Frequency FX – MXTP 2K17



It’s always good to receive mixes from people from around the world who want to be posted up on Breakzlinkz. This is one such mix from Frequency FX, no superstar DJ but a DJ who can mix it up with the best with some great and well thought out tunes of the Bass & Breakbeat kind.

If you would like your mix featured on the pages of Breakzlkinkz get in contact with me HERE. Make sure to include some artwork (if you can), a tracklist and of course a download link.






1- Thriller – Ricin
2- I See you Baby – Groove Armada
3- Life – Crawford
4- Lies (Aloka remix) – Left right, JACQ
5- Badboy Sounds – Pelikann
6- Jungle thing – Mi Mack
7- Taking Me – Cellardore x Moad
8- Ku – Yo Speed
9- Wid it – Sketi
10 -Born to Bounce – Dusty Bits
11- Let me In – Breaksmafia
12- Shake that jazz – Colombo
13-Sun comes down – MutantBreakz , Yo Speedy
14-Trece – Guau
15-Hankook – Clowns (rerub)
16-Bass is Kicking – Aggresivnes
17-Get ya head – B-Phreak & Phillu Bunt
18-Get Low(infrakt remix) – Stanton Warriors & Tony quattro
19-Baby Baby – (phat kidz mix) – Tropkillaz
20-Ass clap – Deekline, Peep this
21- Ja Rasta – Michaels Sparks
22-Hypnotic Eyez – Freestylers
23-Sweets from heaven(Kid kenobi Remix) – Pirate jams
24-Humannation(Quadrabeat remix)- Perfect kombo , Dee
25-Break The Cycle – Hoffman



Jay Kosy – Bass Is Boss Knights Mix



Martin Teleman presents Bass Is Boss Knights with a new mix from Jay Kosy who covers all the spectrum of Bass related music from Breakbeat to Bass House in this selection of mixed music. Bass Is Boss Knights is an event held in Germany specialising in basically Bass & Breaks music and generally about having a good time.






Phat Rabbit – Based On A True Story



Phat Rabbit began his DJ career back in 1992 playing at local clubs and house parties. Over the course of 20 years Phat Rabbit has been called upon often, playing at parties / clubs in Illinois, Connecticut, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee plus more and of course the Carolinas, both North and South, can not be left out, playing in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, and Greenville and more.

At the moment, Phat Rabbit has moved to Charlotte and is a resident at Crownstation and Volume Lounge Phat Rabbit continues to travel regularly across the state showing the new and old EDM crowd why he has been so successful over the last 20 years.

This new mix from Phat Rabbit is a nice blend of Bass & Breaks tunes superbly mixed and well worth some time of your ears.






Aquasky – Keep Rising To The Top Mix February 2017



As promised Aquasky has set loose his second mix of three for the month of February. This second mix is a full on Breakbeat assault with tunes from Aquasky and the Passenger label back catalogue. The mix was originally done for Lady Waks and her In Beats We Trust Show on Russia’s Radio Record network.

All tunes are mixed on the fly with no timing up of tracks like some DJs like to do.

Mixed using:

Technics 2010’s
Rane TTM 56S
Serato SL3
Novation Dicers
Macbook Pro
Shure Whitelabel Needles

Once this mix hits 1000 plays Aquasky will put up his third and final mix.






DJ Peaceful – Decipher Funk



With such an eclectic taste in music the mysterious DJ Peaceful once again delivers a top new mix of everything broken beat. Why the comments are disabled and downloads are never available is very strange indeed, still DJ Peaceful has a high amount of plays minus all the spam followers for every mix he uploads plus his mixes are always top notch and well worth a listen !






1) Wu Wei- Glimmers [Glitch Hop Community]
2) Opia- YDU (BKAYE Remix)
3) FURY- Helix
4) Music Predators- I Want The Feel [Bromteck Records]
5) Ed Sheeran- Shape Of You (Jupe x Awoltalk Remix)
6) Wooli x B-Sides x Jantsen- Give It Up [Elysian Records]
7) Blaine Stranger- I See The End [Viper Recordings]
8) XYLØ- Get Closer [Disruptor Records]
9) Devin Kroes- Heartbeat (Mystral Remix)[Sacred Technology]
10) Silence Groove- Angelic [Offworld Recordings]
11) Syntax Error- Infinite
12) Sigala Ft. John Newman & Nile Rodgers- Give Me Your Love (Andy C Remix)[RAM Records]
13) PhaseOne- Broken Chains [Disciple]
14) 8Er$- Hybrid Shit [Chateau Bruyant Records]
15) Wes Smith- That Funky Disco (DJ Fixx Remix)[Juice Recordings]
16) Detach- Get Your Name (Cyrax & Sektor Remix)[Distorsion Records]
17) ilLegal Content- Show Me How Funky [Elektroshok Records]
18) Feint- Arrowhead [541]
19) Of The Trees & Cristina Soto- Heavy [Gravitas Recordings]
20) STéLOUSE Ft. Brave- Lovers (Moonbeat Remix)[Casablanca Records]
21) Klimeks- Icebird
22) WILD- Where Love Lives (ILLUSTRATED Remix)
23) Chaotix Ft. StewboaT- Indigo [Easy Summer Limited]
25) FTampa- Strike It Up (Iccarus Remix)
26) Purple Hex Beats- Alone Again
27) Loadstar- I Need The Night [RAM Records]
28) Au5- Elemental [Splice Sounds]
29) Digital Department, Dan K, Elvenfox Ft. Jay Furze- Wasted Away (Under This remix)[Rune Recordings]