DJ Ark – Trick ‘r Beat (Halloween 2016 Special)



While I’m in the Halloween mood, DJ Ark dropped another Halloween themed mix of music. No genre has been left untouched and every bit of music is Halloween based, I’ll let DJ Ark explain himself:

“When most people do Halloween mixes they might use a special opener and a few movie samples….that is not this mix. Every song on here is Halloween based. I wanted this to be a love letter to the holiday and all the horror movies I adore.

This is also the 10 Year Anniversary of the last Halloween mix I did and I’ve been meaning to make a new one for years. It seemed like the perfect time so I dug deep in the vault to put together something really special. No genre was off limits and this plays out more like a presentation then a mix at times. It’s really cool and I had a lot of fun making it.

If you love Halloween like I do or are a horror movie junkie, I can’t see you walking away unsatisfied. But fair warning: this is a limited edition and will disappear after Monday.

And I’d reveal the tracklist but it will take all the surprise out of it.

Horror properties that appear: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scream, Childs Play, Halloween, Halloween II, A Nightmare On Elm St, Stranger Things, The Exorcist, Psycho, Ghostbusters, Dead Silence, Saw, The Purge, Resident Evil, It Follows, The Walking Dead, Jaws, Suspiria, The Twilight Zone, The Lost Boys and more.

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Happy Halloween!”DJ Ark