DJ Bross – Studio Podcast October 2017






Intro Huda Hudia
Baymont Bross – Rock the House
Dominica Gotta let You Go (Freestylers Club Mix)
Dj Bross ID
Agressivness Rock This (Original Mix)
Arsa Ketoma -The Groove (Original mix)
Mutant Breakz & Baymont Bross – ID
Yo Speed ID
Mask Yo! – Piraña
Shade K – Ass Now
Baymont Bross – Spend the night
Colombo – Heart Player
Dj Bross – ID
Freestylers Holdin On
Gucci Mane Ft. Migos-I Get The Bag (Arsa Ketoma Remix)
Jay & Jane – I do both (Yo Speed ft Mutantbreakz remix)
JDS – Punk Or Funk
Kendrick Lamar ✖ Skrillex-Humble (Arsa Ketoma Remix)
Pray for Bass Fuck The Feelings
The Brainkiller – Pentagon (Yo Speed remix)
Rabbit In The Moon I Am The Future
Smookie Illson & CLB Yella
Dj Bross ID
Aggresivnes Go Shake It (Mafia Kiss Remix)
Yo Speed – ID
Baymont Bross-Can’t Keep feat. Darrison
MutantBreakz Boubble Couple ID
Kuplay&Funk U-Fuck Da Beat
Dj Bross ID
MutantBreakz ID
Yo Speed ft Mutantbreakz – Thursday




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