A.S. Beat – Drop Da Bass Show #5

A.S. Beat - Drop Da Bass Show 5


Russia’s Radio Record radio station hosts a few shows/podcasts now that are breakbeat related , from Lady Waks to Outselect to this show from A.S. Beat. Filling the airwaves around the world with breakbeat.





01. A.S. Beat & Alaska MC – Do The Happy Dance (Original Mix)
02. A.S. Beat, Alaska MC, G.R.I.M.M. – Ready For This (Original Mix)
03. Breaking News – Get Dat (Original Mix)
04. Kuplay, Knox! – Y (Original Mix)
05. Kuplay – Fuck That! (Original Mix)
06. Agent K – We Get Crunk (Original Mix)
07. Curtis B – Key Bumps (Original Mix)
08. Deibeat – Rhythm Is Love (Wes Smith’s Booty Juice Remix)
09. Bombo Rosa – BRZL (Original Mix)
10. Curtis B, Jaco Garner – The Rhythm (Original Mix)
11. Dee, Rubi Dan – Three Nines (Beatslappaz Remix)
12. DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie – Puff Puff Pass (Original Mix)
13. Freq Boutique – Rock-In Move (Si-Dog & Bradley Drop)
14. Beatslappaz – Them Girlz (Original Mix)
15. Krafty Kuts – Souls on Fire feat. Dynamite MC (Original Mix)
16. Wes Smith – I Give Up (Original Mix)