DJ Chronic – Post Breaks Exclusive Mix



DJ Chronic drops the fire with an exclusive mix for Post Breaks, an hour of the best Breaks and Beats around. DJ Chronic is also a part of the Monkey Tennis Group, BLAZIN’ BROZ, Get Funk’d & also a member of The Grand Slam Crew who have been providing some great mixes to download on Soundcloud over the past few years.







JoeC – GoingBack(OriginalMix)
OmegaSquad – Twisted(OriginalMix)
K4DJ – Burn The Dance Floor(OriginalMix)
Alt-A – Because I Need You(FreqBoutiqueRemix)
FreerangeDJs, CovaStirling – RumbleTheSystem(OriginalMix)
Tcubeprojects – BassLevel(OriginalMix)
Clockwork – AYO(MafiaKissReBounce)
Frenzy x Supa_Skipx DjChronic – Ghosts Of Detroit(DjChronicReRoll)
Quadrat Beat – Broken(ShockillazRemix)
DJX – Sorry Ass DJ(Screwball&FonikReDope)
Colombo Vs Wes Smith – WeDropIt(BigVCaneMix)
Freq Boutique – ShakeIt(OriginalMix)
BeatAssassins &Brixton – Shake Down Vauxhall(OriginalMix)
Danny Dee – RockThis(OriginalMix)
Vazteria X – Play bass Babaganoush(OriginalMix)
DJ Versa Style – GetALife(OriginalMix)








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