A Skillz – LIVE @ A38 Boat Budapest – 12.5.2007



Adam Mills aka A.Skillz is a legendary musical artist hailing from the United Kingdom. Capable of rocking every party that he DJ’s at, A.Skillz has the unique ability to mix every kind of genre of music LIVE and get the dance floor moving. This Funk loving individual has seen him appear at big and small stages on every 4 corners of the globe. This bootleg recording i managed to find while searching the interwebs back in 2007, pretty much not available any where so it’s pretty damn rare. Enjoy 🙂






Peter Paul – LIVE @ Banzai Club April 2007



An absolute legend of the Spanish Breaks scene is Peter Paul from Seville, Spain. His career began in the early 2000’s and he has had a long line of releases since. He started the N-Mity Sound label producing varying releases and 3 albums along the way. Peter Paul has also been considered that he created the genre Techno Breaks or Tech Breaks as we know it. This LIVE mix at the Banzai Club is from the very heyday of Tech Breaks around 2007 and is a prime example of his sound at that time.






Friendly – Triple J Mixup – 7.4.2007



Andrew Kornweibel aka Friendly is an Australian born artist who moved to London in late 2001. Launching himself onto the ripe UK Breaks scene his first release on Boombox Records (Greedy Filthy Dirty/F-ing In Public) gained him support and respect from many breaks heavy weights at that time. He then moved onto Fat! Records working closely with Paul Arnold and had various hit releases including Glottal Stomp/Foot Rocker. I’m not too sure what Andrew is up to today and as a bit of trivia Andrew’s dad was a business partner with my dad in an architectural firm.





Dopamine – LIVE @ Roxy Prague 2007



Matt Goddard aka Dopamine is an Australian born artist who rose to fame by winning Best Single with the anthem of a track called “Hold You” at the Breakspoll awards in 2006. He was also co-owner of Title Fight records with Klaus “Heavyweight” Hill a now defunct label. While not always producing breakbeat music Dopamine moved onto house, minimal and tech releases with which he still produces today.