DJ Hero – Super Juice



This mix is a whole lot of DJ Hero, in fact and hour and a half worth of his own work and as he likes to call it his “Big Room Bass Sound”. That only has DJ Hero honed his own unique sound his production skills are top notch along with his ability to throw down a DJ set. Expect big things from him in 2019 !






01. DJ Hero – Heads Up (Original Mix)
02. DJ Hero – The Big Room (Biggest Rooms Remix)
03. DJ Hero – On and On (Original Mix)
04. DJ Hero – It Ain’t Over (Original Mix)
05. DJ Hero – Goosebumps (Original Mix)
06. DJ Hero – Storm (Original Mix)
07. DJ Hero – Once Again (Original Mix)
08. DJ Hero – That’s My Man (Original Mix)
09. DJ Hero – Rush Bass (Original Mix)
10. BreaksMafia – Bass Planet (DJ Hero Remix)
11. DJ Hero – Kicked Out (Biggest Rooms Remix)
12. DJ Hero – Battle For Your Mind (Original Mix)
13. DJ Hero – No Joke (Original Mix)
14. DJ Hero – Go Hard (Original Mix)
15. DJ Hero – Roll With The Bass (Original Mix)
16. DJ Hero – Now (Original Mix)
17. DJ Hero – Take My Hand (Original Mix)
18. DJ Hero – Warehouse Party (Original Mix)
19. DJ Hero – The Way (Original Mix)
20. DJ Hero – When I’m Calling (Original Mix)
21. DJ Hero – Do That Thing (Original Mix)
22. DJ Hero – Right Of Way (Original Mix)
23. DJ Hero – Get It Done (Original Mix)
24. Special J – Lawless (Original Mix)
25. Special J – Dragon (Original Mix)