Pecoe – Progression Breaks Volume 1



A selection of classic and modern progressive breaks music in a mix.

The lack of posts on Breakzlinkz has been noticable and i have always had a thought in the back of my mind to shut the site down but it was just renewed for another year so it will be here a little longer. My passion for breaks hasn’t died it’s just finding the time and going looking for up to date mixes to post. A lot of my time now is concentrating on production side of things under my artist name Pecoe.

The Old Break Mixes Soundcloud i run and own will continue and as a cross post they will also appear on the Breakzlinkz site. So the posts on the Breakzlinkz site will be limited this year but there are still 2447 blog posts to go through on the site at the moment.

~ Ross (Pecoe)






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