B-Roll Vs Freestylers



Reaching in to archives of the Freestylers back catalogue of music B-Roll has once again has put together another tribute mix of some of the Freestylers best tracks. Spanning over 3 decades the Freestylers career still continues today and they still put out great tunes some of which you can hear in this mix.






1 Music Is Music Freestylers
2 Raw As F__K Freestylers
3 Freestylers – Ruffneck (Ctrl Z Remix)
4 Killasound (Original Mix) Freestylers, Wizard
5 Punks Freestylers
6 Love My Bass (Original Mix) Freestylers
7 Spread Love Freestylers feat. Kytami
8 Dynamite Love feat. Dynamite MC (Original Mix) Freestylers, Krafty Kuts
9 Right On Freestylers
10 Say What Again (Freestylers Raw As F##k Remix) What
11 Boom Blast Freestylers feat. Million Dan
12 In Love With You (Rogue Element Remix) Freestylers
13 Fall from Grace feat. Maikal X (Original Mix) Freestylers, Maikal X
14 MOFOS (Original Mix) Freestylers, Deekline
15 OMG (Original Mix) Freestylers, Deekline
16 The Coming Storm feat. Takura (Ed Solo Remix) Freestylers, Stereo:Type, Takura
17 Ray Gun Deekline, Freestylers
18 Rude Bwoy (Aphrodite Remix) Freestylers, RDX
19 King of Kings Freestylers
20 Junglist Warrior Lady Waks, Deekline, Freestylers feat. Steppa Style, Blackout JA, Tenor Youthman
21 Painkiller SirReal, Pendulum, Freestylers



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