Shaka Loves You – Funky Vibes UK Guest Mix #8



This mix is about those Funky Vibes, from breakbeat to disco the dynamic uk duo Shaka Loves You drop a plate of funk with all the toppings for the Funky Vibes UK podcast guest mixing their way to desert. If you love your funky beats grab this one as a free download, do not miss out !

While this mix has been out on the Funky Vibes UK YouTube Channel for a couple of months it’s now a fresh download through Soundcloud.







1.Shaka Loves You – So Funky
2.Thunder, lightning & rain – Super Funky (SLY Edit) 2:26
3.Jonny K – Bills to pay (SLY Edit) 3:27
4.The JB’s – Use me (SLY Edit) 5:54
5.Amadou & Mariam – Senegal Fast Food (Shaka Loves You Remix) 8:25
6.Shaka Loves You – Flippin ya mind feat. Ant Thomaz 12:23
7.Shaka Loves You – Livin’ for tonight feat. Nattyspeaks & PRofit 15:10
8.Shaka Loves You – Boogie feat. Full Love 19:00
9.Shaka Loves You – Soul on fire 22:18
10.Shaka Loves You – If you give feat. Dave Towers 24:46
11.The fatback band – Are you ready (Joey Negro London bus stop mix) 27:46
12.Amadou & Mariam – Filaou Bessame (Cerrone remix) 30:45
13.Shaka Loves You – Dance, Dance, Dance 33:22
14.Natasha kitty katt – Plenty good 36:11
15.Paolo Bardelli and Alan junior – Groovy 39:15
16.C2C – Happy (SLY Edit) 42:25
17.Tom Misch – Disco Yes 44:53
18.Chic – I’ll be there (SLY Edit) 48:00
19.Les Loups – Perfect Situation 50:42
20.Matthew Burns & Fred Falke – Y.S.L.M. (Treasure fingers remix) 53:25
21.GQ – Is it cool? (SLY Edit) 55:40
22.Fatboy Slim – Praise You (Purple Disco Machine extd. remix) 55:27



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