DJ Nysus – Bass Down Mask Up – Breakbeat United 18



“BASS DOWN, MASK UP- Breakbeat United Vol.18” is a 2.5hr mix featuring a 65 track journey through 2020 Breaks. This live, one-take recording is something I have been planning and working on since late last year and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Packed with more BOOM & BASS than your dancing shoes can ever funk to, this is officially the longest mix in my signature Breakbeat United Series. My inspirado came from how much fun it was doing my 3 hour long “Quarantine Boom” Twitch shows during most of the 2020 pandemic. Those experiences made me realize how much I enjoy longer and deeper sets, but they only featured classic music from my back catalogue. Since all live shows were canceled because of Covid-19, I found myself with no creative outlet for my desire to play “NEW” Breaks released during 2020, so this project was born. “Bass Down. Mask Up” is a combination of that newfound love for the “long set” but with new music and my signature style of aggressive harmonic mixing. With an emphasis on the flow and vibe, this set is sure to delight the senses and please even the most fickle of Breakbeat fans! It’s also guaranteed to make any BBU vet giddy with BASS! Strap in for a ride you will not soon forget!”  – DJ Nysus