Andy Faze – Winter Patterns (Deep Breaks Mix)



It’s been a while since i posted up a progressive breaks mix so it’s only fitting that Andy Faze fits the bill with a deep journey through some classic older tunes and some new stuff as well.






01. A-Mase – Hope For Tomorrow [Morphosis]
02. GMJ – Aeons (Static Guru Remix) [Droid9]
03. Fretwell – Ember [Electrofly]
04. Jono Fernandez – Colours Of Conscience (Fretwell Remix) [Electrofly]
05. Darren Rhys -vLost Soul (Katakana Remix) [Electrofly]
06. Andy Faze – Patterns [CDR]
07. Static Guru – Electron [RUNE]
08. Lifecycle – Vocational [Electrofly]
09. Acidova – Futura [Morphosis]
10. Rick Tedesco – Magnetic Ghost [Morphosis]
11. The Gulf Gate Project – Top Gear (Retroid Remix) [Toast & Jam]
12. General MIDI – Automatic [Distinctive Breaks]
13. Acidova – Elements [Morphosis]
14. Andy Faze – Dream Frequencies [RUNE]
15. Grove – Backwash [CDR]
16. AFK & Dustin H – Seismic (Stefan Anion’s Running For Cover Mix) [Pacific Front Recordings]



Nubreed – Triple J Mixup – 11.2.2006



Nubreed was a trio of Australian record producers Jason Catherine, Michael Walburgh, and Danny Bonnici (vocalist). The three met while working on various musical projects around Melbourne and soon realized they had something special going with the new project they started together called Nubreed. On the stage they dished up a raw, explosive and dynamic live show with mixers, effect units, samplers and all kinds of Nubreed like gadgetry.

This mix was recorded Live for Australia’s Triple J Radio back in February 2006.





Colombo – Mixed by B-Roll



B-Rolls mixes dedicated to showcasing the musical talent of very well know breaks producers have been a hit of late with the Finger Lickin crew reposting his latest mix the Plump DJs vs Soul Of Man. Again B-Roll brings us another new mix showcasing the music of Spanish DJ & Producer Colombo and his progressive take on the breakbeat music genre.






1 Apha Scream (Colombo Remix) Geon
2 Little Bitch (Original Mix) Colombo
3 Family Breaks Niight Colombo
4 Dynamic (Colombo Remix) Geon
5 Sonorous (Colombo Remix) Geon
6 Your Consequences Colombo
7 Macroclemys (Colombo Remix) Geon
8 Heep Hoop Colombo
9 I need a Beat Colombo
10 Clap Yah Hands! (Original Mix) Colombo
11 Tension (Original Mix) PYRAMID vs Colombo
12 Bluish (Original Mix) Colombo
13 Evil Violins Colombo
14 Something Freaky (Colombo Remix) BASEMENT FREAKS
15 Hanss (Original Mix) Colombo
16 Get To Move (Original Mix) Colombo



Se7en Deadly Breaks – A Tribute To Hybrid Mix



I’ve never came across this mix before and i think it was made a few years back by the now defunct duo Se7en Deadly Breaks. (Correct me if i’m wrong). Paying homage to the legendary progressive breaks group Hybrid, Se7en Deadly Breaks drop a selection of classics from them in this hour long promo mix.






Hybrid- Choke.
Hybrid- True to form.
Hybrid- Can you hear me (Hybrid kill city sounds dub 02.)
Hybrid- Higher than a skyscraper (Hybrid twitch & sweat mix.)
Hybrid- Dreaming your dreams.
Hybrid- Celebrity science.
Hybrid- If I survive.
Hybrid- Original sin (Instrumental.)
Hybrid- Just for today.
Hybrid- This is what it means.
Hybrid- Finished symphony.


DJ Chronic – Progressive Journey On Route 420



With years of experience as a DJ, DJ Chronic pays homage to his dad with this very special and unique mix. Heading down the winding road of Progressive Breaks DJ Chronic breaks his normal style of music with a more refined and funky sound. This is a great mix !







Marten Horger feat Funkanomics – Oh Girl (NuOrleanz Phatz Remix)
Andy Vibes & Digital Base – You Got The One (Original Mix)
Ed Lee – Put It Down (Original Mix)
Instigate feat Karina Skye (Original Mix)
DJ Knightlife Vs Silverblue – Do You Know (Seth Vogt Remix)
Mikhas – Euphoria Road (Original Mix)
Audiotoxin – Light Up The Sky (K4DJ Bass Remix)
Maijena – Never (Anton Kovrigin Atmospheric Remix)
Cellardoor – Ladies & Gentlemen (Original Mix)
J Hazen – 700ft (Beta Remix)
Detach – Scarlet (Original Mix) – T-Break (Beta Remix)
Superfly Jeff & Rhythmic Bliss – No More Fears (Dave Gluskin Remix)
Colombo – Sediments (Original Mix)
DJ D-Xtreme – Give Me All (Seth Vogt Remix)
Underground Utopia, USBS – The Mirror (Original Mix)
Johnny Cage, DJ Catastrophic – Blindsided (Dave London Remix)