Hybrid – LIVE @ Dance Festival Priego Córdoba – 5.7.2003



Hybrid was founded by Chris Healings and Mike Truman. Since first bursting onto the scene with the now classic album Wide Angle in 1999, the Swansea, Wales-based Hybrid have been known as one of the most forward thinking and technically skilled acts in electronic dance music. Blurring the line between in-studio production and live presentation, Hybrid are one of the few remaining dance acts to perform live with a classic band setup.

Their unique style of everything progressive has lead them to international start status, producing music for movies and tv shows as well.

For a more indepth look at Hybrid: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_(Welsh_band)

This is a very rare and mainly unheard of Live set thanks to my internet friend Jamie from Spain, it’s awesome !






SAKU – Innerspace Mix 2021



Going very deep in to the EDM genre SAKU presents us with a great mix to sit back and listen too as we go along a musical journey feeding our senses and ears along the way. This is a great listen and not you usual modern upfront breaks mix of party music but a selection of beats that will surely please.






1/ Intro by Maja 🙂
2/ Vridian – Fragments (Original Mix) [Nie Wieder Schlafen]
3/ Birds ov Paradise – Bosse (Original Mix) [Manjumasi]
4/ EM + STAV – Inner Space (Original Mix) [Intergraded]
5/ Bedrock – Forge (Kohra Remix) [Bedrock Records]
6/ Bill It & Ramona Yacef – Physical Interface (Enzo Leep Remix) [Lescale Recordings]
7/ Dragutesku – Polifonie (Original Mix) [DRG Limited]
8/ Chaos In The CBD – Digital Sound (Original Mix) [In Dust We Trust]
9/ Bliss Inc. – Transitions (Original Mix) [Radiant Love]
10/ Aspetuck – Lift Point (Route 8’s Dubby Has No Master Remix) [This Is Our Time]
11/ Butch – Lale (Original Mix) [Innervisions]
12/ Hermetics – Escaping Samsara (Original Mix) [R&S]
13/ Bushwacka! feat. E.Q. – Let It Play (Dubbed out Mix) [Plank]
14/ PMT – Insinuendo (Principled Dub Mix) [Will Brunner]
15/ Precision – Where Do You Dance (Original Mix) [Zero Tolerance Recordings]
16/ Luke Chable – Sealers Cove (Original Mix) [Zero Tolerance Recordings]
17/ Djalo – Silly Dub (Original Mix) [Souplex Records]
18/ Harrison BDP – Cathedrals (Original Mix) [Shall Not Fade]
19/ V.I.C.A.R.I. – DaysOnTheMountain (Original Mix) [Pirka]
20/ Matthias Meyer – Infinity (Original Mix) [Liebe Detail]
21/ Coastdream – Soft Moon (Original Mix) [X-Kalay]
22/ Ebende – For Love (Original Mix) [all my thoughts]
23/ God Within – Infinitely Gentle Blows (Infinite Aural Hallucination Remix) [Hardkiss Music]



Jayson Butera – The Light – 25.3.2021



I really dig Progressive Breaks, it might not be the sound of the party breaks we all know but definitely has it’s place in the EDM Scene. Jayson Butera supplies us with the soundscapes in this mix and being the nature of Progressive Breaks takes us on nice journey in music.






Bedrock – Forge (Framewerk’s Cure The Soul Mix)
Bedrock – Forge (Kohra Remix)
Facundo Capott – Teo (Extended Mix)
Ivan James – Time Knot (Audioglider Mix)
Robert Babicz – Infinity Inside (Andres Moris Breaks Mix)
Kelle – Soul Healer (Original Mix)
Kenshi Kamaro – Avalon (Original Mix)
Phlipsyde – Love (Bear Moss Remix)
Enertia-Sound – Broken Fragments (Static Guru Remix)
Audio Noir – Nachalo (Monojoke Remix)
Blanka Barbara – Red Magic Lily (ARP Interpretation)
Jackarta – Stronghold (Original Mix)



DJ Hyper – Annie Nightingale Show BBC Radio 1 – 14.3.2004



Releasing a studio album pretty much each year from 2006 Hyper aka Guy Hatfield is well known for his use of live instrumentation such as guitars and bass fused with modern electronic elements. He has also performed as a band under the name Hyper Moniker, featuring Prodigy members Leeroy Thornhill and Jim Davies. Their first studio album We Control advanced Hyper to the stages of festivals throughout the world. Nowadays Hyper produces music for well known movies and TV shows as well as his own music.

For more information about Hyper: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_Hyper