Discobeta – Exclusive Mix For Post Breaks (Rock&Roll Fantasy)



This is quite a special mix and your guaranteed probably never to have heard these tunes before, I’ll let Discobeta explain ….

RockNRoll Fantasy is a passion project that was embarked on over a decade ago. A sort of soundtrack we essentially made for ourselves. All of the ‘mash ups’ were composed by us.
First we produced the different ‘remixes’ and then spun them into a continuous mix. None of these tracks were ever released or made available until now. We plan on dropping a few of these tunes if you tell us which ones you like and maybe we’ll put it out first.

RockNRoll Fantasy reveals a rare glimpse into a collection of songs that, in one way or another have been influential to us not only as artists but, as music fans. We’ve never played this collection in front of an audience or festival crowd. We didn’t make it to drop the newst tracks or play throw backs.
We simply let the beats and melodies lead the way to tell their unique story. ” – Discobeta





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