Perfect Kombo – Exclusive RIPEcast Mix November 2021



Perfect Kombo’s DJ sets are all over the web (and Breakzlinkz) and Perfect Kombo has been mixing it with the best for quite a while now so it’s no wonder the Space Cowboys have asked him to put together a special set for their RIPEcast series of mixes.

Claudio Fernández A.K.A. Perfect Kombo.

When we talk about this artist from Huelva, we talk about quality, precision, madness and infinite imagination when it comes to producing and making you dance.Since he began his musical career in 2002 until today, the factory of creating his music has not stopped, making an unmistakable style in his productions “Made In Kombo”

During all these years he has been participating in countless events throughout our country and abroad, performing with the best promoters and working with the best Breaks & Beats sound artists, thus achieving numerous awards individually and collectively.

So many years of constant musical adaptation has served so that his sets are exclusively prepared so that at no time you stop dancing, all this based on great hits from yesterday, present and future with the most explosive mixes and with the most intense rhythms.






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