DJ Voita – Private Party (Freestyle Breakbeat Mix May 2020)



DJ Voita brings the higher mid tempo (if that’s such a thing, lol) with a smashing mix of funky breaks to straight up breaks with a freestyle breakbeat mix of epic proportions. I’m digging the vibes on this one. Note: Contains traces of 4 on the floor.






1. Electrogorilla – It’s Like A Jungle
2. Mr. Stabalina – Don’t Stop
3. The Guiet Boys featuring Galliano – Let The Good Times Roll (Disco mix)
4. Mako & Mr. Bristow – Hype Fresh Mine
5. Pecoe – Rock That Beat (Double Bubble remix)
6. Prosper & Stabfinger – Down In The Basement (feat. Awoke)
7. A Man About A Dog – Pollos (B-Side & BadboE remix)
8. Wes Smith – Get Down
9. Stanton Warriors – Da Virus
10. Cakeboy – Fall
11. The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Men In Soggy Sorrow (Kid Panel remix)
12. Danny Dee – Shake Your Body
13. Under Break – Division
14. Mutantbreakz – Rock Your Body
15. Mutantbreakz – Back Around
16. Cakeboy – Swamp Thing
17. Cats Groove (Freestylers bootleg)
18. Mr. Roy – Speeding Up The Beat



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