Krafty Kuts – Krafty Thre3style Mix 2014

Krafty Kuts

Brand spanking new mix from Krafty Kuts, specially put together for Red Bull Thre3style World DJ Championships. A really unique mix from Krafty Kuts this time, more of a mashup mix of genres and generally music that Krafty loves. Krafty will be joining Z Trip, Jazzy Jeff, Skratch Bastid and DJ QBert and many more where he will be judging Red Bull Thre3style DJ finals.

The Brainkiller – LIVE @ Raveart Summer Festival – 12.7.2014

Raveart Summer Festival


Original Spanish DJ/Artist The Brainkiller recorded this LIVE set recently at the Raveart Summer Festival. Featuring a whole swagger of orignal tunes in true Brainkiller style.

Hailing from Malaga, (Spain), named Juan Luis, but when he is hidden behind the synths, compressors and other electronic devices, they call him “The Brainkiller”, a man who has been making music for a decade. When we talk about The Brainkiller, we speak about adaptation and innovation in the world of Breaks, he is considered one of the best producers in the world and a true master in his field, “Breakbeat”.

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Perfect Kombo – Intercooler & Generick EP + Promo Mix

Perfect Kombo - Intercooler & Generick EP + Promo Mix


Perfect Kombo is a leading producer and DJ from southern Spain as well as one third of Menu Music’s very own Breaks Mafia. Part of the new wave of Breaks, Perfect Kombo has been spreading his sound every weekend at raves across Andalusia and beyond.

With that said let’s introduce his latest release: Intercooler & Generick

Both are twisted, heavy and melodic with crisp programmed beats and bass riffs that alternate between grimy and sharp. This release is set to get parties roaring.
Think Dog Blood meets Plump DJ’s and you know where we’re coming from.

Keep an ear to the ground for Perfect Kombo as there’s a lot more to come from this Spanish young gun.

The above release is available at Itunes and all good stores :

Perfect Kombo – Intercooler & Generick Promo Mix


01 – TVPC – Blur (Perfect Kombo Remix) [Toast & Jam Recordings]
02 – Perfect Kombo – Underanet (Original Mix) [Selecta Breaks Records]
03 – Perfect Kombo – Move You (Original Mix) [Ravesta Records]
04 – The Mcmasch Clan – Shadow Dance (Perfect Kombo Bass Mix) [Unreleased Mix]
05 – Perfect Kombo – Generick (Original Mix) [Menu Music]
06 – Bradley Drop – B.M.W. Bitch (Perfect Kombo) [Teknical Records]
07 – Perfect Kombo – Feeling (Original Mix) [Selecta Breaks Records]
08 – Perfect Kombo – Makroteck (Original Mix) [Selecta Breaks Records]
09 – Hankook – The Beat (Perfect Kombo Remix) [Distorsion Records]
10 – Perfect Kombo – Plaguga (Original Mix) [Selecta Breaks Records]
11 – The Brainkiller – Crystal (Perfect Kombo Remix) [Musication Records]
12 – Perfect Kombo – Final Countdown (Original Mix)
13 – Perfect Kombo – Gyx (Original Mix) [Ravesta Records]
14 – Perfect Kombo – Long Life (Original Mix)
15 – Perfect Kombo – Intercooler (Original Mix) [Menu Music]
16 – Perfect Kombo – Equanoid (Original Mix) [Selecta Breaks Records]
17 – Perfect Kombo – Forza (Original Mix) [Selecta Breaks Records]

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