DJ Icey & Si-Dog – DEDR 2016 MMW Mix (Si-Dog’s Mix)

DJ Icey & Si-Dog - DEDR 2016 MMW Mix


DJ Icey & Si-Dog go back to back in the exclusive mix recorded LIVE and Miami Music Week (MMW) / Winter Music Conference (WMC) at the Dog Eat Dog Records (DEDR) roof top party. Smashing out the 808 Bass n Breaks to the industry exclusive and party people alike, this is Si-Dog’s 45 minute mix of Breakbeat goodness.





1. Paul Dluxx & GRVYRDS – MYB
2. Freq Boutique – Shake It (Alex Clubbers Remix) (DEDR-053)
3. Si-Dog & Bradley Drop – Gunna Be Mine (KMFX Remix) (DEDR-050)
4. KMFX Hot Pursuit (DEDR-049)
5. Wes Smith – Every Move I Make (DEDR-051)
6. Choppa Dunks x FlipN’ Gawd – Do It With The Lights On (CoolTasty ReTwerk)
7. KL2 Feat. Mc ShureshockFunky Hoover (DEDR-054)
8. Dodge & Fuski – Spoons (CoolTasty x FM-3 ReEdit)
9. FM-3 Bring Back (DEDR-055)           10. Freq Boutique – So Hot (Si-Dog & Bradley Drop Remix) (DEDR-057)
11. CoolTasty – Royalty Time (DEDR-056)
12. Gustolabs – Loosing Control (DEDR-059)
13. Jauz & Pegboard Nerds – Get On Up (Sychosis Flip)
14. Si-Dog & Bradley Drop – Gunna Be Mine (Noemi & Yera W. Remix) (DEDR-050)






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