Frequency FX – Everywhere



Bring you that cutting edge sound of Breaks & Bass music Frequency FX throws out the conventional tracklist of top 100 Beatport tracks and selects a bunch of tunes that work well when mixed together. This is Frequency FX and his new mix “Everywhere”.







1 – Veil by Khesis
2 – New Order (Original Mix) by Eztereo
3 – The Fuck Minds by UFO Project
4 – Little Asia by K4DJ
5 – System Error (Original Mix) by Peter Paul
6 – Flipside (Original Mix) master by Dee
7 – Everybody (Original Mix) by Perfect Kombo
8 – Feel Me (Original Mix) by B-Phreak
9 – All 2 U (Taiki Nulight Remix) by R3ll
10- LOL (Original Mix) by Rob Analyze & Viro
11 – Ladies Pop (feat. DJ T3kken) by CVPELLV
12- More (feat. Iyamah) by Bushbaby
13- Stingray by DJ Icey
14- Massimo (Horns Cru Mix) by Mella Dee
15- Splash by Suga7
16- Tzamio (Original Mix) by Guau
17- Ultrafunkula by Future Wildstyle
18- Holdin On by Freestylers
19- Man Of The Speed (Original Mix) by Yo Speed
20-Damn Fine (Original Mix) by Worthy
21- Dirty (Original Mix) by Javy Groove
22- Pull Up by Sunsha
23- Squarez (Original Mix) by [66]
24- I Can’t Wait by Deekline
25- Contrast (Original Mix) by MURIX
26- Heart Player by Colombo
27- Searching For My Rizla 2017 (RatPack & Freestylers ReMastered) by Ratpack




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