LSM – Rave Support Machine Volume 1



The Life Support Machine blog have developed a new machine for all you rave goers out there, this machine is known as the Rave Support Machine and it loves to play loud upfront rave music to the masses. You can here its first words in this brand new mix of new an old rave inspired sounds.






1. Society Of Bastards-How Do You Say @ozone-recordings
2. Sarpa Salpa-Smith(Stranger Rollers Leftfield Attack Remix)
3. Octavian- Lightning (Ross From Friends Remix)
4. Beat Breaker Ft Misstashadean-Night Show (Pump Pump Remix)
5. DJ Skye- Open Your Mind @ozone-recordings
6. Local Group- Inside Out
7. Hornsey Hardcore- The Wiz
8. Samurai Breaks- Moving On
9. Redshift- Pawnshop Funk
10. Hornsey Hardcore- Don’t Get Strange
11. The Hypnotist – Hardcore You Know The Score [InnerCore Remix]
12. Eddie Voyager- Yes I Am
13. Vince Rollin- Mandella Effect (Indigo Virus Remix)
14. Lucas- Tariq’s Dream @topdrawerdigital
15. DJ Jedi- Escapism (Ant To Be Remix)
16. Manarchy- Bass Drama
17. Babylon Timewarp – Durban poison (Aeon Four Remix)



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