Hong Kong Ping Pong – Beating The Crates – 27.11.2017



Yet again Morphosis presents in association with Ghetto Funk another episode of Beating The Crates. Starting the show off slow, funky and soulful Hong Kong Ping Pong raises the tempo throughout with some new breaks tunes including the new one from the Plump DJs near the end. Another top quality mix to add to your mp3 collection.






01 Rukus – Champion Ft Ward 21 (Dubmatix Remix)
02 Mako & Mr Bristow – How Strong Is Your Booty
03 Boca 45 ft Kelvin Swaby – Round and Round
04 Grid Division, Groove Mind – Midnight Sunshine feat. Butch Taylor
05 DJ Vadim & Blackstone – Luv 2 Luv
06 Mister T. – The Soul Man
07 L’Enterourloop – Shoefiti (feat Marina P)
08 Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Cumbia Kikuchi
09 Kill Emil – Tambo
10 The Spy From Cairo – Alladin Dub
11 Tha Trickaz – Heritage (CloZee remix)
12 Dynamo Productions – Gotta Groove
13 Tuxedo Junction – Yeah Yeah!
14 KLab – Banga Boomerang feat. EVeryman (Dub Mix)
15 DJ Farrapo – The Dream Becomes Dirty (feat Cico)
16 Born Ina Barn – Strike The Right Chord
17 Sammy Senior – Portal Gun Funk
18 Andy Cooper – Here Comes Another One (feat BlabberMouf)
19 WBBL – Slippin’ Jimmy
20 C@ In The H@ – 4-20
21 Dirty Stab – The Music Inside
22 incontroL – My mother is dead (Stabfinger Remix)
23 Mister T – Mo Style
24 Funk Windows – Keep Moving
25 John Turrell – Wonat Get Fooled Again (Basement Freaks remix)
26 D’Angelo – Left and Right (Frankee More Bootleg)
27 Lack Of Afro ft Wax & Herbal T – Back In Business
28 incontroL – My mother is dead (Zicotron & Dockerbone Remix)
29 DJ Nipper – Dig Dis
30 Boca 45 – Hand Of God
31 Lack Jemmon – The Party Riddim
32 Jay Robinson – Gettuh
33 Plump DJs – Keep A Focus
34 Ed Solo & Skool of Thought – Spin Round Stylee
35 Dj Format & Abdominal – Diamond Hammer (Featurecast remix)
36 Torpedo Boyz – Are You Talking to Me (Boca 45 Remix)
37 Donkong x Musemesis – OnAndOn
38 Supernaut – What Must I Do (feat Defkline)
39 Left:Right & JacQ – BAD – (Stranger Remix)
40 Stanton Warriors – Colima
41 Tru Fonix – Freak Out
42 Donkong – Animals
43 Think Tonk – Ride On (Zed Bias UKG dub mix)




Mined & Forrest – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – Episode 29



With their debut release just a month ago on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings Mined & Forrest are also the newest guest mixers for the BBP Power Hour Show. Striking the Funk Mined & Forrest bring the best of their sound with an hours worth of Funky Beats that you can download for FREE via the Hypeddit platform. As with all Power Hour shows the mix finishes off with the BBP Power Hour FREE track, hit that link at the bottom of the tracklist.







Mined & Forrest – There It Is
Mined & Forrest – There It Is (Jayl Funk Remix)
Odjbox – Hermits Return (Mined & Forrest Edit)
The Funk Fury – Keep On Lovin Me
Jungle Brothers – I Am A Jungle Brother (Acapella)
WBBL – Get Back (Mined & Forrest Edit)
Liberty Chaps – Get Up, Get Down
BadboE – Hercules
BadboE – Get Ready Shorty
Johnny Pluse – The Secret Weapon Part 2
The Funk Hunters feat. Chali Tuna – Funk Back (Featurecast Remix)
Fort Knox Five – Give It A Minute (Instrumental)
Chemical Brothers – Galvanize (Acapella)
Too Many T ́s – Hang Tight
Odjbox – Party Toad
Cypress Hill feat. Fugees – Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Acapalla)
Marylin Manson – Beautiful People (Acapella)
Krafty Kuts – Back to Flow
Mobb Deep feat. Nas – It ́s Mine (Acapella)
Griz – PS GFY (Opiuo Remix)
Fatboy Slim – Champion Sound (Acapella)
Lil John feat. Too Short – Shake That Monkey (Acapella)
Diana King – Shy Guy (The Niceguys Remix)
D-Funk – Bigger Than Bassline
Will Smith – Prince Of Bel Air (Acapella)
Missy Elliott – Pass That Dutch (Acapella)
Kontroversi – Don ́t Ya Honey (WBBL Remix)
The Allergies – Get Down On You
Dave RMX x Mr Rich And The Caretaker – Rat
Morongroover & Mr Bristow – Wizard Of Oz
Mined & Forrest – Funk Toxic
Mined & Forrest – Drugs
Grid Division x Groove Mind – Dance Party
Mined & Forrest – Drugs (Acapella)
Second Hand Audio feat. Psycho Les – Brand New (Slynk Remix)
Lack Jemmon – Uncle Funky
Khurt – Walker Texas Flanger
Ol Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis – Baby I Got Your Money (Acapella)
Raven Felix feat. Snoop Dogg, Nef The Pharaoh – Hit The Gas (Acapella)
Drop N Tha House feat. The Dropstarz – Mary Tales
DMX, Ice Cube – We Be Clubbin (Acapella)
K+Lab, Stickybuds – Clap Ya Hands
Linkin Park – In My Remains (Acapella)
Mr. Stabalina – Freak The Funk
Arteo – Nobody Else
Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Funkanomics Remix)
The Funk Hunters, CMC & Silenta feat. Erica Dee & Honey Larochelle – Soul Beat Dr. John – Right Place Wrong Time (Wood n Soo Reboot)
Basement Freaks feat. Sherly – Waking Up (Mined & Forrest Remix)
Kibosh – Brass Tacks (BBP Free Power Hour Download)
Bbprecordings – Kibosh-brass-tacks-bbp-free-power-hour-download




Hong Kong Ping Pong – Beating The Crates – 13.11.2017



Just like when you turn the tap on you are going to get a constant supply of fresh water, when you hit that play button for a Beating The Crates episode you are going to get a constant supply of fresh music. As always Morphosis starts of the show with some downtempo beats slowly lifting the tempo to a full on assault of high tempo dance music.

Follow the Soundcloud widget for your FREE download.






01 Alligator Spacewalk & Will Magid – The Crown (feat Sharlotte Gibson)
02 Monty – Bring It Back
03 Moontricks – Solar Therapy
04 Switchkraft – Circoseismic
05 Masterstroke – Do You Like Music?
06 Alligator Spacewalk & Will Magid – Sweet Something
07 Tha Trickaz – Heritage (CloZee remix)
08 Krafty Kuts & Chali 2na – Hands High – 3A
09 incontroL, Stabfinger & Sir Sway – Chim Chim Cheree ft. Dj Mart One, Louis Armstrong & Jurassic 5
10 The Funk Hunters – Hands Up Raise Your Fist feat. Leo Napier Original Mix
11 KLab & Alias – Wiggy feat. Sam Ross
12 GRIZ – PS GFY (feat Cherub – Opiuo remix)
13 Gramatik & Balkan Bump – Aymo feat. Talib Kweli
14 WBBL – Funkstepper
15 KLab – Banga Boomerang feat. EVeryman
16 Onelessproducer – Don’t Flake (feat MatevzI KovacIicI)
17 incontroL – My mother is dead (Stabfinger Remix)
18 Royal Blood – San Junipero
19 WBBL – Slippin’ Jimmy
20 Dj Format & Abdominal – No Time (Hiphoppapotamus remix)
21 Danny.Wav – Be Yourself (feat Leon Rhymes)
22 D’Angelo – Left and Right (Frankee More Bootleg)
23 Funk Windows – Keep Moving
24 Deep East Music – Natural Born Big Band Boom
25 incontroL – I Miss You (Mack the Producer Remix)
26 Kellini & Saskin S – The Funk
27 Alex Session – Move
28 Stanton Warriors – Beat Goes On (Skapes Remix)
29 A.Skillz – We Got Fun – 10B
30 Badjokes – The Fonk
31 Tha Trickaz & Dope Dod – Drop (Far Too Loud remix)
32 GRIZ – Before I Go ft Leo Napier (AC Slater remix)
33 Ed Solo & Skool of Thought – When I Was A Yout (King Hydra Remix)
34 Ed Solo & Skool of Thought – When I Was A Yout (Ed Solo Remix)
35 Dawn Raid – Gotti
36 Freestylers & Deekline – OMG
37 Bassflexx – Rain Is Falling
38 Crash Party – Nitty Gritty (VIP Junglist Mix)
39 Phunk Junkies ft Kathika – Settle Down (Ed Solo remix)
40 Craze & Infiltrata – Things Just Aint The Same 4 Gangstas
41 Rico Tubbs – Sweet Time (Ellis Dee Remix Ft. Shahla Karkouti)




Fort Knox Five & Qdup – Four Deck DJ Set – Shambhala Fractal Forest 2017



What do you get when you have 2 popular Funky artists joining forces for a mix ? A powerhouse of good vibes and party music. This mix from Fort Knox Five & Qdup is from this years Shambhala Festival and is one hell of a trip of Funky music from all genres across the board. Enjoy !







01 Fort Knox Five and Qdup – Shambhala 20th Century Intro
02 Qdup vs The Noisy Freaks – Funk and Loose Control
03 Sammy Senior – Shake
04 Tom Booze – How We Do This
Fort Knox Five – Keep it Poppin (Acapella)
05 Giman – Up & Down (Original Mix)
James Brown ‘1965 – I Got You (I Feel Good) (Acapella)
06 Me My Toothbrush The Funk Theory Original Club Mix
BadboE – Funk In The Air (Acapella)
07 Freiboitar – Love To Laugh Original Mix
BadboE – Funk In The Air (Acapella)
08 JL & Afterman – Could You Be Loved (Club Mix)
Cut Back ft. Federal – Rock to the Rhythm (Acapella)
09 Charles J – Balkan (Original Mix)
Freestylers – Roughneck (Acapella)
10 Me & My Toothbrush – Drop That (Original Mix)
The Cataracs – Bass Down Low (Acapella)
11 Twogood – Hollywood Swingers Club
12 Go Freek – Put It Down
Hot Streak – Body Work (Acapella)
13 Vanilla Ace Earstrip Beastly Original Mix
Nickodemus – Give the Drummer Some (Acapella)
14 Qdup ft Everyman – Joyride (Wes Smith Remix)
15 Throttle – Hit The Road Jack (Cazztek Extended Remix)
Kraak and Smaak – Mad as Hell (Acapella)
16 The Muppet Show (DJ ZsuZsu & Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
All Good Funk Alliance – Man With a Jam Plan (Acapella)
17 Lack Jemmon – The Party Riddim
Fort Knox Five – Killa Soundboy (Acapella)
18 Shade K – Back to Fuck (Qdup DJ Edit)
K-OS – Neutroniks (Acapella)
19 Alex Metric, Confessionals – Freeek (Original Mix)
Palenke Soultribe – Move It (Acapella)
20 Justin Martin – Ruff Stuff (Virtus Re-fix Bass Edit)
Bassnectar – Coza Frenzy (Acapella)
21 Ursula 1000 – Smoke Machine (Qdup Instrumental Remix)
Natural Born Chillers Rock the Funky Beats (Acapella)
22 Earth Wind & Fire – September (Bradley Drop vs. Throttle ReRub)
Skiitour – Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Acapella)
23 I Want You Back (Shaparder & LRX Remix)