Deep Fried Funk Podcast – Hosted by Aliens In Denmark (June 2020) – Guest Mix by Aliens In Denmark



Aliens In Denmark present the Deep Fried Funk Podcast for Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, 2 hours of funky music across all genres and styles. As well as hosting the show Aliens In Denmark provide us with an hours long Power Hour guest mix too.






01. The Music, The Rhythm – Pecoe ( 9th Records)
02. Looking for a Customer – Morlack (BBP Free download)
03. Yoobie Doo (Badboe remix) – Discobeta
04. Good Ol’ Days – Bright Idea (Free Download)
05. Freefall – Kenny Beeper ft. MC Shureshock (forthcoming on BBP)
06. Slam – The Beat-Pimp (Free download)
07. Sitting on the Bay banger – Gramophone Soul (Toxic Funk Vol.2 – BBP Vinyl)
08. Let’s Execute ft. Big Stuff – All Good Funk Alliance (Super HiFi Records)
09. Let’s Move – Shaka Loves You (Bombstrikes)
10. Gonna Work It (Jayl Funk remix) – NASA Funk (BBP)
11. Galvanize (Leygo remix) – The Chemical Brothers (Free download)
12. I’m Good (Liquid remix) – Dope Ammo, Kathy Brown, Wyldchild ft. Frenic (Free download)
13. Aznable Gimmick (Mob Ties & Mr. Moozit remix) – The Darrow Chem Syndicate (Nipponeer records)
14. City of Sin – Dutty Moonshine (City of Sin album)
15. LA 2 UK ft. Ryden – Macky Gee (Down 2 Earth Recs)
16. Toast (Mista Trick remix) – Koffee (Free download)
17. Lazy Skankin’ – Venture & Capital (Free download)
18. Everybody Needs Somebody – Dan De Lion
19. The Night ft. Kathika – Disrupta (Born on Road)
20. Soul Jam – Peshay (Peshay Music)
21. Good Time Not a Long time (Watch the Ride remix) – Gardna

BBP Power Hour Mixed by Aliens In Denmark

01. Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim
02. Can’t Stop me Now – Cee-Roo
03. I Got Soul Boots Made For Walkin’ – Skeewiff vs Shawn Lee vs Nancy Sinatra
04. Smiley Faces – Gnarls Barkley
05. Bring Colors to your Life – Cee-Roo Ft. Myles Sanko
06. Papa Loves Mambo (Skeewiff remix) – Perry Como
07. SHOUT (Digaboo & Sammy Senior remix) – Otis Day & the Knights
08. Tutti Fruiti (FC Mashup9 – Little Richard)
09. Happy (FLeCK remix) – iLLBiLLY HiTEC
10. Saturday Night – Chopstick Dublate Ft. Mr Williams
11. Step Tune (Blame remix) – T.R.A.C.
12. Good Vibrations – Peshay & Abbie Adi
13. Don’t Worry Be Happy (Isaac Maya remix) – Bobby McFerrin
14. Don’t Worry Be Happy (Father Funk remix) – Bobby McFerrin
15. Fever – Dutty Moonshine
16. Whoopee (Ft. Kitten on the Keys) – Bart & Baker
17. Bossa Nova Baby (DJ Snatch remix) – Elvis Presley
18. Hold On (D-Funk remix) – Sam & Dave
19. I’m So Happy – Cee-Roo
20. I Got You (DJ Snatch edit) -Etta James
21. Eye of the Beholder – BadboE
22. Jugglin’ Janglin’ – Fort Knox Five & K+Lab ft. Baby Bam
23. We’re Havin’ a Good time – Slynk
24. Happy (ft. Derek Martin) – C2C
25. Jack Once Again – Cut La Roc
26. Gonna Work it (Prosper & Stabfinger remix) – NASA Funk
27. Ten thousand Feet and Rising – The Prototypes



Aliens In Denmark – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – Episode 41



For the month of November Aliens In Paradise dropped a new guest mix for the Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour with a bunch of funky shizzle including tracks from the labels two latest EP’s, Stabfinger – Funkastick and the Various Artists release “Jump & Glitch“. While the mix starts off slow AID raise the tempo into an all out Drum and Bass fest in the end.







1.Livin’for the City (A-Skillz Edit) – Stevie Wonder x A.Skillz x Party Pupils
2.Slow Funk – Sensible Slices (BBP=
3.Technique (Rakims Flip) – Uki
4.Thick Pits – Seppa
5.Long Shadows – Noisia ft. Kentaro & Goth Trad
6.Deaf – Bezwun (BBP)
7.Twenty Five Miles – Stabfinger (BBP)
8.Heads Up ft. Audioworx – Bryx (Bombstrikes)
9.Fungalize – Liberty Chaps (BBP)
10.Saturday – Dope Ammo, Kathy Brown & Broomers
11.Residential Area – Crash Party (Scour)
12.Da Choppa! – Ninjula (Bombstrikes)
13.Return of the Origanals ft. BNC – Funkin’ Basstards (BBP)
14.I Got the Funk – Captain Flatcap (BBP)
15.Repent – Dope Ammo
16.This is America (Stanton Warriors remix) – Bomba Rosa
17.The Mabe – Overmono
18.I Need Some1 (Kursiva Bootleg) – The Prodigy
19.Bring Dem ft. Daddy Freddy VIP – Isaac Maya
20.Ray Gun – Deekline & Specimen A
21.Watch me get cold – Too Greazy ft. Thunder Banton
22.Alpha – Break
23.Girls, Girls, Girls (acapella) – Jay-Z
24.Superfunk – Drumsound & Bassline Smith
25.Babylon Falling – Dope Ammo & Taiwan MC
26.Delivering Keys – Deekline & Specimen A
27.Remedy (Featurecast remix) – Electro Swing Circus (Ragtime)
28.Fire Blaze – Da Fuchaman



Aliens In Denmark – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – Episode 31



Mixed by Aliens In Denmark Breakbeat Paradise present Episode 31 of the BBP Power Hour. With a bunch of tunes from the latest BBP release “Joan Jett Remixes” to the higher tempo of some quality Drum & Bass tunes Aliens In Denmark set the tone for a top quality mix. Available as a FREE download through Hypeddit or simple subscribe to Itunes to get this and all previous mixes.







1. Big Swing Sound – Jazzsteppa
2. The Infamous – Shield
3. Neck Breaker ft. Def3 – K+Lab
4. Humble – Dubra
5. 4-20 – C@ in the H@
6. Lover Your Life (Jesswah remix) – Ed Solo & Skool of Thought
7. Joan Jett (ft. The Kurnel MC) (Bezwun remix) – Lack Jemmon
8. Joan Jett (ft. The Kurnel MC) (Funkanizer remix) – Lack Jemmon
9. Joan Jett (ft. the Kurnel MC) (Basschimp remix) – Lack Jemmon
10. You & I (Arsa Ketoma remix) – The Darrow Chem Syndicate
11. Out of Space (Levela remix) – The Prodigy
12. Welcome – Kiwistar & Red Oak
13. Jackson 5 Surprise – Deekline
14. Party in the Ghetto – Groovemind
15. Ride on (Ft. Darrison) – Levela
16. Backseat Freestyle(Neon Steve remix) – Kendrick Lamar
17. Countdown VIP – TC
18. Born in the Jungle – Veak
19. Real Killa Sound – Andrey HoT
20. Quija – Drumsound & Bassline Smith
21. X-Amount – Benny Page
22. Respekt – Kontrol Center1
23. Crazy – Crash Party
24. Woohoo – Rene Lavice
25. The World Ain’t Ready – Drumsound & Bassline Smith
26. God is a DJ (VIP) – Jayline
27. Tobacco Road – High Contrast
28. Nitrous (Audio Remix) – Bad Company
29. Valley of the Shadows (Chase & Status remix) – Origin Unknown
30. Rocket Guns Blazin’ (Crissy Cris, Malux & Erb n Dub remix) – The Prototypes




Boomtown Takeover Special – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – Episode 27



This months Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour Show is a very special one, 2 hours of LIVE DJ mixes recorded at the Boomtown Fair featuring Phibes, Basschimp, Dr Hooka, DJ Binge of Dutty Moonshine & DJ One of Aliens In Denmark. All recorded at Madame Electrifie’s General Store with 2 hours of party rockin ghetto funk, bass house, Drum & Bass and oldskool funky breaks.







Aliens in Denmark – Them Boomtown Feels



Apparently there are Aliens in Denmark ? Well and electronic act called Aliens in Denmark (AiD), but really who knows? In anticipation of the upcoming Boomtown Festival AiD have smashed together this new mix of music from Swing to Funky Breaks to Drum & Bass and evrry thing in between showing how diverse the music selection is at Boomtown.






Aliens In Denmark – Post Breaks Podcast 018

Aliens In Denmark – Post Breaks Podcast 018


Time for an eclectic mix of a cross genre of Glitch, Funk, Bass, Breaks and Beats from Aliens in Denmark and their mix for the Post Breaks Podcast.

Aliens in Denmark (AiD) are 3 DJ’s; DJ One, En-Jay Tea and Master Piper, all British and living in Denmark.

DJ One, was part of the UK Drum & Bass scene for many years. He started DJing in his hometown of London, playing old skool/jungle vibes in the early 90’s, gradually moved through a variety of genres, including hip-hop, happy-hardcore, he found a home with his biggest love, drum & bass and breaks. He has worked and played alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, including Andy-C, Grooverider, Fabio, Mickey Finn and many more, promoting and DJing at many successful nights. DJ One is a lover of scratching and fast mixing, which can often be heard within the mixes by AiD.

En-Jay Tea grew up in Brighton on a diet of 80’s hip-hop and 90’s big-beat scene. Spinning various musical styles over the years, he cut his teeth playing at parties and beach bars while traveling Asia and Central America. He likes mixing up ghetto funk, breaks and old school hip-hop with electro and glitch-hop.

Master Piper was raised on reggae, jazz, funk, and soul. His eclectic musical background combines with a love of the electronic music that began in the 90’s. He found his home in the style of turntablism and the music melting pot that is hip-hop and began cutting up the mix through out the ‘00s in the South West UK and Germany. He plays an eclectic mix of music genres from breakbeat to big-beat; slipping in and out of the underground whilst embracing new musical sounds and styles.

Nowadays, AiD focus on all sorts of funkiness. Not attached to a single genre, instead playing a wide range of styles from Ghetto Funk, electro-swing and funky breaks, all the way to jungle and Drum & Bass!!!

Currently our goal is to spread the word of breaks and ghetto funk throughout Denmark, working to bring something different to DK, other than pop and hip hop!!!

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