Bassica – Break Tech On NSB Radio – The Best Of 2017



Bring you the best in all types of Breaks music from 2017 be it remixes or originals the Break Tech Show on NSB Radio have digged deep through their crates from last year gathering some great tunes that made the grade to be included in the show. From the more type of Progressive sounds to simple Bass & Breaks sounds to straight up Breaks this is a great show and one not to be missed.






00.Break Tech Intro
01.Pio Beat, Sonek – Nuri (Original Mix): VIM
02.Wes Smith, Dirty Kicks – Rubberbands (Original Mix): Juice Recordings (USA)
03.Alt-A – T-Rex (Original Mix): BBZ
04.DM – Wanted (Original Mix): Bombtraxx
05.Staxia – Complianing Robot (Destilux Remix): Diablo Loco
06.Alt-A, EK – RS Beat (Original Mix): VIM
07.Evan Gamble Lewis – Compulsion (Original Mix): Bombtraxx
08.Detach – Can You Feel It (Original Mix): Hit Biscuit Records
09.Evilbeat – Sex Effect (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
10.Slugware – Lizard Bite (Original Mix): VIM
11.Robosapiens – FSociety (Original Mix): Kiosek Records
12.Tom Clyde – Driving Me Crazy (DNCH Remix): Census Sound Recordings
13.Borka FM – Reflections (Original Mix): Ego Shot Recordings
14.Alex Clubbers – Rock It (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
15.DM – Station 9 (Pio Beat Remix): MetaPop
16.Better Kicks, Sheri Marshel – Freedom (Detach Remix): Hit Biscuit Records
17.Gosize – Dreams (Kodek Remix): Toast & Jam Recordings
18.UFO Project – No More (Original Mix): Alkimia Recordings
19.Alex Wicked – Warlock (Original Mix): Spektra
20.Left/Right, Jacq – Bad (Original Mix): Punks
21.Mechanical Pressure – Emperor Souls (Original Mix): Breakbox
22.Trip Soup – Atlas (Original Mix): Diablo Loco
23.Kraneal – Yang (Original Mix): Stars & Knights
24.Fisso, Spark – Looking Forward (Original Mix): VIM
25.Jiro – Bumper (Original mix): Hit Biscuit Records
26.Kayshan, Mariion Christiian – Mariposa ft.The Weathering (Stromlinie Remix): VIM
27.Resistor – Cyclops (Original Mix): VIM
28.Peter Paul – Rescuing Emotions (Mechanical Pressure Remix): BBZ
29.Destilux – Sneeze (Bear Moss Remix): Diablo Loco
30.Sergei Orange – Savage (Original Mix): Rune




Beatman and Ludmilla – The Very Best Of Progressive Breaks Remastered Volume 1



I do like Progressive Breaks, from the early days of Australia’s Nubreed and even in the early 2000’s with such artists as Hybrid, Junkie XL and Luke and Chable. Beatman & Ludmilla have just re-released one of their most popular mixes to date, totally remastered and a step back to the classic sounds of Progressive Breakbeat.






01. Junkie XL – Mushroom (Original mix)
02. Meck feat Dino – Feels Like Home (Original mix)
03. Chable and Dirty Fours – Tokyo (Original mix)
04. Hybrid – Just for Today (Original mix)
05. Conjure One – Tears from the Moon (Hybrid remix)
06. Lostep – Villain (Original mix)
07. Lostep – Burma (Sasha remix)
08. Infusion – Legacy (Junkie XL remix)
09. Junkie XL – Beauty Never Fades (Animatrix edit)
10. Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Original mix)



Ken Fusion – Dissociative Anaesthesia Volume 4



I think when Ken Fusion started off with this mix he had no idea that it would go for nearly 6 hours ! In fact i think this is the longest mix i have ever posted on Breakzlinkz and to say it is one hell of a journey is quite an understatement. If you have some spare time this one is worth a listen and if you have the bandwidth well worth a download and holding onto.






York – Dying Star (Chill Out Mix)
Zero Cult – Neokarma
Chicane – Overture
Poonyk & Oxide – Weekend (Space Chill Mix)
Net Son – Disclosed Force (Darkployers Relax Mix)
Delirium – Silence feat Sarah McLachlan (Michael Woods Remix)
Inertia – The System (Chris Voro & John Dropping ReChill)
Fullsound – Cosmic Immensity
Victima – Silent Scream (Soty Remix)
Lukas Termena – One Love
Sovt & Janerio – Dreams of the Sea
Tripswitch – Deer Park
Apple & Stone – Broken Star
Almar – Wasted Time (Ambient)
Tom Strobe – Love Lights feat 2MONK
Thorsten Quaeschning & Ulrich Schnauss – Slow Life
Koan – The Island of Deceased Ships
Gregory Esayan – Healer
Fabbro – Love is Everywhere
Chicane – Offshore (Thomas Datt Remix)
Sundial Aeon – Pleasure Impact at
Dream Lab – Cryogenic Suspension (Marco Torrance’s Filmbient Trip)
Aitra – Malibu Road
York – Traveller feat R.I.B
ZANIO – Will (Elevate & Raggapop Inc Remix)
Bryan Milton – Prime Planet
A-Mase – New Vision (You Are My Salvation Remix)
Fatal Error – Angels Arms (Airwave Breaks Remix)
Jozef Mihalik – Listen
York & Steve Brian – Salida Del Sol (Soty & Seven24 Remix)
File V – Raindance (Vitaly Shturm Broken Beats Remix)
Luke Chable – Into The Storm
Alex Sheronov – Reflections
Solesystem pres. Init8 – Mystic
A-Mase – Sensuality Original Intro mix)
JSintax – Daydreams (Platunoff Remix)
Matt Darey & Aaron Aether – Into The Blue feat Tiff Lacey
Polarstone – Aquamatic
Stefan Anion – Strangers
Andrew Bayer – From The Earth
Aeron Aether & Embliss – A New Dawn (Reconstruction)
Richard Bonnee – Frost Point Zero (Deep Space Groove Mix)
Steven Rivic, Michael & Levan – Cyacya (Phonic Deep Break Remix)
Vintage & Morelli – Tree Of Life (Magnetik Remix)
Abdomen Burst ft Yavanndiel – Solar Eclipse (Fantasy Slowstep Edit)
Accadia – Blind Visions (Ambient Mix)
Envio – Touched By The Sun (Rusch & Elusive’s Chill Out Mix)
Humate – Love Stimulation
Saints sinners – Peace (Micheal Woods Remix)
Dave Sullivan & VG – Cloudsurfer (Abdomen Burst Sine Field Remix)
Aquareef & Alex Drayling – Thailand
Alfoa – Schedar (Esok Remix)
Plu-Ton – Stalker Zone
Kjuna & Mr Woodward – Persea Gratissima
Maksim Palmaxs – Like A Bird feat Anya Hibental (Plu-ton Remix)
Anton MAKe, Elev8 & Plu-ton – Northern Light
Abdomen Burst – Sakkura (Negative Neutron Remix)
Space Manoeuvres – Stage One (Blain Sandhag Mix)
Abdomen Burst – Changes feat Yavanndiel & Malevich (Ambient Mix)
Steven Rivic, Michael & Levan – Leap Of Faith
Solar Stone – Seven Cities (Ambient Mix)
The Thrillseekers – Escape




DJ Peaceful – A Recipe For Abracadabra



The ever elusive and mysterious DJ Peaceful has uploaded a new mix to Soundcloud. Although you can’t download this mix directly (I’m sure you can find a away around that) it’s still worth some of your time. From tracks from the progressive sounds of Hybrid to the funky breaks brother A.Skillz there’s a bit of everything in this one.






1) Hybrid Minds- Intro [Hybrid Music UK]
2) N8M8- What Goes Around
3) Girls & Weapons vs. Axwell- Raise! (Peaceful Edit)
4) Slander & Yookie Ft. Zach Sorgen- One Life [Spinnin’ Records]
5) Borgore- Best (Thomas Gold Remix)[Buygore Records]
6) Wooli Ft. Eli Flynn- Like I Used To [Circus]
7) Rihanna- Desp3rado(LZRD & Ship Wrek Remix)
8) Emforay- Never Gone
9) The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na- Oh Shit (Kotek Remix)[Westwood Recordings]
10) Rude Boy Ft. Nami- Illusion [Simplify.]
11) Cabuizee & The Ramon, Noelle Bonus- Break Loose [Panda Funk/Interscope]
12) Luminary- Moonlight
13) Kidlocal- Sunshine [Pure deciBel Recording]
14) Wellx- Bright Bells [PW Records]
15) A.Skillz- 7 Day Weekend [Jam City]
16) Break Science- Forest Of Illumination [Pretty Lights Music]
17) Poirier Ft. Machinedrum & Aleisha Lee- Kypoli (Moresounds Remix)[Nice Up!]
18) Eric Prydz- Generate (Dimension Edit)
19) Moby- A Simple Love (BMotion Remix)[Viper Recordings]
20) Chords- Love Burning [RAM Records]
21) BMotion- Passenger [Viper Recordings]
22) Bruno Mars- 24K Magic (X-Ray Ted Remix)
23) Sawtooth & Sine- Give A Dab [Global Dance Records]
24) Alt-A- Boombox Funk [Diablo Loco]
25) Yankee- Everything All Right [Distorsion Records]
26) Simon Le Grec- Your Body (Breakbeat Mix)[Uttermost]
27) The Crystal Method- Busy Child (Future Method Remix)[UMG Recordings]
28) Seven League Beats- The Tower [CTM Music]
29) Skit- Ajna [Terrorhythm Recordings]
30) Deadcrow- Airtime
31) AtYyA- Oceanic (Desert Dwellers Remix)[Desert Trax]
32) Birds Of Paradise- Secrets Of The Banyan Tree [SUBPAC]
33) BCee- Generations (Remastered)[Spearhead Records]
34) Seba & Jnr Vallo- Rotate [Spearhead Records]