Future Funk Squad – Presents Y4K (2002 Unreleased Album)


Y4K began life as a compilation series within its former parent Distinctive Records. As one of the longest running and most respected breaks compilation series it has featured mixes from such illustrious names as Tayo, Uberzone, Evil Nine, Ils, Hybrid, DJ Icey, General Midi and Annie Nightingale amongst others. In 2007 Y4K left Distinctive Records to become a label in its own right.

This mix from Future Funk Squad was made for the Y4K series but was never used or released till now. FFS has put this up on Bandcamp for you to name your price to download. There are some golden oldies in this mix !









1. Intro
2. Round in Circles (FFS’s ‘Static’ Remix) – 2 Sinners
3. Neptune (Kraymon Remix) – C83
4. High Rollin’ (FFS’s ‘Battlestar’ Remix) – Koma & Bones
5. Rabbit Hole – Paul Egg
6. That Thing (Koma & Bones Remix) – DB+
7. Break Spinner – Madam Breaks
8. Wake Me (Kome & Bones Remix) – Jaded Alliance
9. Twisted (FFS’s ‘Hurricane Funk’ Remix) – Darkliner
10. Interpolate – D-Pimp
11. Typecast – Distorted Minds
12. King Fisher – Blu Mar Ten
13. Experiments (FFS’s ‘Electro-Panic’ Remix) – Stookie
14. You Know It’s Hard (Koma & Bones Remix) – The Crystal Method
15. The Drop (FFS’s ‘Nu-Science’ Remix) – Phantom Beats

Live Mix (Using CD’s & Dubplates)








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