DJ Chronic – Ghetto Style Recordings Tribute Mix


DJ Chronic brings the fiyah with this tribute mix to Ghetto Style Recordings. The whole mix is a showcase of tunes from Lab3 & Ofay who own and run the label expertly put together by long time breaks enthusiast DJ Chronic as a tribute to some of their upfront Breaks music.









Bass Train – Lab3 & Ofay
Back Of Tha Benzo – Lab3 & Ofay
Different Kandies – Lab3 vs Ofay
Teresita – Lab3 & Ofay
Who’s got the Vick’s – Lab3 vs Ofay
Breaking the Chains – Lab3 & Ofay
Janye – Lab3 & OFay
Rock Dem Beats – Lab3 & Ofay
Secret Rhythym – Lab3 vs Ofay
Fiayahh – Lab3 & OFay
Purple – Lab3 & Ofay
Let Me Be – Lab3 Vs. OFay
Panty Matters – Lab3 & OFay
2 Feel Free – Lab3 & OFay
Freaks – Lab3 & OFay
Screamer – Lab3 & OFay
We Rollin Hard – Lab3 & Ofay
Numb – Lab3 vs Ofay ReRub








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