Plump DJs – Triple J Mixup – 22.12.2007



To me the Plump DJs were the leaders in the early Nuskool Breaks scene back in the 2000’s, leading the way with new and innovative tunes with tight DJ mixes of some very underground music at that time. Lee Rous and Andy Gardner make up the duo that is the Plump DJs with over 20 years experience in the game, they are still touring and producing great music till this day.

This mix was an exclusive for Triple J Radio Australia back in December 2007.

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General Midi – Promo Mix September 2008


General Midi, or Paul Crossman, who also performed under the name Fluid, came out of the Bristol club scene, making a splash when he became resident DJ at the Shimmy Club in 1994. His mix of breakbeat with nu-skool, electronica, house, and hip-hop made him a popular act.

Emerging from the backrooms of the Bristol Club scene his slick DJ ability and an ear for a great tune gave him regular appearances at breaks hotspots across the planet such as Fabric, Chew The Fat, Blow Pop, Sounds On Sundays (Sydney), Two Tribes (Australia), Zouk (Singapore), Budapest, all across the USA, Hungary, Spain, Serbia, China and Hong Kong. Teaming up with production partner Eelz, General Midi has been responsible for some of the most genre defining tunes in ‘The Westoner’ (’99) ‘Daft Funk’ (’01) ‘Further’ (’03) & ‘You will Be Under’ (’03), ‘Entertainer’ (’04), ‘Bass Rockerz’ (’04) & ‘House of Funk’ (’05).

General Midi’s singles have been released on some of the most respected breaks labels of the time, including TCR (Rennie Pilgrems label) & Kilowatt (Hyper’s label). In 1999 he released his single “The Westerner,” followed two years later by “Daft Funk,” the same year that his first full-length release, Genetically Modified. All of this has led to his debut artist album ‘Midi Style’ which was released on Distinct’ive Records in 2005. In 2009 he released his follow up album ‘Operation Overdrive’.

Paul Crossman also worked with writing partner and audio engineer Al Watson in the duo act called “Starecase”.

Currently Paul Crossman works as as a Teacher of Computing at Lampton School, London UK.






Lady Waks – La Boum De Luxe FM4 – 22.3.2008



Based in St. Petersburg, Russia Lady Waks aka Alexandra Waks is a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene. It all started in 1999 with her Hip Hop show on St. Petersburgs biggest radio station, Radio Record. Then in 2000 she left to focus her energies into promoting and creating the now well known brand >In Beat We Trust<. Recognition came in 2004, when Time Out magazine voted it best club night. IBWT has hosted just about every big Breakbeat DJ in the world. Lady Waks then went into create Breaks Arena, the worlds first Breakbeat Festival. Lady Waks has since toured the world multiple times and has had various releases on different labels, she still continues to promote the gospel of Breaks to her adoring fans and produces a Breakbeat show on Russia’s Radio Record.






Peter Paul – Guest Mix For Lady Waks



Long time Spanish DJ & producer Peter Paul had the recent privilege of being the guest artist on the Lady Waks Radio Record breakbeat show. Excellent mix of breaks with heaps of new tunes from Peter Paul including his older remix of Tsunami One’s Hip Hop Phenomenom, Peter Paul plays a more upfront progressive type of uptempo breakbeat all which can be heard in this great new mix.






1/Peter Paul-Rescuing Emotions(Original Mix) BBZ
2/DeepFreakx-Lowdown-Peter Paul Remix
3/Breaksmafia-1,2,3-Peter Paul VIP
4/Peter Paul- Bracula(Original Mix)-N-mity
5/Peter Paul/The Funk Fury-Bomba BBZ Free
6/Peter Paul-System Error(Original Mix) N-mity
7/Breaksmafia-No More Time-Peter Paul VIP
8/Peter Paul—Untitled-N-mity VIP
9/Peter Paul—Untitled-N-mity VIP
10/Peter Paul Vs Tone Look-Higuer State Of Consciousness VIP
11/Flickr Noise- Peter Paul Retro VIP
12/BT+Thsunami One-Hip Hop Phenomenom-Peter Paul Remix
13/Hard Hope-Peter Paul Retro VIP
14/The Second Effect -Hip Hop Tronic (Original Mix)
15/The Second Effect -Your MF (Original Mix)
16/The Second Effect-3,2,1 (Original Mix)
17/The Second Effect-The Concert(Original Mix)