2Tronic – The Progressive Breaks Legacy Mix



As i have said before a few times, i do love Progressive Breaks, the longer made tunes, the soundscapes and the experience of the journey. Such a good vibe to listen too. Another artist to hit the Breakzlinkz page over the years is 2Tronic. They recently got in contact with me and sent me a link to this a brand new mix of some retro or older Progressive Breaks types of sounds. Hit that download button, press play and kick back with some great music.






1- Wrexx – Caught Twisted
2 – Rowan Blades & Naughty G Presents Webcore – Control Freak [Andy Page]
3 – Wrexx – Timeline
4 – Burufunk – Feel the Weight [Fretwell Remix]
5 – Abaqus – Indu [Shiloh Remix]
6 – Digitalis – Mind Games
7 – The Crystal Method – Name of the Game [Hybrid Remix]
8 – Stefan Anion – Inferior
9 – Moby – Alice [General Midi Remix]
10 – General Midi – Never Gonna Stop the Show
11 – Burufunk – Burn Out of Control Feat 3pm
12 – Hybrid – Visible Noise
13 – Taylor – Xenophobe [Burufunk Remix]
14 – Hybrid – Theme From Wide Angle [Rolling Thunder Remix]
15 – Hybrid Presents – “C’est La Vie’



Pecoe – The Audiogalaxy Mix



I think we all have been guilty of downloading music from peer to peer networks at some time and back in 2000 there were a few places to get music from. One of those places was Audiogalaxy a place where you could get rare and early breaks tracks that were never at your local record store and were hard to find. A lot of tracks at the time were so fresh you could only get them cut from mix CD’s so they were never the whole track by itself.

I was just recently going through some old CD’s, 20 years old CD’s and found a collection of rare and early breaks tunes that had been sitting there so i transferred the mp3’s over to my pc chucked them in my Mixed in Key program and proceeded to make an Ableton mix. A lot of these tracks are vinyl rips and some are promo CDR tracks too and although centred around breaks there are more progressive type of sounds and probably a bunch of tunes you have never heard before.







Soto – Strung Out
Nathan Coles – Step On The Break
Solid Ground – Moving In Time (Exclusive Edit)
Blue Effect – Aquathought (Stabilizer Remix)
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds (Tsunami One Remix)
Sasha – Wavy Gravy
The Crystal Mehtod – Busy Child
Kraymon – Got To Get Busy (Belgrave Mix)
Terminalhead – Unknown (Digweed & Muir Bedrock Dub)
Groove Armada – If Everybody Looked The Same (DJ Icey Remix)
Silken – Gizmo (The Spoon Wizard Remix)
Stabilizer – People Come Up (Phantom Beats Remix)
Stisch – JFK
Subgod – Velodrome TV (General Midi Remix)
Uberzone – Rhythm Device
Way Out West – Intensify (PMT Remix)
Conjure One – Tears From the Moon (Hybrid Remix) Pecoe Edit
War Of The Worlds – Eve of the War (Hybrid Remix)
Stabilizer – Carbon
Yaiko – Darling Darling (Ils Remix)



Hybrid – LIVE @ Dance Festival Priego Córdoba – 5.7.2003



Hybrid was founded by Chris Healings and Mike Truman. Since first bursting onto the scene with the now classic album Wide Angle in 1999, the Swansea, Wales-based Hybrid have been known as one of the most forward thinking and technically skilled acts in electronic dance music. Blurring the line between in-studio production and live presentation, Hybrid are one of the few remaining dance acts to perform live with a classic band setup.

Their unique style of everything progressive has lead them to international start status, producing music for movies and tv shows as well.

For a more indepth look at Hybrid: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_(Welsh_band)

This is a very rare and mainly unheard of Live set thanks to my internet friend Jamie from Spain, it’s awesome !






SAKU – Innerspace Mix 2021



Going very deep in to the EDM genre SAKU presents us with a great mix to sit back and listen too as we go along a musical journey feeding our senses and ears along the way. This is a great listen and not you usual modern upfront breaks mix of party music but a selection of beats that will surely please.






1/ Intro by Maja 🙂
2/ Vridian – Fragments (Original Mix) [Nie Wieder Schlafen]
3/ Birds ov Paradise – Bosse (Original Mix) [Manjumasi]
4/ EM + STAV – Inner Space (Original Mix) [Intergraded]
5/ Bedrock – Forge (Kohra Remix) [Bedrock Records]
6/ Bill It & Ramona Yacef – Physical Interface (Enzo Leep Remix) [Lescale Recordings]
7/ Dragutesku – Polifonie (Original Mix) [DRG Limited]
8/ Chaos In The CBD – Digital Sound (Original Mix) [In Dust We Trust]
9/ Bliss Inc. – Transitions (Original Mix) [Radiant Love]
10/ Aspetuck – Lift Point (Route 8’s Dubby Has No Master Remix) [This Is Our Time]
11/ Butch – Lale (Original Mix) [Innervisions]
12/ Hermetics – Escaping Samsara (Original Mix) [R&S]
13/ Bushwacka! feat. E.Q. – Let It Play (Dubbed out Mix) [Plank]
14/ PMT – Insinuendo (Principled Dub Mix) [Will Brunner]
15/ Precision – Where Do You Dance (Original Mix) [Zero Tolerance Recordings]
16/ Luke Chable – Sealers Cove (Original Mix) [Zero Tolerance Recordings]
17/ Djalo – Silly Dub (Original Mix) [Souplex Records]
18/ Harrison BDP – Cathedrals (Original Mix) [Shall Not Fade]
19/ V.I.C.A.R.I. – DaysOnTheMountain (Original Mix) [Pirka]
20/ Matthias Meyer – Infinity (Original Mix) [Liebe Detail]
21/ Coastdream – Soft Moon (Original Mix) [X-Kalay]
22/ Ebende – For Love (Original Mix) [all my thoughts]
23/ God Within – Infinitely Gentle Blows (Infinite Aural Hallucination Remix) [Hardkiss Music]