Pecoe – Bootleg Breaks Mix



Ah, the good old bootleg, releasing a (back then) vinyl track that is basically a copyright infringement or could get you in a whole world of trouble if releasing under your real artist name. Most of these tracks are from the beginning of the year 2000 and most were produced by well known artists at that time, it’s like a guessing game to who made the track based on the production style. All of these tracks are also vinyl rips and were very sort after due to a limited number run. I have made this mix in Ableton, cut and pasted bits, sorted out glitches and warping issues. Hope you dig the beats. x 🙂





This is the tracklist, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. lol

Unknown – Fight For Your Right (Breaks Mix)
Unknown – I Boot You Baby
Unknown Vs LFO – Low Frequency Bootlilator
Unknown – Golden Days
Unknown – Romantica
Unknown – Slippedy Starter
Unknown – The Age Of Punk (Daft Love)
Unknown – Altern 8 Bootleg
Unknown – Children Remix
Unknown – Jacques Your Body
Unknown – What’s Life About
Unknown – Break Me
Unknown – Tricknology No. 2
Unknown – Some Like It Hot
Unknown – Where You At
Unknown – 7th Nation Freeland
Unknown – Outer Space Bootleg
Unknown – Deeper Flash
Unknown – Has It Come To This (Breaks Mix)




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