Pecoe – That’s Not A Mix Episode 1



The well established fine Aussie folks over at That’s Not An Edit have created a collective Soundcloud page called That’s Not A Mix a page for mixes of edits, remixes and originals of Australian artists from any genre across the board. I was privileged enough to be the first guest, so this is a mix from me showcasing 18 tracks of funky goodness and a bunch of stuff you have never heard before.







Pecoe – Get Funky
Pecoe – Funky Cold
Pecoe – Bounce With Me
Pecoe – Bring the Zombies
Pecoe – Got Soul
Pecoe – Bong Preacher
Pecoe – Don’t Push Me
Fort Knox Five – Funk 4 Peace (Pecoe Remix)
Pecoe – Miracles
Free – All Right Now (Pecoe Edit)
Pecoe – I Can’t get No Sleep
Pecoe – Like Sugar
Pecoe – Freak A Hussle
Pecoe – Public Enemy No 1
Pecoe – Rubber Band
Pecoe – East Coast
Pecoe – Back To The Beat
Pecoe – Wrap It Up



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