LSM – Rave Support Machine Volume 2



Someone get me my Joe Bloggs i’m off to a rave ! Well i’m actually listening to LSM’s Rave Support Machine Volume 2 but it takes me back to the good old days of dancing 8 hours through the night. Lots of great tunes in this one with a great selection of rave favourites put together in this free mix to download.






Deekline-Be Happy
Fake Blood-The Fear
SW Ft CA-Cut Me Up (Iva Rave Mix)
Figures Of Eighty-Red Jacket (Nixon Remix)
DJ L.A.B.-Touch (Strange Rollers Summer 91 Remix)
Swollen Heads-Think For Yourself
Denham Audio-Who Started Jungle
DJ Skye-Hypnotizing (Runout Groove Remix) @ozone-recordings
DJ Feelgood-Burning Up (The Flashback Project Remix)
Abyss-Losing My Mind
Agora-The Key SCM @sam-clouston
The Prodigy-Timebomb Zone (Eddie Voyager Remix)
Shadowplay-Somethings Got To Give
Indigo Virus-Media (Rewound)
Lavery-Imagination Station
Millie-So High
Pzg & Dubsknit-Moovin’ Hardcore
Aeon Four-Pure White
Puffin’ Billy-Hardcore Madness



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