B-Roll – Ghetto Funk & Techy Breaks Bassics



B-Roll is back out of retirement. Used to support the Supatronix/Hot Cakes crew in London with artists like Freestylers, Krafty Kuts, Elite Force and many more and has recently moved to Singapore and is looking to bring some breaks and Ghetto Funk to Asia ! There are two mixes in this post, the first in a Ghetto Funk flavour and the second taking it back to the old school of Techy Breaks.






Hold on – Phibes
Alright – Sammy Senior
Been Real – Stickybuds
PGH – Crash Party
Let’s Go – Crash Party
Crazy Pavers – Howla + WBBL
Who’s That – Phibes
Ikes School – Featurecast
The Ritz – Funk Hunters
Tricka Technology – Krafty Kuts and A.Skillz
So Much Steeze – J-Roc
The Dancer – B-Side
On Time – Phibes
Gold Dust – WBBL Edit
Down to the Funk – Some DJ
Born to Rock the Party – Timothy Wisdom, Judah Jones
Bang Like This (Ben and Lex) – Howla Remix
Silent River – Howla
Under the Spell – Badboe (Phibes Remix)
Get Involved – B-Side
Move Ya Feet – Crash Party
Turn the Party Out – Crash Party
The Pump – Tonic Feat. Rayna
Pump It – Phibes
Funk Im Kicking – Howla Remix








1. Frogs and Toads – Miles Dyson
2. Lily in the Sky – Lee Coombs
3. 9th Revolution – Chevy one
4. Somewhere in Time – High Rankin, Elite Force
5. Trouble in the Attic – Andrey Mute and Jellyfish
6. Escape Velocity – Chevy One
7. When You’re Dead – Meat Katie and Chevy One
8. Porkstore – Dylan Rhymes
9. The 1st – X-Dream (Far Too Loud Refix)
10. If I can’t have you – Meat Katie and Dylan Rhymes
11. Slide – Beat Tempest
12. Seven 10 – Access Denied, Atomic Hooligan, Elite Force
13. Hostage – Chevy One and Hanon
14. 3D Metric – Andrey Mute and Jellyfish
15. Blast off – Sketi
16. Cobra Lucha – Sam Vandal
17. Mach Infinity – Phase Animator
18. Venusia – Electric Soulside (Chevy One remix)
19. The Way – Dylan Rhymes
20. Venusia – Electric Soulside (Lee Coombs and Kostas G)
21. Bad Robot – Shockillaz
22. Tension – Pyramid Vs Columbo
23. Never Trust a Robot – (Meat Katie remix) Metha
24. Come and Get Me – Yreane



The Element – This Is Nubreed Mix



Nubreed were an Australian electronic music trio act consisting of Jason Catherine, Michael Walburgh, and Danny Bonnici (vocalist). They were involved in the early Nu Skool Breaks scene with various releases on such labels as Mob Records, Distinctive Breaks to name a few and also remixed the likes of Way Out West and The Crystal Method.

“The Element” pays homage with an all showcase mix of some of Nubreed’s distinct sounds.






Rory Hoy – Big Fat Mama Beats & Bootlegs EP0018



With the recent release of his Headroom LP on Big Fat Mama Beats it’s only fitting that UK’s Rory Hoy does a bit of self promotion in this hours long mix of bigbeat and breakbeat tunes featuring a bunch of new tunes from his Headroom LP.

You can catch “Rory Hoy – Headroom” at all good digital stores including Juno Download: www.junodownload.com/rory-hoy-headroom

Follow the  Soundcloud widget for your FREE download.






Meat Katie – Annie On One – 11.4.2004



Meat Katie aka Mark Pember is an electronic musician who was one of the pioneering artists in the Tech Funk genre a combination of Techno, Tribal, Breakbeat & House music. This mix from 2004 is a highlight of his sound and the very beginnings of the Tech Funk genre. Meat Katie is still active today in the music scene, in June 2013 Mark started a Podcast series ‘Lowering The Tone’ which in 2016 morphed into a Progressive Techno Label. He now records exclusively for Lowering The Tone and is currently working on his fourth artist album, he still hosts Lowering The Tone podcast & also co-hosts ‘Setting The Tone’ (Podcast) with Ben Coda.





Plump DJs – Annie On One – 17.6.2005



To me the Plump DJs were at the forefront in the early Nuskool Breaks scene back in the 2000’s, leading the way with new innovative tunes and tight DJ mixes of some very underground music at that time. Lee Rous and Andy Gardner make up the duo that is the Plump DJs with over 20 years experience in the game and while the breaks musical style has changed over the years they are still touring and producing great music till this day.

This mix was made for Annie Nightingale and her BBC Radio 1 show called Annie On One back in 2005.

Please note: This mix includes a little interview at the start. The mix starts around the 6 minute mark.

For more information about the Plump DJs: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plump_DJs






Krafty Kuts – LIVE @ Fabric Nightclub 2008


Krafty Kuts, real name Martin Reeves is one of the most influential people in the electronic music scene today with experience as a DJ / Producer for more than two decades. Never one to be tied down to a defined genre Krafty has mixed it with the best and has crafted (pardon the pun) the breaks scene in to what it is today. Many artists have come and gone over the years but Krafty is still here leading the way !

This mix was recorded LIVE at Fabric Nightclub, UK back in 2008.