Beat-Breaker – Element 94



UK’s Beat-Breaker is not a nasty person but after hearing this mix set i’m starting to think otherwise. Starting off the mix dark & dirty Beat-Breaker drives us on with a mix of new sounds topped off with some older gems throughout. There’s a few Re-Licks of his in there as well setting in motion a well executed mix of Breakbeat music.

(Element 94 is Plutonium)







1.Sketi: Pull Up / Big Sound
2.Friction ft. Matrix: Ultrafunk [Beat-Breaker Re-Lick]
3.Original Primate: Vanilla Krush
4.Sketi vs. Kelle: Gilead
5.Ill.Gates: Mortal Weekend
6.DJ Fixx & Ondamike: Pop That
7.Deekline & Specimen A: Run Da Riddim
8.Pyramid: London Feels
9.C:Live Collective: This City is LDN [Beat-Breaker RMX]
10.Pirate Jams: One Way Back
11.Shade K: Plastic
12.Shade K: Phantom
13.Marten Hørger: oh Girl [Beatslappaz RMX]
14.Deekline & Specimen A ft. MC PSG: Like This
15.Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson: Ain’t Nobody [MutantBreakz RMX]
16.DM: Hangover
17.Nixon vs Mafia Kiss: Compare / High
18.Future Flex: Power Moves
19.Deep Impact: Raggamuffin
20.Plump DJs: Light Fantastic
21.Plump DJs: Light Fantastic [Beat-Breaker Re-Lick]
22.Kelle: Containment Breach
23.Aggresivnes / Yankee: Rock This [Brainkiller RMX] / Happens All The Time
24.Colombo: Fly By Night
25.Plump DJs: Lose Your Mind [Beatslappaz RMX]
26.Beatslappaz: The Drop
27.DKNZ: Mixed Signals
28.Mace: Jungle [Plump DJs RMX]
29.Stanton Warriors vs. Cause & Effect ft. Janal: Never Let It Go [Beat-Breaker Re-Lick]



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