Pecoe – Beats & Breakbeats Volume 2



Lots of new tunes in this one, in fact it’s so fresh i can’t put up a tracklist just yet. New tracks from Prosper & Stabfinger, Qdup, Krafty Kuts, A Skillz, Streamer & Ross Go, Funkin Basstards and of course some great older ones too from Gramophone Soul, Funkanomics, Telephunken and CMC Silenta (to name a few). Brand new Fort Knox Five Recordings stuff as well as tracks from the upcoming Breakbeat Paradise release Disco Paradise Volume 2.






D-Funk – D-Funk 25 Part 1



Twenty-five years is a fair chunk of time by anyone’s estimation but for Doug Masters, he remembers his first ever DJ gig at The Depot in Bristol like it was yesterday. “I was so nervous I thought I’d never do it again,” he says. “Little did I know that I’d end up playing thousands of times more and at some of the best clubs and festivals all over the world.”

Marking 25 years that has seen Doug release on labels including Sunday Best, Bombstrikes and Westway with his D-Funk alias, become one of the architects of the funky breaks sound with his mid-2000s night Break Da House and play everywhere from Ibiza to the US, Canada, Europe and his adopted home of Australia, Doug has embarked on two mixes to celebrate his two and a half decades in the game.

“I’m lucky to have been through so many scenes,” says Doug. “I caught the tail-end of the rave scene in the UK, zipping around to find parties in fields and in disused railway tunnels and then moved through progressive house to trance to UK garage and breaks and then on to my own production journey in the 2000s. I wanted to put together some mixes that reflected all of that.”

The first mix of the two-part series is a collection of tunes that have influenced Doug over the years, touching on everything from disco & house to UK garage & breaks to jungle, while the second collects together 25 of Doug’s personal favourites from his illustrious career as a producer.

“I was lucky enough to spread a style of music I loved and helped create around the globe,” says Doug. “I want to celebrate that and everything that influenced me along the way with these two mixes.”




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Fort Knox Five – The Brazilian Hipster
Krafty Kuts feat TC Izlam – Ill Type Sound
Featurecast – Sniper
Mongobonix -Mas Pito
Pete Hellar – Big Love (The Dronez Mix)
Diana Ross – Love Hangover (Joey Negro Club Mix)
Lovestation – Teardrops (Flava Mix)
MJ Cole feat Elizabeth Troy – Crazy Love
Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (Timo Maas Mix)
Chicken Lips – He’s Not In (Stanton Warriors Mix)
Dogtown Clash – West London’s Burning
Sono – Keep Control (Hydrogen Rockers Vocal Mix)
Yothu Yindi – Treaty (Peace Division Mix)
Gaberial Anadna – Dopplewhipper
Delerium – Silence (Original Fade Sanctury Mix)
Hand’s Burn – Good Shot
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Three In One Mix)
Sonique – Feels So Good (Break Beat Mix)
Love 4 Sale – Feel So Right
The Brothers Grimm – Exodus (The Lion Awakes)
Artemesia – Bits & Pieces
Pendulum & The Freestylers – Fasten Your Seatbelts
Natural Born Chillers – Rock The Funky Beats
Aldo Vanucci – When I See You Smile
Ian Brown – F.E.A.R
Plus lots of samples & acapellas from other amazing tunes.



DJ BugWave – Tribute to Funky Boogie Brothers Volume 4


The Funky Boogie Brothers are a Russian outfit that produce broken beat music, be it big beat, hip hop of funky breaks. DJ BugWave pays homage with a new mix dedicated to them plus music from others all over the breakbeat scene.

Check out DJ BugWaves Soundcloud for previous volumes:






1. Too Many T’s – Sixty’s Ford (Funky Boogie Brothers Remix)
2. Funky Boogie Brothers – Old School Reload
3. Ursula 1000 – Bass Rock (Fort Knox Five remix)
4. Rory Hoy – Funk On, Funk Off (feat. Quincy Jointz)
5. Uncle Ted – An Sexy Letter To NYC
6. Funky Boogie Brothers & Under Influence – It`s All About To Drop
7. Dj Mordecai – Uptown Funk (B-Boy Remix)
8. Funky Boogie Brothers – Bun Dem
9. A.Skillz – Bulletproof (A.Skillz Edit)
10. Chaka Khan vs Lil Kim – Like Sugar (A.Skillz Mash up remix)
11. WBBL – Comedown
12. WBBL – Get Back
14. The Pharcyde & Funky Boogie Brothers – Oh Shit 2020
15. A.Skillz – California Soul
16. Dj Groovecellar – Charlie Brown
17. Dj Groovecellar – Jump Jump
18. The Allergies – Let Them Know (feat. The Cuban Brothers)
19. Featurecast – Set It Off (Dastardly Kuts Shakin’ That Ass Remix)
20. Kid Digital; Mr. Reload – Beat To The Breaker (Funky Boogie Brothers remix)
21. Freestylers – Rude Bwoy feat. RDX (Deekline Remix)
22. Freestylers – Happiness



Crash Party – Party Mix Volume 2



Well known for his Ghetto Funk Flavour, Crash Party gives us “Party Mix Volume 2” featuring brand new and unreleased music, alongside stuff you’ve heard before.

“Party Mix Vol.2 is the culmination of the Original, Remixed and Mashed Up tracks I have made since Vol. 1. Plenty of fresh beats you may not have heard or heard in my DJ sets, plus a bunch of tunes that have been released reimagined in the Crash Party style.” – CP






Crash Party – Intro
Second Hand Audio x Crash Party – Want That Lady – feat. Too Many T’s
Crash Party – Rudy By Rudy
Crash Party – It’s On Like That
Crash Party – What You Come To Do – feat. Natty Speaks
Crash Party – Are You Ready Now
Crash Party – Kick It Like
Crash Party – Hush Now
Snails & Antiserum – Wild (DJ Detta x Crash Party VIP mix)
Roast Beatz feat. Kurnel MC – Reach Out (Crash Party Remix)
Double 99 – RIP Groove (WBBL x Crash Party Remix)
Crash Party – Get Simon
Crash Party – 18 Neverminds (Warehouse Mix)
Crash Party – Hip Hop House Party
Crash Party – Get Up and Dance
Crash Party – Funk 2Ur Roots
B-Side x Crash Party – Step Up
Calyx & TeeBee – Pure Gold (Crash Party Remix)
Dirty Glass (Acapella)
DJ Hazard – Happy (Crash Party Remix)
Crash Party – Sweet
Crash Party – Praise
Sepiatonic – Trailer Swift (Crash Party Remix)
Crash Party – Fire
Crash Party – Sandman
Stretch n Vern – Get Up Go Insane (Plump DJs Remix – Crash Party Edit)
The Prodigy – Need Some1 (Crash Party Remix)
Crash Party – Eric
Crash Party – 900 Funky (Acapella)
Crash Party – Feel It
Crash Party – Love
Mr Automatic – Postmodern Love (Crash Party Remix)
Dutty Moonshine Big Band feat. Crash Party – Fever (Crash Party’s Alternative Mix)
Endor – Pump It Up (Crash Party Remix)
Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Beats (Crash Party Remix)
Crash Party – Ooh (Acapella)
The Prodigy – Timebomb Zone (Crash Party Remix)



Pecoe – Ghetto Funk Mix 2021





Ghetto Funk, the genre and movement created by a record label.

With it’s emergence around 2012 and an extension of the Nufunk genre Ghetto Funk bought all that lovely synth bass, all those acapellas and a mass following to boot. This mix is about Ghetto Funk and all these tunes have been hiding on my PC for quite a while. Ranging from the beginnings of the genre to up about 2017. If your into your Ghetto Funk music you will know a lot of these tunes and no its not 2 hours of just that synth bass sound i have included some funky treats too. 2 hours worth and 36 tracks all mixed in key, enjoy. This is an Ableton mix.

Free MP3 download from my Dropbox here:



Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (Basement Freaks Remix)
WBBL – Irie
The Nice Guys – Stand Up
High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Phibes Remix)
Telephunken – Shake Your Monkey
Fort Knox Five – Insight (A Skillz Instrumental Remix)
WBBL – Real Thing
D-Funk – Bumper Jam
Jimi Needles & WBBL – Crash The Party
Lack Jemmon – Uncle Funky
Second Hand Audio – Got It Like That (Featurecast Remix)
DJ Diago – Funky Inferno
David Bowie – Fame (Funk Ferret Edit)
Hall & Oats – You Make My Dreams (DJ Wood Remix)
Phibes – Puttin Down
WBBL – Give It Up
Beat Fatigue – Lt. Frank Drebin (WBBL Remix)
Chudy – See You Soon (B-Side Remix)
DJ Roast Beatz – Come Baby Bounce
A Skillz – Flash Mash
DiscObeta – Good Foot
Featurecast – Premier Banger
ID ??? – The Music Got Me (Frankee More Re-Funk)
Lack Jemmon – LViS
DJ Moodz – In The Jungle Brother
Featurecast – Kick It
The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJ P – Step Up
Rollomatik – We Love To Party
Funkmoguls – Here Come The Funksteppers
Mr Mention – Classic Connexion
De La Soul ft Chaka Khan – All Good (Breakbeat Junkie Remix)
Funkanomics – Licky Shot
Air – Kelly Watch The Stars (Nick Thayer Bootleg)
Marlena Shaw – California Soul (A Skillz Remix)
Ilvis Freshly – Til It’s Gone (Father Funk Remix)
Tim McVicar – For The Money (CMC Silenta Remix)



Clan Dextine – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – December 2020



Clan Dextine bring the bass funk vibes with a cracking new mix for the Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour Show. On top of that there is some slamming drum and bass and of course a serve of breakbeat stylings.