Global-E & DJ Chronic – Global Chronic Break – LBOB



Booming Breaks from the Legendary Breakers Of Boom are the order of the day here with a collaborative mix from Global-E and DJ Chronic. Kicking off the mix we have Global-E with some banging breaks followed up with DJ Chronic in the second half with some more dance floor killers.






Global-E Tracklist

DJ Hero – Freaky D Key (Original Mix)
K4DJ – Dance With Me (Old Flavours Mix)
Kwest, BG – Make It Dope (Original Mix)
NeuroziZ, G$Montana – Make M’ Clap (Timmy Teaze Remix)
Wahuu – Flama (Original Mix)
Subconxious – Hieroglyphs On The Sun (Keith MacKenzie Remix)
2TimesDope – Bitch’ Bad (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx – Bossed Out (Original Mix)
DJ Icey – Jelly Jel (Original Mix)
Hankook – The Secret (FM-3 Remix)
Lucent – Run The Streets (Original Mix)
Martin Flex – Beat2Bassline (Original Mix)
RAWTEK -DA! (CTH WMC Terror ReFlip)


DJ Chronic Tracklist

Bubble Couple – The Dance (Original Mix)
B-Phreak, Philly Blunt – Get Ya Head (Bradley Drop Remix)
Outselect & Joe C – Smoke (Original Mix)
Kloe, Imprintz, J Scott G – Return of the King (DJ Hero Re-Rub)
G$Montana & NeuroziZ – Ghetto Funk (Original)
Lab3, Ofay – FIAYAH! (Original Mix)
The Gulf Gate Project & Freq Boutique – Spanish Montana
(Freq Boutique Remix)
JDOUBLE – Check It Out (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx – Drizzle (Original Mix)
The Bomb Squad – Modern Girls (Wes Smith Dirty Juice Remix)
Kosplay, Zoo Theory – BTAU (Breaks Remix)
BNM (SP) – No Play No Gain (Original Mix)
DJ Icey – Everything Gonna Be Just Fine (Original Mix)
Colombo – Fly by Night (Original Mix)










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