Deep Fried Funk Podcast – Hosted by Aliens in Denmark – Guest Mix by Pecoe (Sep 2020)



Aliens In Denmark present to you the Deep Fried Funk Podcast for Breakbeat Paradise Recordings with a special 1 hour guest mix from me (Pecoe) in the second hour hot on the tail of my Funk Anthems LP featuring 5 original tracks plus 4 remixes from Stabfinger, Gramophone Soul, Funkin Basstards and Kenny Beeper.







1. No Competition – Luke Vibert (Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop – Hypercolour records)
2. I’m a Boss – Lack Jemmon (Bombstrikes records)
3. Tha Fun Police – Kenny Beeper, MC Shureshock, Snuze (The Fun Police ep – BBP Recordings)
4. Feeling Funky – Pecoe (Funk Anthems EP – BBP Recordings)
5. Life – Pecoe (Funk Anthems EP – BBP Recordings)
6. Back to the Life (Stabfinger remix) – Pecoe (Funk Anthems EP – BBP Recordings)
7. 2000 (Jayl Funk remix) – The Funkin Basstards (Drop the Mirrorball remixed – BBP recordings)
8. Shiftee (Gramophone Soul remix) – Onyx (Free download)
9. Stealin Alright – Mako & Mr. Bristow (Stank Edits Vol.6 – BBP recordings vinyl)
10. Get in Front – DJ Fixx & OnDaMike (Ravesta records)
11. Baila Baila (Cude remix) – Deekline & Wizard (Free Download)
12. Latin Hips – Skank Honto (Free Download – BBP)
13. Staying Alive (A-Skillx remix) – BeeGees (Free Download – Bandcamp)
14. Calling Out – Pecoe (Free Download – BBP Recordings)
15. Freefall (Doctor Werewolf remix)– Kenny Beeper, MC Shureshock & Snuze (BBP Recordings)
16. Power – Kove (UKF)
17. House of the Rising Sun – Peshay & Steppa (Peshay Music)


Pecoe Power Hour Mix Tracklist:

01. Pecoe – Dance The Funk
02. Pecoe – Dance The Funk (Gramophone Soul Remix)
03. Pecoe – All About The Funk
04. Pecoe – Calling Out
05. Tha Fun Police – Freefall (Pecoe Remix)
06. Pecoe – Bounce With Me
07. Pecoe – Wait A Minute
08. Pecoe – Life
09. Pecoe – Feeling Funky
10. Pecoe – Feeling Funky (Kenny Beeper Remix)
11. Funkin Basstards – Drop the Mirrorball (Pecoe Remix)
12. Pecoe – Bounce With Me (Funkin Basstards Remix)
13. Snap – I’ve Got The Power (Pecoe Remix)
14. Pecoe – Back To The Beat
15. Pecoe – Keep It Funky
16. Pecoe – How We Sample
17. Fort Knox Five – Funk 4 Peace (Pecoe Remix)
18. Pecoe – That’s the Jam
19. Pecoe – Kick It



Roast Beatz – Cuttin It Fine Podcast 12 – 17.8.2020



Every Monday evening (UK time) Roast Beatz hits the live stream via the main culpret Twitch (and others) to flex his DJ ability to bring us the best in beats around. This is the latest Live mix for the Cuttin It Fine Podcast with over an hour and a half of all sorts of bpms and genres.

Catch the Roast Beatz Cuttin It Fine live stream most Mondays here:






Mr Fitz – Mash Tun Volume 1



With a brand new EP coming out soon via Cuttin It Fine Mr Fitz (the quite achiever) drops a smoking brand new mix with hop hip hop beats, funky grooves and drum and bass breaks. Lovely mix this one with a variety of bangers for a whole range people who are into some good music.







Get Up – Chinese Man (Mr Fitz Edit)
Music Man Prt 1+2 -Mr Fitz Remix
Big Fridge Feat Hypeman Sage – Mr Fitz
Here Comes the judge – Pigmeat Markham (Mr Fitz Remix)
Sea Groove vs Busta
Funky Bukaki – Mr Fitz
Warm it up vs Dizzie Rascal
Rude Break – Mr Fitz
Ruffneck Word – Mr Fitz
Concrete Streets – Jurassic 5 (Mr Fitz edit)
Whats Golden – Jurassic 5 (Mr Fitz Edit)
Ghost Roller – Mr Fitz
The lord make our Way – Mr Fitz remix
Aint nothing changed- Loyle Carner
Jelly Gut Flex – Mr Fitz Feat JPDL
Diggin in the crates – Mr Fitz
Psychedelic Phlegm – Tropigwana
Sunny – (Mr Fitz B-side remix)
Roll with flavour – Mr Fitz
Crib rotting Cave Bear -G&the Sound tribe(Mr Fitz Remix)
Calypso Queen -Calypso Rose (Mr Fitz Edit)
Mash the Bongo ( Mr Fitz Edit )



Fort Knox Five – Funk The World 60



Fort Knox Five is back once again to funk the world and this time we have Steve Raskin of Fort Knox Five dropping the vibes for an hours worth of groovy tunes in this the 60th episode of the show. Funk The World started back in 2011 and in that time it has seen the likes of international and local DJs as well as fans tuning in from all 4 corners of the globe.






01 Tommy Stewart – Bump & Hustle Music (Shaka Loves You Edit)
02 Haynesy – Big_Mouth (Remix)
03 Liquid Spirit – 20syl Remix
04 Fort Knox Five vs. A Tribe Called Quest – Reach for the Rhyme (DC’s Finest Remix)
05 Jamie Graham – And Now Your Gone (DC’s Finest Remix Remix)
06 Lack of Afro – Take It Up A Notch (feat Wax & Herbal T)
07 Disc0beta – Down The Block
08 DJWood – PlumNuts
09 Boogie Belgique – Commodore
10 X-Ray Ted – Chopsys New Groove
11 Kibosh – Loopback ft. Timothy Wisdom
12 Mustafa Akbar – Resist (Fort Knox Five Remix)
13 Prosper & Stabfinger – Lucky Six ft. Lions Pride
14 Sugar Hill Gang – Rappers Delight feat Chali 2na (DC’s Finest Remix)
15 Anderson Paak – Am I Wrong (N-You-Up & Nick Studer Remix)
16 N2N – Lunch Box Boogie
17 Yung Bae – Laa La Laaa feat. Flamingosis
18 Dusty Springfield – Spooky (Jayl Funk Edit)