Elite Force – From The Vaults Mixtape

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Yet another Retro set this time from the legendary Elite Force one of the leaders of the early 2000’s Nuskool Breaks days. Some gems throughout this mix, tunes you may remember, reworks and quite a few unreleased tracks.

” This set was originally put together for Raveart Producciones’s Retro Festival in Southern Spain which primarily focuses on OLD skool breakbeat sounds. On the night, my set was *badly* hampered by major monitoring issues in the booth, so I spent the following day re-creating the mix as I’d intended it to sound.

I hope you enjoy it (there are several unreleased tracks in there you may never have heard before). “ – EF




Future Funk Squad – Retro DJ Mix

Future Funk Squad - Retro DJ Mix


With the recent Raveart Retro Breaks Festival in Seville, Spain (on November the 15th) featuring the likes of Koma and Bones, Chris Carter and Elite Force, etc, Future Funk Squad has been inspired to break out some of the classic Nuskool Breaks tracks we used to hear back in the early 2000’s.




1. In Circles (FFS REMIX) – 2 SINNERS
2. Satisfaxion Boot
3. Crowd React (FFS & Madam Breaks REMIX) – SOTEG
4. Riffulator – FFS
5. The Westerner – General Midi
6. Same Frequency (FFS REMIX) – Brothers of Dub
7. Funky Shit (FFS RE-EDIT) – The Prodigy
8. Satellite Channel – Aquasky
9. Sorcerary Dust – FFS
10. Breakspinner – Madam Breaks
11. Carnival
12. Higher Scram of Consciousness



Beat Breaker – Rant In E Minor

Beat Breaker - A Minor Inconvenience


This is Part 2 of Beat Breaker’s continuing series of mixes through all 12 musical keys. Next up is E Minor and all tunes in this mix are in the key of E Minor.




01.. Bill Hicks: Songs For My Mamma
02.. Dr Fish: Mudma [Blazer RMX]
03.. B-Phreak: Don’t Stop [VovKING RMX]
04.. Mutant Breakz ft. Rubi Dan: Creation [Kid Panel RMX]
05.. Refracture: Let Go
06.. Dr Beats: Selecta
07.. Seed: Kill The Beat [Kuplay RMX]
08.. Dr Beats vs. Specimen A: Where You Get That Disco Punk [Beat-Breaker RFX]
09.. Dom Almond: Caught In The Dub
10.. Conectivers: Buth Buth [DaVIP RMX]
11.. Conectivers / Toxic Beats: Buth Buth [DaVIP RMX] / Deserted Village
12.. Toxic Beats / Quadrat Beat: Deserted Village / Lights [Geon RMX]
13.. Quadrat Beat: Lights [Geon RMX] / Galaxy Traveller [Neelix RMX]
14.. Colombo: Sediments


Rennie Pilgrem – LIVE @ The Cavern Club – 1.6.2007

Rennie Pilgrem - LIVE @ The Cavern Club - 1.6.2007

Way back in 2007 this special mix was recorded at the Cavern Club featuring the “Godfather of Breaks”, Rennie Pilgrem. Bertie Dastard over at the Free Breaks Blog has digged deep into his archives to share this mix.

Recorded live with MC “9 Lives the Cat” at the Cavern Club, Exeter on 01/06/07 breaks don Rennie Pilgrim smashes the place apart with a wicked selection of breakbeat bombs.

Taking a small sabbatical from music, Rennie has now turned his talented hand to art. Check out all his work over at www.limitededitiongallery.com/artist_pag….php?id=59




01. Nu Era – Rennie Pilgrem
02. Gonzo Fuse – DJ Icey
03. Feel My… – Tom Real v the Rogue Element (Madox Mix)
04. Edit – JDS
05. Clobber – Rennie Pilgrem (VIP Edit)
06. Shoe Monkey – Spoon Wizard (Tom Real v the Rogue Element)
07. Hood Thang – Boabinga & ID
08. Babylon Breaks – Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought
09. Elevate – Dreadzone (Roxilla Mix)
10. Eraser – Rennie Pilgrem VIP Edit
11. Satisfaction – Uberzone
12. Funk Rock – Back Draft
13. Hyperspeed – Drumattic Twins
14 Moving The Hype – Aquasky/ Crash Berlin feat Kool Keith (Nick Thayer mix)
15. Shredder – Far To Loud
16. Let’s The Beats Roll – Tim Deluxe (Rennie Pilgrem Mix)

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Lee Coombs – The Armory Podcast 066

Lee Coombs - The Armory Podcast 066


This week in The Armory we’re thrilled to be featuring this live recording of our good buddy, Lee Coombs, from the Opulent Temple sound camp on Monday night at Burning Man this year. Press play. Get down.

Checkout Lee’s brand new album, Keleidoscope, at:


British-born Lee Coombs has been involved in the music industry since 1989, when he got his start at acid house parties in London and Cambridge. He went on to run several of his own labels including the legendary Thrust Recordings and collaborate with some of the most respected artists and producers in the world, combining breaks, house, electro, techno, and acid to create groundbreaking mixes in his own signature style. Coombs is a talented and innovative fan-favorite around the world, whether he’s releasing music through his own Thrust label or as part of the Lot49 team, or mesmerizing massive audiences filling dance floors from Australia to Burning Man. 2014 has been a busy year for Coombs! The massive single ‘Lilly in the Sky’ remained up the top of the Beatport charts for many months and has gone on to be one of the biggest selling Breaks tracks of 2014. Next up is the eagerly awaited new artist Album ‘Kaleidoscope’. Collaborating with up and coming Uber producer Kostas G, they have created a musical journey into the mind, traveling through Breaks, Tech House and blissed out Downtempo moments designed to move your body and soul.



For more information on Lee visit:


Artwork by www.jempanufnik.com