Elite Force – LIVE @ Urban Break 2 (Industrial Copera) – 26.5.2007



Elite Force aka Simon Shackleton is a well established artist in his own right. With chart topping tracks under the guise of Lunatic Calm to music for films an TV shows to his professional music production and DJ career of Elite Force. He was/is a leader in the Breaks and Tech Funk genre.

This mix was recorded LIVE at Urban Break 2 (Spain) back in 2007. You probably have never heard this DJ set before, thanks to Jaime fo the audio file.

For a breakdown of his whole career : www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Shackleton






Plump DJs – Triple J Mixup – 11.12.2010



This mix may be a little too much 4 on the floor for you Plump DJ breakbeat loving folks but it’s around the time the duo started heading into the more tech hybrid breakbeat type of music. It is some peak time festival music with a bunch of EDM bangers to boot and some interesting Plump sounds that they are known for, take it or leave it.






Pecoe – Progression Volume 4




The process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state.

A passage or movement from one note or chord to another.

A series of mixes with Progressive Breakbeat Music from the early 2000’s onwards.




You can download a MP3 of this mix from my Dropbox here: www.tinyurl.com/ProgressionVol4DL




Tilt -I Know Your Afraid
Stef Vrolijk – Little Julia
Duran & Aytek – Elysium
Unknown – Here We Go (Framework Remix)
BT – The Force Of Gravity (Dylan Rhymes Remix)
Girl Nobody – Why AM I Alone (Wrecked Angle Remix)
Quivver Ft Niki Mak – Not Given Up (Breaks Mix)
Steve Porter – Definite Form (Roland & Remy Remix)
Hiratzka & Kazell – Prime (Quivver Remix)
Lostep – Burma (Sasha Remix)
Luke Chable & Jono Fernandez – Before You Beat My Box
Darren Rhys – Lost Soul
The PQM Project – Aenema (Noel Sanger Remix)
Derek Howell – Gasoline Flight



Pecoe – The Back Catalogue Volume 8



For the Back Catalogue series of Ableton mixes i went with Breaks tracks from 2000 to 2010 (maybe some a bit earlier). Some solid releases within this time with artists finding their feet in the early 2000’s and with production and sounds getting better and better over the years. Lots of different Breaks styles in these mixes and a lot of high energy tracks too. The tracks in the mixes are all record vinyl rips so excuse the quality of the sound in some places.





You can download a MP3 of this mix from my Dropbox here: www.tinyurl.com/PecoeTBC8DL




Egyptian Empire – Horny
Mulder – Listen To The Basstone
Beatman & Ludmilla – Inka
Crystal Method – I Know It’s You
Stereo 8 Ft Jakes – Stamina
Snap – I’ve Got The Power (Toxic Beats Remix)
Afrika Bambaataa Ft Uberzone – Soul Makossa
Kasha – Itsagnarlykindafunkything
Way Out West – Domination (Bonkers Breakbeat Mix)
Deekline & Ed Solo – Young Ones
DJ Mike B – Feel My Energy
UNKLE – Reign (Evil Nine Remix)
D Facto – Ethnique



Krafty Kuts – LIVE @ Judgement Sundays Eden (Ibiza) – 26.6.2011



Krafty Kuts aka Martin Reeves is one of the most influential people in the electronic music scene today with experience as a DJ / Producer for more than two decades. Never one to be tied down to a defined genre Krafty has mixed it with the best and has crafted (pardon the pun) the breaks scene in to what it is today. Many artists have come and gone over the years but Krafty is still here leading the way !

This set was recorded live back in June 2011 in Ibiza.






Drumattic Twins – Promo Mix June 2009



Lanx and Nick Slater, aka the Drumattic Twins, have been a leading force in dance music since they first began touring over 20 years ago. Making their name as Shades of Rhythm, they ruled the early nineties rave scene with legendary anthems ‘Sweet Sensation’, ‘Sound of Eden’, ‘Extacy’ and ‘Homicide’ and performed with the likes of The Prodigy and N-Joi.

Since rebranding themselves as the Drumattic Twins in 1997, Nick and Lanx quickly replicated this global notoriety thanks to the massive hit tracks ‘Feelin Kinda Strange’ ‘Twister’ and ‘HyperSpeed’. They teamed up with the legendary release platform Finger Lickin Records in 1999 and settled quickly into the close-knit world of the breakbeat scene, working alongside global acts such as Plump DJs, Soul of Man and Lee Coombs.

From a string of releases from 1999 starting with top the selling “Feeling Kinda Strange” till late 2013 with their “Get Up and Dance EP” on Sugarbeat Records and 2 full length albums in between the Drumattic Twins have laid down a variety of music that have influenced the Breaks Scene and shaped it in to what it is today.