Fonik – Subcode 1 Year Birthday Party



If Progressive Breaks are your thing then this mix is for you. Celebreating Subcodes 1 year birthday Fonik mixes some great mellodic and progressive music in this 1 hour long mix available as a direct free download.






Awe Kid – Zenith (Original Mix)
Ranj Kaler – Hot Right Now (Original Mix)
In Progress, Runa – Saam (Under This Remix)
Sean McClellan – Outlook (Original Mix)
Michael Burns – We Will Fade (Abdomen Burst Reminiscence Mix)
Moshic – False Emotion (Airwave New School Breaks Mix)
Anyasa feat. Barbie Rajput – Birha (Original Mix)
Faskil – Masquerade (Original Mix)
Just Her – Running (Extended Mix)
Raphael Mader – The Other Way (Original Mix)
1-800 Girls – OCB (Original Mix)



EvilSound – Free Ukraine 2022



I could go on about the war in Ukraine but we all know what’s happening over there and how unjust and bad things are for the people of Ukraine, so let’s just focus on this great 3 hour mix from EvilSound as he takes us on a breakbeat journey with most of the music in the mix from Ukrainian artists, grab your Free Download via his Hypeddit.

Peace x






01 · Andrew Chalov feat. Alexandra Krischtopa – Snowy Longing (Parallax Breakz Remix) [Klooby Tunes]
02 · Mechanical Pressure & Surie – Spectroscopy (Original Mix) [Xclubsive Recordings]
03 · Sasha Dog – Chasopys (Amritone Remix) [Calligraphy Recordings]
04 · Acidova vs. Amritone – Astral (Original Mix) [Calligraphy Recordings]
05 · Bea2m – Solaris (Mechanical Pressure Remix) [NFBmusic]
06 · Decoder INC – Estramonio (Mechanical Pressure Remix) [Elektroshok Records]
07 · Mechanical Pressure – Psy Delta (DSH & Kelle Remix) [Rune Recordings]
08 · Mechanical Pressure – Red Line (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Rune Recordings]
09 · Jahmaikl, Austin Digo – Ah Yah Yah (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Elektroshok Records]
10 · Parallax Breakz feat. Vitaliy Dorofeev – 40 Light Years from Home (Original Mix) [Calligraphy]
11 · Monojoke – Surreal Things (Parallax Breakz Remix) [Spring Tube]
12 · Omauha – Kuala Lumpur (Mechanical Pressure Remix) [Morphosis Records]
13 · Far Out (UA) – Red Signals (Original Mix) [Rune Recordings]
14 · Bassencore – As Cold As Brain (JMKL Remix) [SoundCloud]
15 · Katya Chilly – Krashen Vechir (Bea2m Remix) [SoundCloud]
16 · Omauha – Lithe Lianas (EDIT) [Morphosis Records]
17 · Bassencore – Wingz (Mechanical Pressure Mix) [BBZ]
18 · Omauha – Bonding (Original Mix) [Morphosis Limited]
19 · Omauha – No Place Better Than Home (Original Mix) [Morphosis Records]
20 · Parallax Breakz – Atlantic Space (Original Mix) [VIM Records]
21 · Omauha – Vanilla (Original Mix) [Morphosis Records]
22 · Parallax Breakz feat. Windom R – Terra Incognita (Original Mix) [Calligraphy Recordings]
23 · Omauha – Antananarivo (EDIT) [Morphosis Records]
24 · Theoretical & Windom R – Yakutia (Amritone Remix) [Calligraphy Recordings]
25 · Acidova vs. Amritone – Sorcery (Original Mix) [Calligraphy Recordings]
26 · Mechanical Pressure – Emperor Souls (Original Mix) [Break-Box]
27 · Mechanical Pressure – Succubus (Original Mix) [BBZ]
28 · Mechanical Pressure – Captive (Original Mix) [Rune Recordings]
29 · Bea2m – Runaway (Mechanical Pressure Remix) [NFBmusic]
30 · Future Funk Squad feat. Mechanical Pressure – Rattlesnake (Original Mix) [Audio Science]
31 · Mechanical Pressure feat. Daria Reeves – Trust Fall (Surie Remix) [Rune Recordings]
32 · DSH & Kelle – Blackberries (Mechanical Pressure Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
33 · Acidova & Amritone – Forgotten (Original Mix) [Calligraphy Recordings]
34 · Klux feat. The Synthetic Plastic Worms – Thunderdome (Izotope Remix) [NFBmusic]
35 · JMKL – Acid Razor (Original Mix) [Rune Recordings]



Pecoe – Progression Volume 1




The process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state.

A passage or movement from one note or chord to another.

A series of mixes with Progressive Breakbeat Music from the early 2000’s onwards.







Pole Folder & CP – Dust (Fretwell Dub)
Burufunk – Outsider (Perry Sanders Breaks Remix)
Timo Mass – Der Schieber (Funkin For Hope In NY Mix)
David West – Carrier
Phil K & Habersham – Cloudbrake
Derek Howell – Funk It (Breaks Mix)
Unplug ft Mutabaruka – Time Unlimited (Ortus Breaks Mix)
Bajema – Twilight (Noel Sanger Remix)
Luke Chable – After the Storm
DJ Icey – Dreams
Sasha – Rabbitweed



2Tronic – The Progressive Breaks Legacy Mix



As i have said before a few times, i do love Progressive Breaks, the longer made tunes, the soundscapes and the experience of the journey. Such a good vibe to listen too. Another artist to hit the Breakzlinkz page over the years is 2Tronic. They recently got in contact with me and sent me a link to this a brand new mix of some retro or older Progressive Breaks types of sounds. Hit that download button, press play and kick back with some great music.






1- Wrexx – Caught Twisted
2 – Rowan Blades & Naughty G Presents Webcore – Control Freak [Andy Page]
3 – Wrexx – Timeline
4 – Burufunk – Feel the Weight [Fretwell Remix]
5 – Abaqus – Indu [Shiloh Remix]
6 – Digitalis – Mind Games
7 – The Crystal Method – Name of the Game [Hybrid Remix]
8 – Stefan Anion – Inferior
9 – Moby – Alice [General Midi Remix]
10 – General Midi – Never Gonna Stop the Show
11 – Burufunk – Burn Out of Control Feat 3pm
12 – Hybrid – Visible Noise
13 – Taylor – Xenophobe [Burufunk Remix]
14 – Hybrid – Theme From Wide Angle [Rolling Thunder Remix]
15 – Hybrid Presents – “C’est La Vie’



Pecoe – The Audiogalaxy Mix



I think we all have been guilty of downloading music from peer to peer networks at some time and back in 2000 there were a few places to get music from. One of those places was Audiogalaxy a place where you could get rare and early breaks tracks that were never at your local record store and were hard to find. A lot of tracks at the time were so fresh you could only get them cut from mix CD’s so they were never the whole track by itself.

I was just recently going through some old CD’s, 20 years old CD’s and found a collection of rare and early breaks tunes that had been sitting there so i transferred the mp3’s over to my pc chucked them in my Mixed in Key program and proceeded to make an Ableton mix. A lot of these tracks are vinyl rips and some are promo CDR tracks too and although centred around breaks there are more progressive type of sounds and probably a bunch of tunes you have never heard before.







Soto – Strung Out
Nathan Coles – Step On The Break
Solid Ground – Moving In Time (Exclusive Edit)
Blue Effect – Aquathought (Stabilizer Remix)
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds (Tsunami One Remix)
Sasha – Wavy Gravy
The Crystal Mehtod – Busy Child
Kraymon – Got To Get Busy (Belgrave Mix)
Terminalhead – Unknown (Digweed & Muir Bedrock Dub)
Groove Armada – If Everybody Looked The Same (DJ Icey Remix)
Silken – Gizmo (The Spoon Wizard Remix)
Stabilizer – People Come Up (Phantom Beats Remix)
Stisch – JFK
Subgod – Velodrome TV (General Midi Remix)
Uberzone – Rhythm Device
Way Out West – Intensify (PMT Remix)
Conjure One – Tears From the Moon (Hybrid Remix) Pecoe Edit
War Of The Worlds – Eve of the War (Hybrid Remix)
Stabilizer – Carbon
Yaiko – Darling Darling (Ils Remix)