Homegrown – Safe & Sound Volumes 3 & 4

Firing off in quick succession Homegrown have released 4 volumes of their Safe & Sound mixes, a mashup of the finest funkiest beats and breaks. This is volumes 3 & 4 with music from across the board.







1. Aphrodite-Drop top caddy
2. Smov & Suonho- A little bit of soul
3. Smov- Rays road
4. DJ XS- Ann Peebles-run run run
5. DJ XS- Bill Withers- Use me
6. The Captain- The Bossa Fellas funk
7. Hiphoppapotamus- Reggae got soul
8. Rea & Christian- The jungle bros- Play on
9. Daytoner- Like Jumping
10. Mash Masters- Smoker Brother
11. Second Hand Audio- Hip-Hop V’s Rap
12. SLY edit- Use me
13. Jim Sharp-Unhooked generation
14. GEN4- The Next Episode
15. Featurecast- Can I kick it
16. Voodoocuts- Jazzaround
17. Daytoner- Keith’s soup
18. Tom Showtime- Re-express yourself
19. Second Hand Audio- Ozomatli
20. The Gaff- Tribute to Hank







1. Pecoe- Apache champ
2. Dub Pistols- Cyclone
3. C+C Music Factory- Gonna make you sweat (Basomatic party breaks)
4. Ocelus (remix) -Highway to Hell
5. Moquee & Russ Cuban remix (Ben Jay Edit)- Respect
6. Pecoe -Rock Steady-
7. The Apple Scruffs edit -Nas & Damien Marley- As we enter
8. Daytoner- Moonstomping
9. Labrosk & Rory Hoy – Groove is in the jazz
10. Copycat -Sunshine of my love-
11. A Skillz v’s Beatvandals- Feelin Kinda Insane
12. Cornershop- Norman Cook (remix)- Brimful of Asha
13. Ronny Hammonds-Hard to Handle
14. Fatboy slim- Renegade Master
15. Featurecast- Oh La La
16. The Allergies- Samba fox
17. Hiphoppapotamus- Morning Sun
18. Soopasoul- As we do our thing
19. Fatboy slim-(remix)- I see you baby
20. Discotech (remix)- Satisfaction
21. Stanton Warriors- Knowhow
22. Mash Masters- My friend lollypop
23. Datsik and Excision – Swagga (nobodymovesedit)



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