Keith MacKenzie & D:RC – Another Time Another Place


This joint mix originated from a conversation we had about how different dance music was when we both started out as DJs. Not better or worse; just different. Genres didn’t mean much. No elevated stages. People danced with little concept of who was behind the decks.

We wanted to recapture some of that free-flowing vibe. We threw some of our old school influences in with the brand new, and maybe took some more stylistic chances than we usually would in a live setting. Whether you’ve experienced it or not, we hope you listen to this and get a feel for what we call ANOTHER TIME/ANOTHER PLACE.

Keith & Darcy





Gosize – Guest Mix For Lady Waks – 3.4.2020



I’ve downloaded a few Gosize tracks over the years and his breakbeat productions are always crisp, clear and fresh. This is the first time i have heard of him mixing music and what makes it even better is that it is a guest mix for the lady of breaks, Lady Waks. Lots of freshness in this mix with a whole lot of Gosize productions throughout.







1.Pavane – Coby
2.Pavane – Feel
3.Pavane – Yemaya
4.Ondamike – Ice Ice
5.Gosize – Money In My Bank
6.Gosize – Darkness
7.Gosize – Climb The top
8.Gosize – Dark
9.Gosize – Back To Club
10.Gosize – Tell Me Break
11.Gosize – Trigga
12.Gosize – The Butcher
13.Gosize – Short Men
14.Gosize – Move Your Head
15.Gosize – Money In da Bank
16.Pavane – Atomic
17.Woter – Landmine
18.Woter – I Need Reality
19.Pavane – Bad Boys
20.Keet Down – Lees Seynee Breaks Mix
21.Gosize Mama Yo
22.Back – Lees Seynee Breaks Mix
23.Volt – Checkmate Breaks Mix
24.Gosize – Arabian Nigths
25.Gosize – Work
26.Gosize – You Dont See me Now
27.Gosize – Keepmastik Breaks Mix
28.Gosize – All Stars Re Bounce
29.Gosize – Barcos y Putas
30.Pavane – Ganesha
31.PornStep – Checkmate Breaks Mix
32.Say So – Gosize Breaks mix



Motivbreaks – Breaks Bass & A Leftfield Drop [Covid19stayhomemix]



Well it’s been an interesting few weeks and how life can change just like that. While many of you are in quarantine due to the COVID 19 virus here in Australia i’m pretty much resuming a normal day life be it with new social distancing rules, no gatherings inside of more than 100 people and we have even closed our borders to foreign travelers and planes.

Still life goes on as best it can as long as we are sensible and take care. Motivbreaks breaks the self isolation boredom with a COVID 19 Stay At Home Mix and this one features some great breaks & bass tunes new and old.






1.Stanton Warriors-XTC
2.Fixx and Keith Makenzie-Puff Puff Pass
3.Bicep-Glue[Cellardore refix]
4.Motivbreaks-Touch me
5.Ufo project-Apollo
6.Deekline-Be happy[Pirate Jams /Deekline remix]
7.Sketi-Rudeboy[breaksmafia remix]
8.Motivbreaks-Loving you
9.Kink-Pocket piano[Breakbeat mix]
10.Prisma breakbeat-Dedbwoy
11.CLB,Doc Zee-Spliff[original mix]
12.Pressa-Perdu Dans Paris(Future Wildstyle remix)
13.Soundbwoy killah-Burning
14.Repeat offenders-Maggies party[original mix]
15.Triman-Broken from the WaistDown[original mix]
16.Echo Knight-Escape
17.Left/Right,Dread MC-One two[E.R.N.E.S.T.O REMIX]
18.Raze-Break4love[Child of the 90s remix]
19.Echo Knight-Code1
20.Paul Woolford-No requests[Special request fantasy FM remix]
21.Greenwalt-I like that.
22.Skeen teeth-Ramparts[originalmix]
23.Figures of Eighty ft Chrisitna Filomena-Bars
24.Acen-Play 2092[part2]