Aliens In Denmark – Post Breaks Podcast 018

Aliens In Denmark – Post Breaks Podcast 018


Time for an eclectic mix of a cross genre of Glitch, Funk, Bass, Breaks and Beats from Aliens in Denmark and their mix for the Post Breaks Podcast.

Aliens in Denmark (AiD) are 3 DJ’s; DJ One, En-Jay Tea and Master Piper, all British and living in Denmark.

DJ One, was part of the UK Drum & Bass scene for many years. He started DJing in his hometown of London, playing old skool/jungle vibes in the early 90’s, gradually moved through a variety of genres, including hip-hop, happy-hardcore, he found a home with his biggest love, drum & bass and breaks. He has worked and played alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, including Andy-C, Grooverider, Fabio, Mickey Finn and many more, promoting and DJing at many successful nights. DJ One is a lover of scratching and fast mixing, which can often be heard within the mixes by AiD.

En-Jay Tea grew up in Brighton on a diet of 80’s hip-hop and 90’s big-beat scene. Spinning various musical styles over the years, he cut his teeth playing at parties and beach bars while traveling Asia and Central America. He likes mixing up ghetto funk, breaks and old school hip-hop with electro and glitch-hop.

Master Piper was raised on reggae, jazz, funk, and soul. His eclectic musical background combines with a love of the electronic music that began in the 90’s. He found his home in the style of turntablism and the music melting pot that is hip-hop and began cutting up the mix through out the ‘00s in the South West UK and Germany. He plays an eclectic mix of music genres from breakbeat to big-beat; slipping in and out of the underground whilst embracing new musical sounds and styles.

Nowadays, AiD focus on all sorts of funkiness. Not attached to a single genre, instead playing a wide range of styles from Ghetto Funk, electro-swing and funky breaks, all the way to jungle and Drum & Bass!!!

Currently our goal is to spread the word of breaks and ghetto funk throughout Denmark, working to bring something different to DK, other than pop and hip hop!!!

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Aliens in Denmark – 12 Degrees of Funk Mix

Aliens in Denmark - 12 Deegrees of Funk Mix


So there are kangaroos in Australia and apparently Aliens In Denmark. Well there’s a top act of 3 artists making up the group Aliens In Denmark and if this mix is anything to go by, go check their intergallatic capabilities to move the dance floor.

This mix is filled with funk, ghetto funk, funky breaks and a whole lot more !





1. Intergalactic (acapella)- Beastie Boys
2. The Phunk Panther – @beat-fatigue
3. Bow Wow – @pigeon_hole
4. Uptown Funk (@thenoisyfreaks remix) – Mark Ronson
5. Get Got – @nickthayer & @a-skillz
6. Walk It – @tom-drummond
7. My Baby – @yanivi
8. Crossover (Instrumental extended mix) – Flowzhaker/Jason Rivas
9. Talkin All That Jazz (Rhythm Scholar @rsremix Funkasonic mix) – Stetsasonic
10. Sixty Night – @fran-deeper & James Rod
11. Ultrafunkula – @armandvanhelden
12. Shake it out – @djrudd
13. Monkey Phonk – @jaylfunk
14. You make my heart go – @cockneynutjob
15. Wigan Out (Skeewiff’s In the KPM Style remix) – @skeewiff vs Shawn Lee
16. Move Your Feet (Acapella) – The 49’ers
17. Teardrops ft. Emily Kay (@jaylfunk remix) – Eat More Cake
18. If You Really Like it – @electrogorilla
19. Summer in the City – @funky_boogie_brothers
20. Soul Feel Free – @laptop-funkers
21. The Badman is Ronnie – @bubaking
22. Give up to Party – @frankeemore
23. Can U Handle it? (Luv U) (@father-funk remix) – @cut-la-roc
24. Get up offa that thing (@neonsteve remix) – James Brown
25. This is how we rock – @myniemo
26. Out of debt – @stickybuds
27. We Got the Funk (@basement-freaks remix) – @jaylfunk
28. Push Up (acapella) – The Freestylers
29. Mr. Brown’s Señora – @ennio-maccaroni
30. Gonnagetya (old Skool mix) – Stex (@young-nrg-productions)
31. B-Boys Exclusive Blend – @funky_boogie_brothers & Keith Mansfield
32. Yeah (acapella – Usher