Joe G – Peace



Joe G pays homage to his departed friend and fellow DJ, DJ D-Xtreme. Remembering his friend Joe has mixed together some of DJ D-Xtreme’s best tracks for an hours worth of breakbeat music.






DJ D-Xtreme Devine Noise – When The Morning Cums
DJ D-Xtreme – Breathe
DJ D-Xtreme Katharina Santana – Feel My Love
The Devine Xperience – Completely In A Trance (DJ D-Xtreme Radio Mix)
DJ D-Xtreme Devine Noise – Come On Music
DJ D-Xtreme – Give Me All
Colombo – Forever West (DJ D-Xtreme Remix)
Nology Maverick Judson – Here To Stay (DJ D-Xtreme Remix)
Way Out West – The Gift
Matt Darey Tekara Feat Xan – Wanna Be An Angel
(Omauha Bootleg)
Colombo- Brightness (DJ D-Xtreme Remix)
Geon- Onikia
Tabriz & Zuckermann – Mars One (Dynamic Illusion Remix)



Jayson Butera – It’s Been A Long Road – 2.2.2021



Jayson Butera has been pushing the sounds of Progressive Breaks for quite a while now so you know he knows his music. Here he is back once again with a new mix to download and something to get your ears around.






Abdomen Burst – Butterfly
Windom R – Diesel Funk (Magnetic Ghost Remix)
Enertia-Sound – You Cant Control Me (Static Guru Remix)
Sean McClellan – Alien Focus
Airwave – A Simple Day (John Dropping Remix)
Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic – Angel Dream (Nail Amond Remix)
Rusian Vashkevich – Bodhisattva
Rick Tedesco – Magnetic Ghost (Static Guru Remix)



Digital Slag – January 2021 Mix


Digital Slag reaches way back into his catalogue of music with this very special mix of broken beat music. 2 and a half hours of progressive sounds all put together in one continuous rolling soundscape of a mix.






Jon Gurd – Now (Original Mix)
&ME – 1995 (Original Mix)
Christophe – Rok The Hall (Original Mix)
Prospa Prayer – (DJ Seinfeld Remix)
Whitesquare – Jasmine (DJ Tennis Re-Match)
Icarus Between – Us (Original Mix)
Because of Art – Elevate (Extended Mix)
Swoose – Lotus (Original Mix)
Bailey – Ibbs – Romantic
Cogun — Hidden Rules (Breakbeat VIP)
Kev Sheridan – It’s Gonna Be Perfect
Enertia-sound – Meduza (Enertia-Sound & OrgaNik Remix)
Nick Kaniak – The Worst Is Over (JFR & Julian Rodriguez Remix)
Third Son – Take Care Of Each Other (Nathan Micay’s Plethora Euphorianic Remix)
P U L S A R – Pourcelaine (Omauha Remix)
Aftruu, Astroleaf – I’ve Been Letting Go Of You (Sound Quelle Dub Remix)
Don Longton – All One (Static Guru Remix)
Jackarta – Stronghold (Original Mix)
Ramjac Corporation – Cameroon Massif! (Live At The Brain ’09)
Ryan James Ford – Six Stair (Original Mix)
Futers – Too Much (Original Mix)
Soundbwoy Killah – Escape Velocity (Original Mix)
Algorythm – Ventilator (Original Mix)
Mark Mackenzie – Terrafirma (Original Mix)
Ross XLS – Like We Used To (Original Mix)
Gacha Bakradze – Toulouse (Original Mix)
Kasper Marott – Megatu (Original Mix)
SAAH – SYSTEM SHOCK (Original Mix)
Reflec – Remnants (Original Mix)
Organik – Gravitational Collapse (Original Mix)
Alien Rave – New World (Original Mix)
T99 – Anasthasia (Dave Clarke Remix)
Enayet – Hathi (Original Mix)
Alien Rave – Love (Original Mix)
Watch the Ride – That’s Da Shit (Original Mix)
Franky Wah, Sasha – Haunted (Original Mix)



Pecoe – Progressive Breaks Mix 2021





I like Progressive Breaks.

This mix is from my collection of vinyl rips and cd promos that i got my hands on in the early 2000’s. The mix (i guess) is an epic journey of breakbeats, bass lines, synths and melodies, some of the tracks themselves are 8 minutes long although i’ve cut short some of the tunes mixing from the very first breakdown. Lots of tracks you probably haven’t heard before and there are a lot of tracks that never went to digital. Over 2 & half hours and 32 tracks all mixed in key, enjoy.

Download an MP3 via my Dropbox here:




BLIM – Chronologic
Silencer – Wired
Reivax – Hyperspace
Disconnection – No Love (Precision Cuts & Will Saul Remix)
Paolo Mojo – Back In The Day (Red Five vs Vandal Remix)
Vandal – Ronin
Adam Freeland feat Wind & Middleton – Rise Above
McMillan & Tab – Rollin Thunder
Realm – Ion
Hyper vs General Midi – We’ve Been Waiting
Hybrid I’m Still Awake (Christian J Remix)
General Midi – On the Run
Nirvana vs Adam Freeland – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Ictus – The Look (Chris Lake Remix)
Rhino Drum – Underground Sound
Stisch – Pack Of Reds (Future Funk Squad Remix)
Bushwacka – Harps
Proper Filthy Naughty – Fascination (Stir Fry Reheat)
Frakkar – Push
Semi Detached – Who Da F*ck (False Profit Remix)
Bedrock – Forge (Fretwell Remix)
Dirt Technic – I Love You (Proper Filthy Naughty Remix)
Authors of Streetology – Fraudstar (DJ Tangent vs Kemek Remix)
Loes Lee & Meneater – Rolser (Future Funk Squad Remix)
Duran & Aytek – Searching (Wrecked Angle Remix)
Silencer – Believing (Force Mass Motion Phunk Mix)
Plan B – Number 2
Kemek The Dope Computer – Future Modular
Precision Cuts – The Herta
Atomic Hooligan – Shine A Light (Introspective Remix)
Moguai – Get On (Hyper Remix)
Infusion – Legacy (Junkie XL Remix)