Macho – Special Set for Selecta Breaks Records 2018



Selecta Breaks Records have been around in the Breaks genre since early 2004 and was founded by Spaniard Manuel Rasco Mazo aka DJ Rasco. In fact i still to this day have some of the early releases on vinyl. Macho was recently asked by the label to produce a mix just for Selecta Breaks and this is the end result.






01. Bradley Drop + Proxxy & Lantern – Music Takes Control [Hot Cakes]
02. Martin Flex & Angel feat. Ragga Twins & Mc M-Tek – Hype Ting (Macho Remix) [Lets’ go Recordings]
03. Atomic Hooligan – Bass Crazy (BreaksMafia Remix) [Bass=Win]
04. Freestylers and Deekline – Get High on U [Mama’s Pie]
05. Macho – No more beats [Diablo Loco CDR]
06. Macho – Collateral [Ravesta Records CDR]
07. Macho – Take it back [Selecta Breaks CDR]
08. Macho – Turn up [Selecta Breaks CDR]
09. Caked Up – Takin It Back (FM-3 ReCaked)
10. Dog Blood – Middle Finger (Kedzie VIP Bootie)
11. Macho – Move on [Gigabeat Records CDR]
12. Shade K – Play Aggressive [Elektroshok Records]
13. Macho – Hop Hop [Funktasty Crew CDR]
14. Macho – Come on [Diablo Loco CDR]
15. Face & Book – Taboo [Elektroshok Records]
16. Macho – Kim Chi [Selecta Breaks]



DJ Hero – Super Juice



This mix is a whole lot of DJ Hero, in fact and hour and a half worth of his own work and as he likes to call it his “Big Room Bass Sound”. That only has DJ Hero honed his own unique sound his production skills are top notch along with his ability to throw down a DJ set. Expect big things from him in 2019 !






01. DJ Hero – Heads Up (Original Mix)
02. DJ Hero – The Big Room (Biggest Rooms Remix)
03. DJ Hero – On and On (Original Mix)
04. DJ Hero – It Ain’t Over (Original Mix)
05. DJ Hero – Goosebumps (Original Mix)
06. DJ Hero – Storm (Original Mix)
07. DJ Hero – Once Again (Original Mix)
08. DJ Hero – That’s My Man (Original Mix)
09. DJ Hero – Rush Bass (Original Mix)
10. BreaksMafia – Bass Planet (DJ Hero Remix)
11. DJ Hero – Kicked Out (Biggest Rooms Remix)
12. DJ Hero – Battle For Your Mind (Original Mix)
13. DJ Hero – No Joke (Original Mix)
14. DJ Hero – Go Hard (Original Mix)
15. DJ Hero – Roll With The Bass (Original Mix)
16. DJ Hero – Now (Original Mix)
17. DJ Hero – Take My Hand (Original Mix)
18. DJ Hero – Warehouse Party (Original Mix)
19. DJ Hero – The Way (Original Mix)
20. DJ Hero – When I’m Calling (Original Mix)
21. DJ Hero – Do That Thing (Original Mix)
22. DJ Hero – Right Of Way (Original Mix)
23. DJ Hero – Get It Done (Original Mix)
24. Special J – Lawless (Original Mix)
25. Special J – Dragon (Original Mix)



Orebeat – This Is Top Volume 17



Just in time for the start of the New Year Spain’s Orebeat sets the levels for another mix in his continuing series called “This Is Top”. From Breakbeat to Bass to Garage this Distortion Label manager throws down some top new beats from local and international artists.






Slick E – Make America Tweek Again


With all the political bullshit that’s happening in the USA of late lets hope this year bring some sanity and normality to the American people. In the meantime Slick E wants to “Make America Tweek Again” and the only possible way to do that is to have a download and listen to this his latest mix.






1. Andy P – Back To You
2. B-Phreak – Blow
3. Bootslappaz vs Sneaky Sound System – Pictures Of My Booty
4. Francesco & Jen3 – Nada Deva – Deeper Love (Mafia Kiss Remix)
5. Digital Base & Andy Vibes – Higher Education
6. Electro Man In The Moon – KillaBee BuzzMix Mastered
7. Fish Scale – Disco Shit
8. Imagine Dragons – Thunder (Sam Ferry & Mak Bootleg)
9. Karma Fields – Colorblind ft. Tove Lo (Left-Right Remix)
10. K FLAY – The Doctor Dont Know (Black Fire RMX)
11. Girls Like feat. Zara Larsson (L-Train Edit)
12. Miss Mants – SXy (Original Mix)
13. Porn & Chicken-Snapchat That Booty Clap(Smookie Illson RMX)
14. Simon Shackleton – Elite Force Eitenne De Crecy (Original MIx)
15. Sychosis – With You (illeven eleven 155)
16. Vowed – Lazerbeamz



DJ Chronic – Journey Into Next Year



It’s time to go on a journey, one that leads us down a path to better times and good things ahead. DJ Chronic brings us into 2019 with an excellent mix of Bass & Breaks music in a way that he only knows how. As DJ Chronic says “Have A Great & Safe New Year!







K-Deejays – Like On Past (Original Mix)
Yo Speed & Bubble Couple – Mojo Picon (Original Mix)
Josh B – Got It Bad (Original Mix)
DJ Breeze – Make The Floor Shake (Original Mix)
Face & Book – Fuck Machine (Binary (SP) Remix)
illegal Content – Electric Bounce (Original Mix)
Xmile – Lower (Original Mix)
Paket – Impulsive (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx – Never Forget You (Original Mix)
Mike G – No Gravity (Original Mix)
Andy Hughes – Yummy 2K18 (Huda Hudia, DJ 30A Remix)
Nerve – Hands Up (Dirty Version)(Original Mix)
Bradley Drop – Bring That Beat Back (Original Mix)
GN & G$Montana, NeuroziZ – Magic (Original Mix)
Face & Book – Save My Life (Original Mix)
Sunsha – Take Me Away (Si-Dog Remix)
Huda Huda, DJ30A – Going Up (Original Mix)
Colombo – Back Once Again (Original Mix)
Dynasty & The Oracle Ft. Shawn Davis – Own The Night (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx – Lightening (Original Mix)
Colombo – I Need A Beat (Original Mix)