A Skillz – LIVE @ The University of Wales June 2006



Adam Mills aka A.Skillz is a DJ/Producer hailing from the United Kingdom. Capable of rocking every party that he plays at, A.Skillz has the unique ability to mix every kind of genre of music LIVE and get the dance floor moving. This music loving individual has seen him appear at big and small stages on every 4 corners of the globe.

This mix was recorded LIVE at the University of Wales back in 2006.






Towlie DJ – BBP Powerhour Mix – June 2021



Towlie DJ is a great DJ and this new mix for Sunday Jam Tea recorded Live on his Twitch is no exception. Towlie takes us through a selection of mid tempo tracks from solid funk tunes to bass funk business to edits and remixes of his own productions. Keep an eye out for this guy in the future.







TowlieDJ – The Witcher
Boca45 – Sparky Evans
The Beat Pimp – Drop Kick
Shaka Loves You – Just Keep On
Flow Dynamics – Straight From The Ground
The Allergies – Every Trick In The Book
DJ Raff – Broad City (Megan Hamilton Remix)
WBBL – I Do Love You (WBBL Relove)
Waterhole – Be There For You
Five Alarm Funk – We Play The Funk (CMC & Silenta Remix)
Vancara – Sugarbuds
Featurecast – So Damn Hot
TowlieDJ – High Pieces
WBBL – Daaang
X-Ray Ted – Right On My Neck
Dizzie Vs White Stripes
Slynk – Smoothness
Second Hand Audio – Got It Like That
Oh My God! It’s The Church – (Where Did You Get) Those Shoes (X-Ray Ted Remix)
Liberty Chaps – Lose It (Feat. Kurnel MC)
Haywyre – Let Me Hear That (Krafty Kuts Remix)
Prosper & Stabfinger – Body In Flexion
Big Gigantic Vs Klash Gang
2 Pac – Holla If Ya Hear Me (Liberty Chaps Remix)
A.Skillz – Dead Ringer
Roast Beatz – Excuse Me James
Bazza Ranks & Imagine This – That Stuff
Mined & Forrest – Funk Toxic (Lack Jemmon Remix)
Frankee More – Testify (Disco Edit)
Prosper & Stabfinger – Boogie Bugi (Club Dub)
Flevans – Ambition Like Cream (Disco Revision)
Crash Party – Funk It Up



Lebrosk Vs Gilbert – Bang ‘n Mash Guest Mix – June 2021



Long time beats enthusiast Lebrosk teams up with Gilbert to bring you this dope new guest mix for Bang ‘n Mash. One hour of mashed up Funky Breaks, Disco and Big Beat types of sound of back to back versus fun for your ear holes!

The Bang ‘n Mash crew have hosted everyone from A.Skillz to The Funk Hunters at their infamous Amsterdam parties over recent years and also dabble in production and live streams too! Check out all their news and upcoming party dates on the links below:







B-Roll – Funkin 2021



B-Roll keeps dropping the new mixes left, right and centre and here he is back again with a collection of mid tempo funk in this 14 track 30 minute DJ mix. A few tunes from me (Pecoe) thrown in too for good measure plus some of the usual suspects in the mid tempo scene.






1 Funk For The Renegade Master – Pecoe
2 Gonna Work It (Prosper & Stabfinger Remix) Nasa Funk
3 Comin Up discObeta
4 We Had Disco – Pecoe
5 Doozer Jam – Sonale
6 Mr Stabalina – Boogie Down [Scour Records Freemix] Mr Stabalina
7 The Name Sonale
8 Flip The Funk – The Funk Philosopher
9 Coming Through (VIP Mix) Mined & Forrest
10 Premier Banger
11 Do Your Thing (Beat-Breaker Remix) – Pecoe
12 Rock It Mined & Forrest
13 Funk Toxic (Lack Jemmon Remix) Mined & Forrest
14 George Michael – Careless Whisper (Father Funk Remix) Father Funk



Funk Ferret – Funk the World 65



Bringing out the best in Bass Funk music and mid tempo Funky Breaks Fort Knox Five have hired the skills of New Zealand’s Funk Ferret to deliver the latest Funk The World Podcast. Mr Ferret reaches in to his bag of tunes to grab a selection of top tunes from over the last couple of years.






Stickybuds – Firestarter (A.Skillz Remix)
Opiuo – Til We’re Dancing Together
Slynk & Defunk – Techno Viking
Vancara – Railroad
CMC & Silenta – Sho Is Funky
Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation (WBBL Edit)
Shaka Loves You – Boogie Feat. Fullee Love (WBBL Remix)
A.Skillz – Everything To Me
Qdup – Party Beacon (Beat Le Juice Remix Instrumental)
WBBL & X-Ray Ted – True
Funk Ferret – Makin’ Me High
Arrested Development – Everyday People (Father Funk Remix)
Bazuka – Dynomite (Lack Jemmon Remix)
Haywyre – Let Me Hear That (Krafty Kuts Remix)
Lack Jemmon – Comagain
Opiuo & Krafty Kuts – Buff Marvin
Fibre – I’ll Go Back
Funk Ferret – Disco Down
Heatwave – Boogie Nights (WBBL Remix)
FunkinRight & Bright Idea – Runnin’
Chicago – Street Player (Mooqee & Beatvandals 2019 Disco Rework)



Pecoe – Unreleased Jams Volume 2



I guess it doesn’t get any fresher than this from me, 20 brand new and unheard of tracks slapped together in studio mix. Lot of original music in this along with remixes and edits all the while keeping it funky with a few surprises thrown in at the end. Hope you dig the music 🙂 x






Pecoe – Babe
Pecoe – You Don’t Stop
Pecoe – I Know What You Want
Pecoe – Sucker U Missed
Pecoe – Rock N Roll
Pecoe – Funky Individual
Pecoe – Ska Guitar
The O’Jays – Give The People What They Want (Pecoe Edit)
Pecoe – All So Smooth
Pecoe – Big Mouth
Pecoe – Do You Understand
Pecoe – Give The Drummer Sum
Pecoe – Highly Strung
Pecoe – Take a Stand
Pecoe – The Change
C&C Music Factory – Do You Want To Get Funky (Pecoe Remix)
James Brown – Funky President (Pecoe Edit)
Tommy Stewart – Bump & Hussle Music (Pecoe Edit)
Hexadecimal & Kurnel MC – Funk Fam Part 1 (Pecoe Remix)
Pecoe – Green Bag