Andy Faze – Elements (Psybreaks Podcast – EP22)

Andy Faze – Elements 22


Welcome back for another Elements journey. This time around we have a bit of a mixed bag. A nice varied mixture of Breaks, Psybreaks, and a few Techno influenced Psy Trance tunes in places, as always keeping it broken!

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01. Vectrix – Dinoman [Kind Crime]
02. N’Gwa – Time To Escape (Algorithmic Remix) [VIM Breaks]
03. Thomas Morrow – Atomic J [CDR]
04. Roboteknic – Serious Sound (Jayson Butera Remix) [Box Set]
05. Cybered – Nobody [Horns & Hoofs]
06. Stromlinie – 1723 [Break Wind]
07. Phillax – Graped Iced Curse [Arkona Creation]
08. Bad Tango – Enzyme (Freqs Control Remix) [CDR]
09. Vectrix – Set It Off (Half Space Remix) [VIM Breaks]
10. Zach Zlov – Dark Blood (Chris Voro Remix) [Brain Mapping]
11. Retroid – Skylarking [Ego Shot]
12. Genuss – Like This (Martopeter Remix) [VIM Breaks]
13. Andy Faze – Another World [Warped]



Andy Faze – LIVE @ Bearded Theory Festival – 22.5.2015

Andy Faze


If Psy Breaks breaks are right up your alley then this mix is for you. Recorded Live at Magical Sounds Dance Tent – Bearded Theory Festival, Catton Hall, South Derbyshire on May 22nd 2015, Andy Faze takes you on a progressive breaks journey from start to finish.





01. Digitalis – Destiny [Pistolero]
02. AP3X – Manufactured Reality [In Bloom]
03. Andy Faze – Reliable Grooves [CDR]
04. AP3X – Vimana [Broken Robot]
05. Hedflux – Fractual Funk [Luminus]
06. Slinky – U Turn (Unconciou(s) Minds Remix) [Slinksta]
07. Isolate – Artilect [Sub Element]
08. Brujos Bowl – Fooled By Fools [Luminus]
09. Andy Faze – Outer-Hypnosis [Divergence]
10. Freqs Control – Robot Army [Elexion]
11. Fletric – Sunrise [VIM Breaks]
12. Kultur & Colombo – Elektromolekula [Metamorph]
13. Andy Faze – Cyberspace []
14. Hedflux & Grouch – Lumination (Nanosphere Remix) [Luminus]
15. Andy Faze – Untitled [CDR]
16. Captain Capcom – Wasteful Meat (Andy Faze Remix) [Slinksta]
17. B-Phreak – Rocket Pimp (Frequency Less Remix) [Sub Element]
18. Shixe – Serious []
19. Journeyman Vs BARRcode – Summer Of Dub (Blazer Remix) [DSUK]
20. Depeche Mode – Peace (BSD Remix) [CDR]



Andy Faze – Elements (Psybreaks Podcast – EP19)

Andy Faze - Elements (Psybreaks Podcast - EP19)


Andy Faze braces the Soundcloud airwaves once again with a selection of Psychedelic breaks after a short hiatus from his monthly Psybreaks Podcast. If Psybreak mixes are your thing there is some awesome new music from – Chronos, M_Spark, Nocturnal, Hedflux & Grouch, Nanosphere, Kwah and more!





01. Chronos – Kunilingus [Mystic Sound]
02. Loquai – Green Acid Dust (Line Of Sight Remix) [RUNE]
03. Hedflux – Fractual Funk (Nanoplex Remix) [Luminus]
04. M_Spark – Pure Mind [RUNE]
05. Yestegan Chay – Air Force One [Mystic Sound]
06. Nocturnal – Amplewatts [ESF Records]
07. Hedflux & Grouch – Mehndi Moller (Hedflux Remix) [Luminus]
08. Freqs Control – Robot Army [Elixion]
09. Andy Faze – Cyberspace []
10. Hedflux & Grouch – Lumination (Nanosphere Remix) [Luminus]
11. Fletric – Into Sunrise (Kwah Remix) [VIM Breaks]


Andy Faze – Elements (Psybreaks Podcast – EP18)

Andy Faze - Elements (Psybreaks Podcast - EP18)


Andy Faze and his Psy Breaks Elements Podcast is back for it’s 1st episode for 2015, giving us a deeper feel this month. Starting with a more Trance orientated track and then flowing into some deeper Electro Breaks! A definate deeper vibe this month, progressing slowly into the more Psy stuff.

New stuff from – Maxim Hix, Access Denied, Roboteknic, Al (uk), Camisole and more!




01. Maxim Hix – The Fall [Break Wind]
02. EvilBeat – Elektrik Storm [Toast & Jam]
03. Access Denied – Epic Warriors [Toast & Jam]
04. Moontrip – Demetria [TEK]
05. Maxim Hix – Shuttle [Break Wind]
06. Acidova – Killer Wheels (Robotekinc Remix) [RUNE]
07. Al (uk) – Reality Struggle [Sub Element] Forthcoming
08. Pixel – Own God [Sub Element]
09. Roboteknic – Dreamers [Western Bloc]
10. DJ Fen – Subrealistic Surroundings (Andy Faze Remix) [Spektra]
11. Miss Mants – Anonim (Andy Faze Remix) [VIM Breaks]
12. Camisole – Raptor [CDR]
13. Sloth – Funny Travel []


Andy Faze – Elements (Psybreaks Podcast – EP17) Christmas Special

Andy Faze - Elements (Psybreaks Podcast - EP17) Christmas Special


” Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Elements subcribers, listeners and fans!

Decembers edition is a Xmas special. Loads of unreleased material in this months session! Starting lovely and deep, then the usual progression into the harder cutting edge Psychedelica. Featuring 2 brand new cuts from me, and also upcoming releases and remixes from – Yreane, Captain Capcom and Frequency Less!

Enjoy over the festive period! “ – Andy




01. Sergei Orange – Dignity [RUNE]
02. Al UK – Reality Struggle (Yreane Remix) [Sub Element] Forthcoming
03. Andy Faze – Outer-Hypnosis [Divergence] Forthcoming
04. Half Space – Increment [VIM Breaks]
05. Spectral Theory – Psychosis (Alt-A Remix) [Sub Element]
06. Flicker Light – Spirit Molecule [Glitchy Tonic]
07. Andy Faze – Reliable Grooves [VIM Breaks] Forthcoming
08. Fletric – Eternium [VIM Breaks]
09. Captain Capcom – Wasteful Meat [Slinksta] Forthcoming
10. Acidova – Cosmic Flow [TEK]
11. B-Phreak – Rocket Pimp (Frequency Less Remix) [Sub Element] Forthcoming
12. Moontrip – Reality & Spirituality [TEK]


Andy Faze – Elements (Psybreaks Podcast – EP16)

Andy Faze


Another episode from Andy Faze and his Elements Podcast. The best of Progressive and Psy Breaks.

Slightly delayed last month, so there will be two episodes closer together for November.

This episode provides us with more trippy beats and psychedelic sounds. New music from Andy Faze, Kwah, Roboteknic, Frequency Less and MDK! There is also a classic in there from Orzels Machine!


01. Audio Tek & Dan K – Morphosis [Morphosis]
02. Max Hertzz – Sunrise (Forufreezer Remix) [Ego Shot]
03. Casey Rasch Ft. Taranhawk – Lords Of War (Chris Voro’s Kaleidoscopic Remix) [Critical Overload]
04. Rick Tedesco – Hazel (Morphosis Limited)
05. Frequency Less – Time Paradox (Kwah Remix) [RUNE]
06. Vectrix – Awake Too Long [VIM Breaks]
07. Kirill Aravanis – Aeon (Roboteknic Remix) [Blacked Out]
08. Pitch Drop – Broken Knows (Frequency Less Remix) [Pistolero]
09. Digibox – Fever (Andy Faze Remix) [Sub Element]
10. Digibox – Concrete (Frequency Less Remix) [VIM Breaks]
11. Stake – Cyberdog (Andy Faze Remix) [Runwest]
12. Alt-A – Psychosis (MDK Remix) [Ego Shot]
13. Orzels Machine – BC [Trick Music]