Hong Kong Ping Pong – Beating The Crates – 9.7.2018



Morphosis presents ‘Beating The Crates’ in association with Ghetto Funk back with another 2 hours of top new music. Sticking to the same theme Morphosis starts the mix off slow then raises the tempo throughout with a bunch of new tunes in every show it amazes me how he does it, enjoy 🙂






01 ProleteR – The Precious Hours
02 Donjohnston & Pattern Pusher – Rhythm Stops
03 Fab Samperi – Southern Lights
04 The Herbaliser – Some Things (ft Rodney P & Tiece)
05 Barbatuques – Baiana
06 Kotek – Tangent
07 J-Felix – Glide (feat Emeson)
08 ProleteR – Lullaby
09 Second Hand Audio – Second Hand (Original)
10 Thomas Vent – Land Of Sioux (Part 1)
11 Baby Bam – I Don’t Follow The Trend (Featurecast remix)
12 Roast Beats – Funky Weekend
13 Fab Samperi – Please Don’t Call (feat Monsieur Blumenberg)
14 Kibosh – Pep Squad
15 Donjohnston & Electric Spank – If I Can’t Have You
16 Staunch – Night Bus (Whitebear remix)
17 Maha Quest – Cant Anybody See
18 Royal Blood & Galactic Hobos – Fake News Ft Obe G
19 Featurecast – Looking At Each Other
20 Sparkee – Play That Music
21 Lemon – Mr Bongo Pt 1
22 J5 – I Want You Back (WBBL Remix)
23 TWOGOOD – She Won’t Call Me ft. Greg Blackman
24 Bezwun – Get Down
25 Groove Mind – Gonna Catch You
26 Flavours – Dig It
27 Sparkee x PINEO LOEB – Feel It
28 Duster – Cash Drawer
29 Freestylers & Deekline – Get High On U
30 Yo Speed – Another Day
31 Howla – Hit The Road Jack (Howla Remix)
32 Illegal Content – Cosmic Funk
33 Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (Friction One In The Jungle Remix)
34 Deekline & Specimen A – Click Clack
35 Stickybuds – The Firestarter feat. Blackout JA
36 Selecta J-Man, Aries & Blackout JA – Ninja Mi Ninja (feat Courtney Melody)
37 RMS & Dublic – Soundboy Test
38 Featurecast – Lose Your Mind
39 Social Security – Lo (Original Mix)



Gramophone Soul – Soulful Funky Beats Mixtape Volume 2



After the success of his first Soulful Funky Beats Mixtape who saw the one and only Krafty Kuts repost it to his Soundcloud page Gramaphone Soul hits us with “Soulful Funky Beats Mixtape Volume 2”. Just a tad over an hour long and full of beats that he loves, old and new including anew track from him “Talkin Bout My Baby”. As the title suggests this really is a Soulful Funky Mixtape.






Forrest Funk – LIVE @ Urban Connection – 30.6.2018



Playing a 3 hour set is no easy task but DJ Forrest Funk makes it look all so easy with the 3 hour mix recorded LIVE at Urban Connection a street culture festival consisting of skateboarding and graffiti artists. Forrest Funk starts off the mix with some low tempo hip hop moving onto some funky beats and ghetto funk type of sounds.

Featuring tunes from superstars like Jayl Funk, Funk Ferret, Poldoore, Dj Candyman, Romano Gemini, Pretty Lights, Gramatik, JPod, AK Sedeki, Dj Vadim, BasementFreaks, Jamie Berry, Dj Roast Beatz, Sabrosa Soul, Akshin Alizadeh, Austin Eterno, Krafty Kuts, A.Skillz and many many more.





DJ BugWave – Breaks INTO Funky Breaks & Drum’n’Bass SCORE July 2018


Starting the mix off with some nice B-Boy breaks DJ BugWave keeps it funky with some dope beats that he has collected, raising the tempo near the end of the mix into some straight up Drum & Bass. Groovy little mix to get your ears around.






1. Funky Boogie Brothers – Look At The Master
2. A. Skillz – Hello (A. Skillz Booty)
3. James Brown – Get Up Offa That Thing (Gramophone Soul remix)
4. Joker & Yo! Chilla – Flip Train
5. Funky Boogie Brothers – Back To The Floor
6. Earth Wind & Fire – Shining Star (Pecoe Edit)
7. Turntill & Merlin feat. Doppia Erri & SKY 189 – Break A Day (Funky Boogie Brothers remix)
8. Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers – Bustin Loose (Pecoe Edit)
9. Funky Boogie Brothers – Rock The Beat
10. Pecoe – Full Tilt
11. Bill Withers – Use Me (Rhythm Scholar Mo’Funk Remix)
12. Crash Party – Nitty Gritty (Vip Junglist mix)
13. Phibes – Bitches Roll
14. Freestylers – King Of Kings
15. ElectroGorilla & G Polar – B.F.N.
16. Jimi Needles/Chaz Thorogood – Passing Me By



DJ Roast Beatz – Cuttin It Fine Podcast 001



DJ Roast Beatz presents to you his New Cuttin It Fine Podcast, i’ll let Leo Explain it all to you ….

“I can sense your concerns, has Roast and Ghetto Funk had a punch up? Who won? Fortunately not! We are still very much family.

I have just decided to fulfill a long term goal and start my own Record/Clothing Label/Movement.

Let me answer some questions you may have:

So where does that leave the Ghetto Funk Podcast? If you are already subscribed to the existing iTunes RSS feed you will be receive 3 podcasts for the price of one! In time we will be changing the name and logo of the existing one and you will receive different episodes as and when we complete them.

So don’t go any where! You’ll get the same format and style podcast as the Ghetto Funk one, just under a different name…”The Cuttin’ It Fine Podcast” Still hosted by me, still bringing you the latest and exclusive bangers in the scene!

Then in addition to that you’ll be getting “The Shop Sessions” from Rebellious Creative alongside live mixes from the Ghetto Funk record shop in Bath!

Sound good? It is and will be! So don’t go anywhere, don’t freak out if you see logo’s and names changing. It’s a positive movement and you’re going to have way more audio fodder to check!

In the mean time enjoy this episode of the Cuttin’ It Fine Podcast. Rammed full of newness and exclusives.”





For the full tracklist with links to each tune hit this link up: www.cuttinitfine.com/tracklist