was originally done for Lady Waks and her In Beats We Trust Show on Russia’s Radio Record network.

All tunes are mixed on the fly with no timing up of tracks like some DJs like to do.

Mixed using:

Technics 2010’s
Rane TTM 56S
Serato SL3
Novation Dicers
Macbook Pro
Shure Whitelabel Needles

Once this mix hits 1000 plays Aquasky will put up his third and final mix.






Aquasky – Sounds Of The Mainline Mix February 2017



Aquasky is about to drop 3 new mixes for the month of February, two of them are classic Breaks mixes with music from 2001 to 2015 and the last mix a Drum & Bass mix with a bunch of new tunes.

Aquasky has used the traditional method of mixing, straight up mixing on Technics 1210’s with on the fly beat matching:

Technics 1210’s
Rane TTM 56S
Serato 1.8.1
SL3 Box
Novation Dicers
Macbook Pro
2x Shure Whitelabel Needles

Aquasky did this mix for Mike Swaines ‘Bass & Breaks‘ Radio Show just recently.






1: Aquasky & Ragga Twins ‘Living Legends’ – Passenger
2: Aquaski ‘Shadows Across The Motorway’ Remix
3: Aquasky Vs. Masterblaster ‘Addiction’ – 777
4: Aquaski ‘Vamp’ Remix
5: Aquasky & Meat Katie ‘Overneath’ – Passenger
6: Aquasky Vs. Masterblaster ‘Boom (Breakfastaz Remix)’
7: Ellis Dee ‘Next To Me’ – Passenger
8: Aquaski ‘Exceeded’ Remix
9: Backdraft & Ragga Twins ‘Rock The Mic’ – Passenger
10: Baitercell & Schumacher ‘Lock N Load (Aquasky Remix)’ – Passenger
11: Backdraft ‘Popcorn’ – Passenger
12: Aquaski ‘Crush On Intro’ Remix
13: Backdraft ‘Labrat (Aquasky VIP Remix) – Passenger
14: Aquasky Vs. Masterblaster ‘Wheels Of Steel’ – Passenger
15: Backdraft ‘Hoody’
16: Aquasky Vs. Masterblaster ‘Lords Of Motion’ – Passenger




Aquasky – Triple J Mixup – 29.9.07



This mix from UK’s Aquasky was aired on Australia’s Triple J Radio back in 2007. I personally ripped this, well downloaded as there was a way to download the file and bypass the flash player protection back then 😉 Great mix all round, this was at the time they were doing a world tour and breaks were the in thing.

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