Pecoe – The Old Stuff



Decided to take a trip back in time, to around 10 years ago and all the tracks i made back then. Selected what was the better ones and have thrown them all in this near on 2 hour mix with lots of funk edits, mashups, bootlegs and some originals that you probably haven’t heard before. Some of the mixdowns are terrible, levels are everywhere and some tracks might be out of key. Still it’s great to go through all these old tunes again and for you the listener they will sound nice and fresh.

Progression for the better is something that happens naturally to us all when we do something over a long period of time so it’s great to go back to the start of it all even if the music is not going to be a chart topper but good enough to get your toes tapping. Enjoy !






Hilltop Hoods – Now You’re Gone (Pecoe Remix)
Cranky Horns
Latin Strut
Machine Gun Funk
Gotta Get Cha
Chemical Brothers – Boxer (Pecoe Edit)
Dancing Sport
Dirty Red
Growler Part 2
Lend A Hand
Old School Loving
Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance (Pecoe Edit)
Different Strokes
Fashion Police
Give Up The Funk
Never Give Up Funky Music
Jucachavezxx Vs Shaft
Power Of Shakin
Simple Song
Average Money
Funky Music
I Can’t Go For That
Shot Away
Black Spot
Down The Road
Foreigner – Urgent (Pecoe Remix)



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