Firestar Soundsystem – Firetraxxx Radio October 2017 (Kaleidoscope Music Showcase)



Kaleidoscope Music are celebrating their 100th release ! This US breaks label is one of the biggest and longest lasting Breaks labels in America, within this Kaleidoscope Music Showcase mix you can hear tunes from DJ Huda Hudia, Dj Volume, DJ Sweet Charlie, Si-Dog, Freq Boutique, SUNSHA and tons more! All mixed tightly mixed together by Firestar Soundsystem for their October edition of Firetraxxx Radio.

You can also purchase Kaleidoscope Music’s 100th release via Beatport, 40 tracks all new and old.








1. Skeptik & DJ Huda Hudia – Fingers To The Sky
2. Freq Boutique – Hear Dat
3. Anna Surento & Evan Gamble Lewis – Fall With You
4. Huda Hudia & Tiamo – I Need The Bass (Hooyeah Remix)
5. Tommy Who – With You
6. Dj Volume & Huda Hudia – Get Down (DJ Sweet Charlie Remix)
7. Sweet Charlie – Your Love
8. Dj Self, HiTek & Migel – Same Color
9. Prizm – Check This Out
10. DJ 8.1.8 – The Get Down
11. Hua Hudia – El Festival
12. DJ Wednesday & Huda Hudia – Running Scared (J-ROK Remix)
13. Huda Hudia – Turn Me Up (Dj BennyStylez Remix)
14. Alekay & Motive – You Don’t Know Me
15. Huda Hudia – On The Dancefloor (DJ TOOLTIME Remix)
16. DJ 818 – @Midnight
17. Dj Volume – Bounce Across The Globe
18. Freq Boutique & SUNSHA – Down Down
19. Huda Hudia & Sweet Charlie – Party People (Dj Breeze Remix)






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