Funkanomics – Chillax Mix 3rd

Funkanomics - Chillax Mix 3rd


Sometimes it’s good just to chill out, sit back, relax and watch the world go by. More known for their uptempo music, the German out fit the Funkanomics have just released Volume 3 in their Chillax series of mixes. Chilled vibes and relaxing beats are the order of the day here. Featuring mellower tunes from all over the world rapped up with some Hip Hop and you have a combination of some blissed out peaceful music.

In case you have mixed the previous Chillax mixes you can catch them below too.

Funkanomics – Chillax Mix 3rd


01. Intro
02. Old Nick – Mad Summer
03. Jurassic 5 – Verbal Gunfight
04. Quincy Joints – I Rule The Fruits
05. Fugees- Fu-Gee-La (Maverick & Poldoore Remix)
06. Notorious BIG – Somebody Gotta Die (Ben Hedibi Remix)
07. Walt Grizzly – Cheshire
08. Obsesiv – Pe Drum
09. The Geek & VRV – Amicalement Votre
10. 2Pac – Old School (Cookin Soul Remix)
11. The Geek & VRV – Hot Cheap
12. The Geek & VRV – It´s My Time
13. Krooked Drivers – Only For You (Late Night Radio Remix)
14. Flavours – Suede Shaker
15. Flavours – Just Want Juice
16. Push Up (Acapella)
17. Late Night Radio – Celebration
18. Amerigo Gazaway – Music City Mindstate
19. Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (Acapella)
20. Charles Bradley – Strictly Reserved For You
21. Mother – Easy
22. The Kooks – Down
23. Notorious BIG – Back To Cali (Yinyues Remix)
24. Meg Mac – Roll Up Your Sleeves
25. Banks – Drowning (Lido Remix)
26. Stacks – Higher
27. 20Syl – Bet Dap Goom Bown
28. James P – Wilf
29. Notorious BIG – Old Thing Back (Matoma Remix)
30. Ludacris – Yeah vs Mo Money (Matoma Remix)
31. Shag – Lifted
32. Zenit Incompatible – Louie
33. Bad Boys (Acapella)
34. Rezonate – Elemental
35. R.O. – Syria
36. Jonah Baseball – Louisville Slugger
37. Mob Device – In The Summer
38. Sander Mölder – In Your Eyes
39. Scratch Bandits Crew – Heart Beat
40. Brika – Expectations
41. Made In Heights – Murakami
42. Baby Queens – Red Light
43. Alicia Keys – Brand New Me (El Train Remix)
44. Dr. Dre – Xxplosive (AceMyth Remix)
45. 2Chainz – Get Me Doe
46. Son Lux & Lorde – Easy
47. Jetpack Jones – Stoner Hill
48. Jukebox Champions ft. Biga Ranx & Soom T – Anthem
49. Seeed – Cherry Oh
50. Captain Plant ft. Chigiyo Master – Chingata
51. Darondo – Didn´t I
52. Outro

Funkanomics – Chillax Mix 2nd

Funkanomics – Chillax Mix

DJ Zach Moore – Dusty Rhino 19 – Dusty Rhino Pre-Burn 2014

DJ Zach Moore - Dusty Rhino 19 - Dusty Rhino Pre-Burn 2014


Sounds of the Dusty Rhino, Episode 19: DJ Zach Moore’s set from the Dusty Rhino Pre-Burn Extravaganza on the main stage at Mighty in San Francisco on August 2nd, 2014.

Zach: “I remember the days, not too long ago, when the Dusty Rhino used to pack the basement at Monarch and now there are lines running all the way down the street from the entrances of much larger venues like Mighty and Public Works to get into their parties. Yes, the Rhino is all grows up now and as they’ve grown the organizers have remained true to their roots and loyal to the people that have helped get the camp to where it is today, which I very much appreciate. I’ve been featuring a lot of Florida breaks on my podcast, The Armory, lately and you can certainly hear that influence in this set which I played in front of a rabid crowd in the main room at the Rhino’s Pre-Burn at Mighty on August 2nd. Big thanks to @dj-dane, Peter Sheridan and the entire fun-loving Rhino crew for asking me to play. As always it was a pleasure to play for the Dusty Rhino.



1) Bolivia – Deekline
2) Shock Out – Lady Waks And Marten Horger feat. Nu Jam
3) Nobody to Love (Jakwob Remix, DJ Icey Edit) – SIGMA
4) Play The Game – Agent K
5) Just a Beat (Merlyn’s Basic Beat Redo) – Jack Beats
6) World Domination – Mutantbreakz, Knox!
7) Renegade Master (DJ Icey Rerub) – Sultan & Ned Shepard
8) Jerk That (Feat. Eboi) (Dustin Hulton Remix) – Stanton Warriors
9) Retromus – Colombo
10) Falling feat. Laura Steel (Stanton Warriors Remix) – Laura Steel, The Freestylers
11) Bump (VIP Mix) – DJ Icey
12) Sincere [Elite Force Revamp] – MJC

As a member and resident of Space Cowboys, DJ Zach Moore spins events from San Francisco to the Black Rock Desert to New York City and beyond. Over his ten-year career, Zach has played epic, sold-out events like Outside Lands, Burning Man, Treasure Island Music Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, PEX Summer Fest, GhostShip Halloween and the legendary Breakfast of Champions.

In San Francisco nightlife, Zach is known for three distinct styles of dance music: party-rockin UK & Florida breaks, funky nu-school house as one half of “Vanity Project” and soothing, atmospheric house which he plays under the alias, “W.Haze”. Zach is also known as the creator of The Armory Podcast and for his work on The RIPEcast, the Space Cowboys’ Breakspoll-nominated, electronic music podcast.


BreaKnecK – Sublime Design

BreaKnecK - Sublime Design



1. Jalamiyah – Hell’s Exilers feat Tha Suspect
2. Drop & Down (Original mix) – OutSelect
3. UK Funky – Dee feat Rubi Dan Dub FX
4. Sexy Chick – DJ Pipes
5. Surneon (Original mix) – V. Aparicio
6. Undefeated (Evil 9 remix) – Amtrac
7. Tonight (Thec4 “Reverse Mode” remix) – Lunathics
8. Tooby – Aggresivness
9. Strong (Original mix) – Beatslappaz
10. Beat Rush (Original mix) – Atix
11. Beats Y’all (Original mix) – Black n Blunt
12. Move You – Perfect Combo
13. I Don’t Give a Fuck (Original mix) – Knox!
14. Plump Hill (Original mix) – Hironimus Bosch
15. Back to the Step – K4DJ

Roast Beatz – Roc Star Promo Mix 2014

Roast Beatz - Roc Star Promo Mix 2014

The Roc Star Agency is the brainchild of UK DJ/Producer Cut La Roc and features a whole variety of artists on it’s bill. From Breaks legend Rennie Pilgrem to Glitch Hop artist William Breakspear and many other greats in between. Roast Beatz is also an artist with Roc Star and has produced this latest promotional mix for the masses. Ghetto Funk and Turntablism at it’s best !


1) DJ Roast Beatz intro Captain futuro refix
2) Featurecast
3) A skillz vs Beat Vandals money banger / Ador renegade master
4) Roast Beatz Dutty Moonshine real thing routine
5) Sticky buds Bouncy K lab remix
6) JFB swing bum
7) Buck Rogers time to rock
8) Funk Moguls back fire
9) DJ Marrs Biggie Bam
10) Tom showtime passing me jazz (The captain remix)
11) The Allergies feat figure of speech React
12) Jim Sharp Shake ya Jazz
13) Japetto I wanna Humpty dance
14) A Skillz Beat Vandals Beat don’t stop
15) Shaka love you Party like we do
16) Charlie Bucket feat Ty Gimme Something
17) Fort Knox five funk 4 peace
18) De la soul say no go
19) Jayl funk Rising Pump Roast Beatz mash
20) Jimmi Needles Biggie Banger Check out my style
21) Funk Sinatra Hold on I’m coming
22) Stickybuds & Bobby C Ft. The Jungle Brothers – Party Remedy
23) WBBL – Got That Feeling
24) Cheshire Get down Staunch remix
25) N.Thayer, HKPP, EricB&Rakim – Dance!Americano (The Captain Mashup)
26) Featurecast Whoah
27) DJ Twister Funky Affair
28) J sound on and on
29) The Bamboos vs Dj Vadim – Golden Rock (Basement Freaks B-Boy Mash Up)
30) Slynk – My Sound
31) We Funk This Party Out Feat. Grandmaster Flash, Mele Mel & Kurtis Blow (Qdup & AGFA Remix)
32) James Brown Can t Get Any Harder
33) The Allergies Special people
34) Tuxedo Jack JB family
35) Cee-Roo – Give It Up
36) Tom Drummond Peg joint
37) Funky Destination Funky music overdose Louies kitchen remix
38) Slynk Boogie call
39) Roast Beatz Back 2 funk
40) The Quantic Soul orchestra hold it down
41) Copycat Etta James Tell mama
42) Roast Beatz feat manic and Geoff lai Gossip EXCLUSIVE forthcoming on Riddim fruit records

Slamboree – Arcadia Firestarter Mix Boomtown Fair 2014


The all encompassing LIVE act that is Slamboree recently rocked the Boomtown Fair with this LIVE multigenre mix on Saturday August 2014.


‘Wildfire Scene’ – Game of Thrones
‘I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire’ – The Ink Spots
‘Big Bada Boomtown’ – Slamboree (Jinx in Dub Remix)
‘Headroom’ [VIP] – Audio
‘The Formula’ – Sizzla feat. Vida Sunshyne (Liquid Stranger Remix)
‘Jamaican Thug’ – Bass Brothers
‘Lasercat’ – Posij
‘I Hate Myself’ – Slamboree (Howla Remix)
‘Poison’ – The Prodigy
‘Phat Planet’ – Leftfield
‘Surfer’ – Guinness
‘Bass Overload’ – Wizard feat Rebel MC
‘What You Static About’ – Justin Jay & Ms. Dynamite (Wonka-Vision Mashup)
‘Tico’ – Fox Stephenson
‘Let’s Get Wobbly’ – Cookie Monsta
‘Slam The Door’ – Zedd
‘Pop That’ – Crookers & RVBRA (Stanton Warriors Poppin Mix)
‘Firestorm’ – Far Too Loud (Peo De Pitte Remix)
‘Tunnels’ – Arcade Fire
Sample from ‘Firestarter’ – The Prodigy
‘Fire’ – Arthur Brown
‘Firestarter’ – The Prodigy (Coda Bootleg) [Freear Re-edit]
‘Born Slippy’ – Underworld
‘Gizmo Stomp’ – Freear & Ekaj feat A.Y D’Afrique (Jinx in Dub Remix)
‘Hit Me with the Lights Out’ – Freear [‘Hit Me’ – Zeds Dead vs ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (Acapella) – Nirvana]
‘Bulls On Parade’ – Rage Against the Machine (Team Awesome Remix)
‘The Drop’ – Bro Safari
‘Undah Yuh Skirt’ – Zeds Dead feat. Mavado
‘Asteroids’ – Noisia & Prolix
‘Time Tripping’ – DJ Hazard
‘Haunting’ -Andy C
‘Shit Bangs’ – Hashtag
‘Vandals’ – Dirtyphonics
‘Fatty Boom Boom’ – Die Antwoord
‘Fatty Boom Boom’ – Die Antwoord (Spenda C Remix)

To follow Slamboree…
SOUND: @slamboree


Joining us for this 360 degree apocalyptic rave were grinding skeletons & golden winged dancers from // badass ghetto lizards & general mentalism from // ninja boss stylings from // catsuit dance-off vixenism from & the dutty dance antics of

Huge thanks to Arcadia Crew, Boomtown Family & Boom Artists Agency for making this happen.

Compiled & Mixed by Mike Freear [@freear // // //]