Wiccatron Rory Hoy Sir-Vere – Big Fat Mama Beats & Bootlegs EP0013



Hosted by Wiccatron this months Big Fat Mama Beats & Bootlegs show features guest mixes from Rory Hoy & Sir-Vere. With Sir-Vere’s new release out on Big Fat Mama Beats label called MK6 you can hear a bunch of tunes in this mix from the release as well as a bunch of new undergound material from Rory Hoy & Wiccatron.

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1 – The Prodigy – Need Some1 (WICCATRON Bpmfixintro)
2 – Beezerk – Megaheartz (WICCATRON Remix)

1 – Rory Hoy – Flamingo At The Disco
2 – Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Extended Mix)
3 – David Holmes – Grit Shaker (THE BEAT PIMP Re-Boot)
4 – An Der Beat – !KNUF
5 – SirVere – MK6 (RORY HOY Remix)
6 – Rory Hoy – Feel Dis (UNDER INFLUENCE Remix)
7 – Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (RAVE YARD Remix)
8 – Blur – Parklife (RORY HOY Re-Edit)

1 – SirVere – Headrush
2 – SirVere – Night Time (S-VAS Remix)
3 – SirVere – Plaything (RETROID Remix)
4 – SirVere – Rebirth
5 – SirVere – Busted Loop (SYSTEMIC We Bomb At Dawn Remix)
6 – SirVere – Lips (FIRE ENGINE RED Mix)
7 – SirVere – Believe
8 – SirVere – MK6 (NATHAN GREEN Remix)
9 – SirVere – Gorgeous (S-VAS Remix)



Krafty Kuts & Skool Of Thought – Kiss 100 FM Breakbeat Show – 19.1.2002



Starting back in 1998 (I think) was the Kiss 100 FM Breakbeat Show hosted by Danny McMillan a true advocate of the breakbeat genre from it’s early beginnings and who even had his own label. This mix from 2002 is from Krafty Kuts & Skool Of Thought who at the time ran a night in Brighton UK called Supercharged, a place where the now dons of breakbeat used to play every weekend. The Supercharged night soon turned into a label and saw some of the best Nuskool Breaks tunes of the day. This is a pretty cool mix when tunes were a lot more simple.






B-Minus – Journey Into Hybrid



The music of the electronic act Hybrid rings a note with every Breaks fan and i’m quite sure i’ve posted a few tribute mixes to Hybrid in the past, so yet again another one has appeared in my Soundcloud feed. With over 20 years behind the decks B-Minus  (Dynamix II) shows his experience with an all out DJ mix of Hybrids music with some of his favourite tunes chosen for the mix.






Tooltime – Best Of Breaks Podcast Episode 5 Guest Mix Mutantbreakz



Sorry for my slow uptake on this one, now up to episode 5 DJ Tooltime brings you his special “Best of Breaks Podcast” bringing you as you guessed it the best in breaks. Each time a special guest mix from some of the best in the Breaks business, he starts off the series of podcast with the legendary Huda Hudia

.. follow this link for the previous podcasts : www.soundcloud.com/best-of-breakbeats-podcast

This Episode 5 is all about the Spanish kings of Breaks, Mutantbreakz !






Hi-Def – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – Episode 37



A quality mix here from Canadian based DJ Hi-Def for Breakbeat Paradise and their Power Hour Show for the month of July. Quick mixing and excellent track selection make this one funky bass driven ride.

You can also check out the full 2-hour Deep Fried Funk Podcast with an additional hours of brand new tunes presented by Aliens In Denmark and an interview with Hi-Def here: www.itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/breakbeat-paradise-powerhour-podcast/







00. Intro
01. The Funk Hunters feat. WANZ, Def3 & Sugarbeats – Revolution (Instrumental)
02. a) Prefekt – Adams Lounge
b) Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – The Next Episode (Acapella)
03. WBBL – Backfat
04. Mr. Stabalina feat. Summer Bright – Put Ya Hands Up
05. Slynk – We Come To Party
06. Nick Thayer – Sing Sing Sing
07. Tom Booze – Hold Up (Battle Beat #1)
08. Skope + Stickbuds – Change Your Mind
09. K+Lab – Don’t Lose Yo Self (VIP)
10. David Bowie – Let’s Dance (Crazy Daylight Refunk)
11. Livistona – Push The Feeling
12. a) K+Lab – Pull Up feat. Melodownz and Mustafa Akbar (Stickybuds Remix / Instrumental Blend)
b) Anderson .Paak – Come Down (Acapella)
13. a) Staunch – Where Your Shoes At ?
b) Ludacris – Stand Up (Acapella)
14. Lack Jemmon – Uncle Funky
15. Father Funk – Dance Til You Drop
16. Stickbuds & K+Lab – Clap Ya Hands Now (Original / Instrumental Blend)
17. The Funk Hunters Feat. Chali 2na – Word To Spread (Groove Mind Remix)
18. GriZ – Funky Party (FC Edit / Original Blend)
19. Illgorhythms – High Funk Fidelity
20. Featurecast – 999
21. Dubra – Twerk Boogie
22. Slynk – Jackson Jump Reconstruction
23. Dubra X Arteo – Jump
24. Krafty Kuts – Back To Flow
25. Funkanomics – Linda and the Funky Boys
26. The Noisy Freaks – French Club
27. J ROC – It Goes Down
28 Crash Party – Nitty Gritty (Dave RMX 110 Remix)
29. Odjbox – Party Toad
30. Phibes – Party Funkin Animals
31. Jimi Needles – Biggie Banger
32. Featurecast – Looking At Each Other
33. A.Skillz & Beatvandals – Beat Don’t Stop (VIP)
34. Frankee More – Funky Mama Jama (Hi-Def Intergalactic Edit)
35. a ) WBBL – Too Hot
b ) Nelly – Hot In Here (Acapella)
36. Father Funk & Bear Twists – Love Is The Answer (Original Mix)
37. Bobby C Sound TV – ABLE-BODIED
38. Groove Mind – Got To Be Real
39. Daft Punk vs Midfield General – Da Funk (Greg Churchill Remix)
40. NAPT – Baby I Like It (Kool Hertz Remix)
41. Parov Stelar – Mojo Radio Gang (Bryx Remix)