Jdub – Intuition – 25.3.2017



Intuition, we all have it and some can harness it more than others. Jdub lets it all go in this new Progressive Breaks mix and uses his intuition to guide the way, letting go of all negative thoughts and trusting his ability as a DJ and a human being.

“Intuition is the highest form of intelligence,transcending all individual abilities and skills”Sylvia Clare






01. Cristian R – Words Of The Universe (Lime Time ReMIX)
02. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Cyacya (Phonic Deep Breaks MIX)
03. StudioSnap – Comfort (Original MIX)
04. Audio Teq & Dan K – Another Reality (Original MIX)
05. Flashtech – No Way Back (Original MIX)
06. Nicolas Agudelo & Andrei Niconoff – Overworld (Faskil ReMIX)
07. Gabriel Lukosz – Embers Rising (Original MIX)
08. Chuck’n Roll – Playing Dirty (Jondi & Spesh ReMIX)
09. Smight – Lables Lies Warnings (Habershams Dark Sexy ReMIX)
10. Bassencore – Montrodytie (Original MIX)
11. Dellife – Otherworldly (Raggapop Inc & Elevate ReMIX)
12. Astral Vision – After The Rain (Original MIX)



Jayson Butera – Beyond Boundaries NSB Radio – 20.2.2017



Jayson Butera has been hosting his Progressive Breaks show “Beyond Boundaries” for quite a while now and a few i have posted on Breakzlinkz before (just hit that Jayson Butera tag). He produces a high quality show of really great Progressive music for NSB Radio and you can always chat to him LIVE via the NSB chat room along with other like minded musical people. This mix was aired just a couple of days ago with some new Progressive Breakbeat to boot.






Danny Howells & Stef Vrolijk – A Phone Corono (Break Free Mix)
Parallel Sound – Floating Point (Dobbs Remix)
Duran & Aytek – Elysium (Original Mix)
Paul Van Dyk – For An Angel (Ashtrax Fallen Mix)
Noel Sanger – Designs (Original Mix)
Satoshi Tomiie – Love In Traffic (Hybrid Remix)
Dave Gahan – Dirty Sticky Floors (Lexicon Avenue Vocal Mix)
Vitor Munhoz – Not Me (Habersham Remix)
Deepsky feat Jes Brieden – Ghost (V-SAG remix)
Tilt – New Day (Traffik Break Of The Day Dub)
Mortar & Pestle – Itsachickthing (Luke Chable Remix)
Grace – Not Over Yet (Habersham’s Still Not Over Remix)
Sasha – Wavy Gravy (Waves From the Far East By Habersham)
Furry Phreaks – Soothe (Chicane Jazz Mix)



DJ Peaceful – Decipher Funk



With such an eclectic taste in music the mysterious DJ Peaceful once again delivers a top new mix of everything broken beat. Why the comments are disabled and downloads are never available is very strange indeed, still DJ Peaceful has a high amount of plays minus all the spam followers for every mix he uploads plus his mixes are always top notch and well worth a listen !






1) Wu Wei- Glimmers [Glitch Hop Community]
2) Opia- YDU (BKAYE Remix)
3) FURY- Helix
4) Music Predators- I Want The Feel [Bromteck Records]
5) Ed Sheeran- Shape Of You (Jupe x Awoltalk Remix)
6) Wooli x B-Sides x Jantsen- Give It Up [Elysian Records]
7) Blaine Stranger- I See The End [Viper Recordings]
8) XYLØ- Get Closer [Disruptor Records]
9) Devin Kroes- Heartbeat (Mystral Remix)[Sacred Technology]
10) Silence Groove- Angelic [Offworld Recordings]
11) Syntax Error- Infinite
12) Sigala Ft. John Newman & Nile Rodgers- Give Me Your Love (Andy C Remix)[RAM Records]
13) PhaseOne- Broken Chains [Disciple]
14) 8Er$- Hybrid Shit [Chateau Bruyant Records]
15) Wes Smith- That Funky Disco (DJ Fixx Remix)[Juice Recordings]
16) Detach- Get Your Name (Cyrax & Sektor Remix)[Distorsion Records]
17) ilLegal Content- Show Me How Funky [Elektroshok Records]
18) Feint- Arrowhead [541]
19) Of The Trees & Cristina Soto- Heavy [Gravitas Recordings]
20) STéLOUSE Ft. Brave- Lovers (Moonbeat Remix)[Casablanca Records]
21) Klimeks- Icebird
22) WILD- Where Love Lives (ILLUSTRATED Remix)
23) Chaotix Ft. StewboaT- Indigo [Easy Summer Limited]
25) FTampa- Strike It Up (Iccarus Remix)
26) Purple Hex Beats- Alone Again
27) Loadstar- I Need The Night [RAM Records]
28) Au5- Elemental [Splice Sounds]
29) Digital Department, Dan K, Elvenfox Ft. Jay Furze- Wasted Away (Under This remix)[Rune Recordings]




Thec4 – Xperience



Thec4 hails from Cordoba, Spain and is a fellow blogger himself owning and operating the very popular Spanish website Rhythm & Breaks a place for the newest tunes and mixes available as a free download. Thec4 is also a Breaks producer with releases through digital labels such as VIM Breaks, Diablo Loco and Booty Traxx to name a few. So within this mix you know his track selection should be top notch, enjoy as Thec4 brings you his new mix “Xperience”.









Various Artists – Festival of Friends Mixes 2017


The Festival Of Friends (FOF) 2017 was a recent online event from January 13th to January 16th airing a variety of Breakbeat DJ Mixes from various DJs organised by the Monkey Tennis Group. By all accounts this years event was a roaring success with involvement from DJs local and international and an interactive audience using the Intellidm website.

I have tried to find as many of the mixes that were aired over this event, most you will find below. Apologies if i missed anybody out. There’s a lot of music to listen too in this post, i hope you enjoy !

Check out the event page here: www.facebook.com/events/1516148391746375