Krafty Kuts – LIVE @ Fabric Nightclub 2008


Krafty Kuts, real name Martin Reeves is one of the most influential people in the electronic music scene today with experience as a DJ / Producer for more than two decades. Never one to be tied down to a defined genre Krafty has mixed it with the best and has crafted (pardon the pun) the breaks scene in to what it is today. Many artists have come and gone over the years but Krafty is still here leading the way !

This mix was recorded LIVE at Fabric Nightclub, UK back in 2008.





LSM – Rave Support Machine Volume 3



Firing off in quick succession the Life Support Machine Blog are back with Volume 3 of their Rave Support Machine series, a drive down memory lane with a bunch of music that represents the rave scene in all its forms. From Hardcore Techno to old school Jungle & Breakbeat, get out those baggy dancing pants and shuffle the night away.






1.Trak 1-For This (DJ Skye Remix)@ozone-recordings
2.Mason Ft Shingai Shoniwa-Bang Bang (Kimik Remix)
3.Microdot Tribe-Replied Sparta
4.Paul Woolford-You Already Know (D-Mix Instrumental Mix)
5.Liquid-Sweet Harmony (HUD Remix)
6.Gav Ley-Feel Us
7.Borai & Denham Audio-Make Me
8.Origin8a & Propa-Turn Me Out
9.Hostage-Slow Down
10.Submorphosis-Fallen Angel (DJ Skye Remix)@ozone-recordings
11.Origin8a & Propa-Friction
12.Liquid-Good Love
13.NoSurname, Obsurd-Subbed Up
14.Denham Audio-Got The NRG
15.Eddie Voyager-What Do U Want To Hear Again
16.Nicky Allen-NAD 49
17.DJ Skye-Hypnotizing (DJ Junk remix)
18.DDOG-A New Sound
19.Millie-Back II Reality
20.Amaretto-Energy Flow



DJ Mark V – Get Funk’d! The Funk Series – Bangin’ Ass Funk



The Monkey Tennis Group present Get Funk’d! The Funk Series, a collection of mixes with the emphasis on funk but crossing the spectrum of all types of Breakbeat music. On this episode we have DJ Mark V with a bangin set of breaks and bass music to get your weekend pumping !







Orebeat – This is Top Volume 18



Gathering the best in Breaks, Bass, Beats & Garage music Orebeat continues is series of “This Is Top Mixes”. Now up to Volume 18 and looking like more to come in the future Orebeat mixes some of the best and newest tunes around in this hour of breakbeat music.







Cockney Nutjob – 100% Cockney Mix Volume 3



With their upcoming EP release “Unity” in a few days through the Cuttin It Fine Record Label Cockney Nutjob has dropped Volume 3 of his 100% Cockney Mixes. Featuring the vocal talents of Kurnel MC this half an hour mix is a showcase of the 4 tracks from “Unity” EP plus a bunch of other Cockney tracks, Hip Hop, Rock Steady, Ska, Reggae and Swing lay the foundations with elements of other vintage sounds thrown in.






TRACKLIST (All Tracks Produced or Remixed by Cockney Nutjob)

1. Roar – Cuttin’ It Fine Records – Out Now…rs/3874095-02/

2. Reet Petite (Cockney Nutjob Remix) – FREE Download – Out Now
Cockneynutjob – Reet-petite-remix-free-download

3. Parents Anthem (Feat Kurnel MC) – Cuttin’ It Fine Records – Out 28th March…ty/4081817-02/

4. Get It (Feat Kurnel MC) – Cuttin’ It Fine Records – Out 28th March…ty/4081817-02/

5. Unity (Feat Kurnel MC) – Cuttin’ It Fine Records – Out 28th March…ty/4081817-02/

6. Gun – Forthcoming

7. Drenched (Feat Kurnel MC) – Cuttin’ It Fine Records – Out 28th March…ty/4081817-02/

8. Easy Anthem (VIP Edit) – Forthcoming

9. Dancin'(Feat Kurnel MC)- FREE Download – Out Now
Cockneynutjob – Dancin

10. Is You Is (Cockney Nutjob Remix) – High Step Society – FREE Download -Out Now