Pecoe – Nufunk Mix 2021





Nufunk, the genre that bought funk and edm together with rolling breakbeats and some serious percussion elements added with a bit of slap bass guitar, horns, funky guitar riffs, cut up vocals and acapellas.

I went a bit all out on this one as it’s really the main genre i have a lot of music from on my hard drive. From Goodgroove Records first release (Featurecast) to other well known artists at the time such as BadBoe, Jayl Funk, Qdup, All Good Funk Alliance and The Breakbeat Junkie (to name a few). A 2 and a half hour Ableton studio mix, mixed in key with 36 tracks. Enjoy !

Download an MP3 via my Dropbox here:




Mick & Marc – Crazy Music (Umbo Remix)
Philly Blunt – The Body Rocker (Kid Stretch Remix)
Quincy Joints – Real (Basement Freaks Remix)
Qdup Foundation – Listen Up
Zamali – Get Up On Your Feet
The Breakbeat Junkie – Bottle A Scotch
Fort Knox Five – What Makes You Dance (Badboe Remix)
Featurecast – Get Up (Let’s Get Down)
Manmade – Party Block Rocker (The Breakbeat Junkie Remix)
Fort Knox Five – Radio Free D.C. (A Skillz & Krafty Kuts Remix)
Johnny Pluse – Sick Sore & Sorry
Basement Freaks – Move Sucker (Omegaman Remix)
Fuzzbox Inc – All Funked Up
Nick Fonkynson – Da Pig Jam
The Breakbeat Junkie – F.U.N.K.
Badboe – What Is Hip
James Brown – It’s A New Day (Slynk Remix)
The Breakbeat Junkie – Here’s A Funky Beat
Featurecast – Turn It Out
Jayl Funk – Jughead (Omegaman Remix)
Jayl Funk – Monkey Phonk
Omegaman – Hip Drop
Badboe – Dynamite (All Good Funk Alliance Remix)
Grand Slam – Lifetimers For the Funk (Jayl Funk Remix)
ID ??? – Poppa Soul (Chris Awesome Edit)
South City Allstars – Let’s Dance
Badboe – Funk In The Air (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Da Wiesel – Soulfood (Featurecast Remix)
Jayl Funk – Funky Pony
Featurecast – Rock Ya Body
The Breakbeat Junkie & DJP – Take You Back
Rephrase – Catch Ya
The Breakbeat Junkie – Front To Back
Basement Freaks – Street Assassin (Rephrase Remix)
Slynk & Tom Drummond – Wild Style
Featurecast – Soul Flower



Pecoe – Breaks Mix 2 2021





I had a request to make some more mixes, so here we go.

Another browse through my folders, over 10 years worth and another selection of upfront breaks minus the gnarly bass lines. Quite a few golden oldies and quite a few that you have probably never heard before, some i received as promos and some i found on the web. 27 tracks and 2 hours worth of dancable music made in Ableton and mixed in key, enjoy.

Download a free MP3 via my Dropbox here:



General Midi – The Westener
Deakaluka – On The Danceflorr
Far Too Loud – You Know the Sound
Fort Knox Five – Funk For Peace (Deekline & Ed Solo Remix)
Peace Treaty – Cal State Anthem (Cold Blank Remix) Dublic Edit
Stanton Warriors – Precinct
Stanton Warriors – Get Up
Cut & Paste – Satisfaction (Discotech Remix)
Vovking – Bounce
The Young Punx – Rockall (Krafty Kuts Dub)
Kid Digital – Bangin Machine
Adam Nyquist & Chevy One – Underground Funk
Daft Punk – Too Long (NAPT Remix)
Rebel Sketchy – So It Goes (Kwerk Dub)
Simian Frenzy – Ill Not Sick (Bazil Remix)
Bashy vs NAPT – Make My Day (Entended Mix)
Drumattic Twins – Under The Lights
Boogie Army – Robots In Disquise
Young MC – Knowhow (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – Beggin (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Marten Horger ft Funkanomics – Oh Girl
Pirate Jams – Happy Days
Paul Gardner – Come Get My Lovin (Plastik Funk vs ReFaze Edit)
DJ Hero – Celestial Bodies
Krafty Kuts – Drop 2 Dope
Colombo & Kultur – The Good Times
Slamboree – Cheeky Peppers (Deekline Remix)



Pecoe – Ghetto Funk Mix 2021





Ghetto Funk, the genre and movement created by a record label.

With it’s emergence around 2012 and an extension of the Nufunk genre Ghetto Funk bought all that lovely synth bass, all those acapellas and a mass following to boot. This mix is about Ghetto Funk and all these tunes have been hiding on my PC for quite a while. Ranging from the beginnings of the genre to up about 2017. If your into your Ghetto Funk music you will know a lot of these tunes and no its not 2 hours of just that synth bass sound i have included some funky treats too. 2 hours worth and 36 tracks all mixed in key, enjoy. This is an Ableton mix.

Free MP3 download from my Dropbox here:



Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (Basement Freaks Remix)
WBBL – Irie
The Nice Guys – Stand Up
High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Phibes Remix)
Telephunken – Shake Your Monkey
Fort Knox Five – Insight (A Skillz Instrumental Remix)
WBBL – Real Thing
D-Funk – Bumper Jam
Jimi Needles & WBBL – Crash The Party
Lack Jemmon – Uncle Funky
Second Hand Audio – Got It Like That (Featurecast Remix)
DJ Diago – Funky Inferno
David Bowie – Fame (Funk Ferret Edit)
Hall & Oats – You Make My Dreams (DJ Wood Remix)
Phibes – Puttin Down
WBBL – Give It Up
Beat Fatigue – Lt. Frank Drebin (WBBL Remix)
Chudy – See You Soon (B-Side Remix)
DJ Roast Beatz – Come Baby Bounce
A Skillz – Flash Mash
DiscObeta – Good Foot
Featurecast – Premier Banger
ID ??? – The Music Got Me (Frankee More Re-Funk)
Lack Jemmon – LViS
DJ Moodz – In The Jungle Brother
Featurecast – Kick It
The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJ P – Step Up
Rollomatik – We Love To Party
Funkmoguls – Here Come The Funksteppers
Mr Mention – Classic Connexion
De La Soul ft Chaka Khan – All Good (Breakbeat Junkie Remix)
Funkanomics – Licky Shot
Air – Kelly Watch The Stars (Nick Thayer Bootleg)
Marlena Shaw – California Soul (A Skillz Remix)
Ilvis Freshly – Til It’s Gone (Father Funk Remix)
Tim McVicar – For The Money (CMC Silenta Remix)



Pecoe – Progressive Breaks Mix 2021





I like Progressive Breaks.

This mix is from my collection of vinyl rips and cd promos that i got my hands on in the early 2000’s. The mix (i guess) is an epic journey of breakbeats, bass lines, synths and melodies, some of the tracks themselves are 8 minutes long although i’ve cut short some of the tunes mixing from the very first breakdown. Lots of tracks you probably haven’t heard before and there are a lot of tracks that never went to digital. Over 2 & half hours and 32 tracks all mixed in key, enjoy.

Download an MP3 via my Dropbox here:




BLIM – Chronologic
Silencer – Wired
Reivax – Hyperspace
Disconnection – No Love (Precision Cuts & Will Saul Remix)
Paolo Mojo – Back In The Day (Red Five vs Vandal Remix)
Vandal – Ronin
Adam Freeland feat Wind & Middleton – Rise Above
McMillan & Tab – Rollin Thunder
Realm – Ion
Hyper vs General Midi – We’ve Been Waiting
Hybrid I’m Still Awake (Christian J Remix)
General Midi – On the Run
Nirvana vs Adam Freeland – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Ictus – The Look (Chris Lake Remix)
Rhino Drum – Underground Sound
Stisch – Pack Of Reds (Future Funk Squad Remix)
Bushwacka – Harps
Proper Filthy Naughty – Fascination (Stir Fry Reheat)
Frakkar – Push
Semi Detached – Who Da F*ck (False Profit Remix)
Bedrock – Forge (Fretwell Remix)
Dirt Technic – I Love You (Proper Filthy Naughty Remix)
Authors of Streetology – Fraudstar (DJ Tangent vs Kemek Remix)
Loes Lee & Meneater – Rolser (Future Funk Squad Remix)
Duran & Aytek – Searching (Wrecked Angle Remix)
Silencer – Believing (Force Mass Motion Phunk Mix)
Plan B – Number 2
Kemek The Dope Computer – Future Modular
Precision Cuts – The Herta
Atomic Hooligan – Shine A Light (Introspective Remix)
Moguai – Get On (Hyper Remix)
Infusion – Legacy (Junkie XL Remix)



Pecoe – Disco Mix 2021





This mix was made in Ableton Live.

I have never made a Disco mix before.

I have a bit of spare time up my sleeve (holidays) so i went through my music collection of folders from mainly about 8 years ago and picked out some 4 on the floor treats. Not being a disco enthusiast i have not much of an idea about these tunes at all and i was surprised to find that i had any at all. lol. So here we are 2 hours and 28 tracks later, all mixed in key, enjoy.

Download an MP3 via my Dropbox here:




ID – Melodies of Love (Frankee More Edit)
The Breakbeat Junkie – A Journey Into Funk
A.Skillz vs Beatvandals – Sunshine
Mooqee – Drilla
Basement Freaks – Disco Life
Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Sly Players Remix)
Funkanomics – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Stevie Wonder – Superstition (U-Tern & Neighbour Remix)
Neighbour & Think Tank – Night Owl
Smoove & Turrell – Beggarman (Crazy P Remix)
DJ Soo – Smile (Superbreak Edit)
Quincy Jointz – Real (Razoof Remix)
Rephrase – Get Loose
Mustbeat Crew – Get This Clear
Mark Ronson – Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern Remix)
The Doors – Peace Frog (The Captain Remix)
The Odd Couple – Grass Roots
David Bowie – Let’s Dance (Goodgroove Remix)
Omegaman – Disco Love
Talking Heads – Love Is The Drug (Todd Terje Disco Dub)
Ursula 1000 – Electrik Boogie (Product.01 Remix)
A.Skillz vs Beatvandals – Beat Don’t Stop
Chris Awesome – Don’t Say You Love Me (DJ Kid Stretch Remix)
Neighbour – Drunk On The Funk
Kraak & Smaak – Dynamite (Boogie Funk Version)
Featurecast – Disco Diesel
The Sly Players – Bodyshine
All Good Funk Alliance – Sock It To Ya (Kraak & Smaak Remix)



Pecoe – Breaks Mix 2021





So i made a studio Breaks Mix in Ableton.

Being on holidays and being stuck around the house has it’s rewards.

I found a folder of upfront Breaks music that i grabbed from all over the net back in 2010. Found some gems and rarities in it too. I tried to steer clear of the more gnarly types of breaks that were in the folder, stuff like Specimen A, Far Too Loud and grabbed a bunch of more friendly music. 2 hours and 22 tracks all mixed in key, Enjoy !

Free MP3 download via my Dropbox here:



NAPT – Gotta Have More Cowbell
NAPT – Heart of Stone
LCD Soundsystem – Disco Infiltrator (Stanton Warriors Edit)
Pance Party – Kim Jong Trill (DJ Hero Re-Rub)
Juxtapose – Who’s That Girl
Ruby Goe – Beat Breaking Boy (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Slyde – Frequency (NAPT Remix)
Plump DJs – Take the Weight
Colombo & Kultur – Robotiko
Big Daddy Kane – Raw (Stanton Warriors Re-Visit)
Drumattic Twins – Don’t Be So Drumattic
Freestylers & Krafty Kuts – Dynamite Love
NAPT – ID ??? (ILS Remix)
DJ Phunkae – So Much Funk (Torqux’s Burn Out Remix)
Kid Digital – Banging Machine
Backbeat Soundsystem – One Step Forward (Retchordz Remix)
Kouncilhouse – Demons
Juxtapose – Punjab Recipe
Depeche Mode – Precious (Future Funk Squad Remix)
DJ Mehdi – Sinature (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Deadmau5 – Ghosts n Stuff (Elite Force Re-Fix)
Goldie – Inner City Life (Future Funk Squad Remix)