Pecoe – Beats & Breakbeats Volume 1


A collection of music ranging from the late 1990’s onwards, from funk to big beat to breakbeat (and everything else). This all inclusive mix is not about the latest and greatest music but on the more obscure side and in some cases music that you haven’t heard in ages and maybe music that you didn’t even know existed. But it’s not all old music, i have thrown some brand new beats into it as well as including a track from my forthcoming self released 6 track EP called “Just Funk”. Hope you guys can kick back and enjoy the music !






01 Intro
02 Freestlyers – Freestyle Noize
03 Fatboy Slim – You’re Not From Brighton
04 Stickybuds – Funk Stash
05 Basement Freaks – And That’s Nufunk
06 Clayton & Fulcrum – Marvins Groove
07 Funkanomics Feat. Badkat – How We Rock
08 General Midi – A Recording
09 Ross Go – Here We Go (It’s A Party)
10 Pecoe – Get What You Give
11 Pecoe – Dance The Funk
12 Omegaman – Hip Drop (Jayl Funk Remix)
13 Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Funkanomics Remix)
14 Fuzzbox Inc – All Funked Up
15 Skeewiff – Pokey SMokey
16 Marchype – Finale 74
17 Gramatik – So Much For Love
18 The Gaff – Zamboozee
19 Propellerheads – Winning Style
20 Basement Freaks – Gypsy Breaks (Breakbeat Junkie & DJP Remix)
21 Freestylers – B-Boy Stance
22 Skeewiff – Tempestuos Waters
23 Mined & Forest – Cool Operator
24 Propellerheads – Better
25 Fort Knox Five – Bam & Bass (Thunderball Remix)




Rennie Pilgrem – One World BBC Radio 1 – 4.7.2003



Commonly known as “The Godfather of Breaks” Rennie Pilgrem’s contribution to the early Nuskool Breaks scene is legendary and given this title is often considered responsible for the creation of the Nuskool Breaks genre. Before moving into the genre breaks Rennie produced techno and acid house and was part of the influential rave group Rhythm Section along with Ellis Dee. Rennie is also the boss of Thursday Club Recordings aka TCR a label which he founded in 1993 which was a major force in the Nuskool Breaks scene. Rennie now concentrates more on his talented art projects but recently released some new music created during the co-vid lockdown.





Pecoe – Breaks Mix July 2004



Wowzers, the things you find !

Going through some old files and came across this all vinyl recorded mix from back in July 2004. From memory i did this one on 2 x Technics 1200’s, a dodgy 2 channel mixer, crap amp and recorded it to Soundforge on a Celeron laptop. (I have remastered this mix).

Enjoy this step back in time. x 🙂






01 Sarah McLachlan – Stupid (Hyper Mix)

02 Introspective – Slavery Incorporated (Amb Remix)

03 Vigi & Nectori – ?

04 Kid Kay Ferris – Phil Collins Running

05 Pod & Bowser – The Anti

06 Drumattic Twins – Le Funky

07 Influenza – Prozac Nation (Krafty Kuts Remix)

08 Evil Nine – Restless

09 T Break Vs The Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So

10 Fine Cut Bodies – Trek Far (Elite Force Mix)



NAPT – Sessions Volume 1 – 2005



NAPT were an award winning Breakbeat duo from London UK. They won 3 awards at Breakspoll 2009 including, best producer, best track and best remix plus best breaks track at the 2009 Beatport music awards. This mix was from a web series they put out called “Sessions” back via their web page in 2005. What they are up to today i do not know …..





Pecoe – Retro Breaks Mix Volume 5 – Christmas Edition 2020



Once again i have dug deep into my musical archives to bring you a diverse mix of breakbeat music with tracks from around the year 2000 to 2005 mark. From Nuskool Breaks to Progressive Breaks to Soundtracks to Big Beat and more obscure types of tracks that you might not have heard of in ages, a full on near 2 hour trip.

Merry Christmas, to you, your family and friends.

Take care out there x <3 – Ross






Ian Brown – Fear (Unkle Remix)
Adam Freeland – 7th Nation Freeland
Plump DJs – Mad Cow
DJ Reds Vs Mr Skribble – Can You Feel It (Stanton Warriors Re-Edit)
DJ Icey – This Is How My Drummer Drums
Evil Nine – Restless
Propeller Heads – Matrix Soundtrack
Criminal Element Orchestra – Put The Needle On The Record
ILS – Music (Evil Nine Remix)
Silken – Gizmo (General Midi Remix)
Moby – Come On Baby (Crystal Method Remix)
Roni Size – Lucky Pressure (ILS Remix)
Off William – Kill Bill Volume 1
Evil Nine – Cakehole
Super Style Deluxe – Dancefloor Superstar (Capoeira Twins Remix)
Slyde – That’s It
Ferocious Mullet – Cellophane Satisfaction
Mousse T – Fire (Koma & Bones Remix)
Bushwacka – Monster
The Scammers – Sally’s Walk
Yabby You – Conquering Lion (Smith & Mighty Remix)



Hexadecimal – Classic Breaks Mix (Live recording from Global Breaks Festival Nov ’20)



The Life Support Machine blog is currently going through it’s yearly advent calendar of music. Meaning that every day before Christmas, starting 1st December they post up free music to download be it a track or DJ mix. Hexadecimal took out the 13th advent day with this Classic Breaks mix which was recorded live at an online Twitch event called Global Breaks Festival back in November this year.

Check out the LSM Soundcloud page for the Advent Calendar event: