Hyper – Triple J Mixup – 18.8.2007



Releasing a studio album pretty much each year from 2006 Hyper aka Guy Hatfield is well known for his use of live instrumentation such as guitars and bass fused with modern electronic elements. He has also performed as a band under the name Hyper Moniker, featuring Prodigy members Leeroy Thornhill and Jim Davies. Their first studio album We Control advanced Hyper to the stages of festivals throughout the world. Nowadays Hyper produces music for well known movies and TV shows as well as his own music.

For more information about Hyper: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_Hyper







Aisher & Brancaccio – Freak Around (Koma & Bones remix)

10 Rapid – Master System (Koma & Bones remix)
Shiny Toy Guns – You Are The One (Adam Freeland remix)
Hyper – No Rockstars
Hyper – Computer Says No
Nine Inch Nails – Capital G (Phones 666 RPM remix)
Shy Child – Summer (South Central’s Summer Revolution mix)



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