Sam Groove – Ghetto Funky Booty Bass Volume 1



It’s all about getting your groove on at times, but with Sam Groove it’s 100% all the time. This is his first edition of “Ghetto Funky Booty Bass” and it does not disappoint, this volume features peak hour sounds for the club, festival, or when you’re cruisin’ down the boulevard with your speakers bumpin’ and your top back!






Sam Groove – Top Back
JDouble – Check It Out
Big Daddy’s – Booty Sweat (Keith MacKenzie & Fixx Remix)
FM-3 – Miami Ass
Huda Hudia, Sweet Charlie, Dustin Dynasty Nelson – BOOM BAP!
Huda Hudia & Angela Villin – Whatcha Gonna Do
Huda Hudia & DJ30A – POP DAT!
Sam Groove – Knockout Combo
Huda Hudia – WHOAA!
JDouble – Lose My Mind
Deekline feat. Rtkal – Flute Ting
Chris Royal – Recoil
SVD KID – Al Andalus
Andy P – Up In The Club
Djedjotronic – Kaiko
Lenny Kiser – Cool Guy Sounds
E.R.N.E.S.T.O. – Cut The Mids
Common Underground – 27 Calibre
DJ Icy – Say Say
Huda Hudia – That Sik!



General News – General Mix



The news of today is not that general, in fact at times it’s awful but not in this case. The artist that is General News brings us the headlines of some funky music in this new mix entitled General Mix, with lots of funky basslines, breakbeats, glitchy items and some good music for your ears.






Keith MacKenzie – LIVE @ Transit – 19.9.2018



With Keith MacKenzie it’s all about that bass & breakbeat maybe with a bit of trap and twerk thrown in. This mix was recorded LIVE at Live at Transit and as you can guess this is a peak time party mix with some new dubplates, edits and well heard tracks from his sets over the last year.







Pecoe – Get Funk’d (Straight Up Funk)



Hi folks and welcome to my mix for Get Funk’d.

Started by DJ Chronic & DJ Sharted (JB Thomas) Get Funk’d is an outlet of pure funk persuasion with mixes and music from across the globe Get Funk’d promote all sorts, as long as it is funky !

This mix from me is an hours worth of Funky Business with a bunch of new and unheard material some of which will be hitting the digital stores next year. I hope you dig it as much as i enjoyed making it.

Sorry no tracklist on this one, i’ll just let the music do the talking.

Cheers to JB Thomas for the artwork.






Get Funk’d Links:



Clan Dextine – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – Episode 40



What do you get when you cross Ghetto Funk with Electro Swing ? Ghetto Swing ? Yeh i made that up but this mix from Clan Dextine for the Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour is just that. Bordering on a new genre Clan Dextine mixes a party funk flavour of swing & funk plus a bunch of other stuff to get the mix moving.







1. Funky Introduction – Featurecast
2. Gimme Dat Swing – Funkanizer
3. That’s All Right Mama – Tibble Transsbiriska (Babushka remix)
4. Swing 78-81 – Gypsy Hill (Phibes remix)
5. Dance!Americano – Nick Thayer, HKPP, EricB&Rakim (The Captain mash-up)
6. Pick It Up – The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP
7. Let’s Dance – David Bowie (The Sly Players disco edit)
8. Make Some Noise – Beastie Boys (Mr. Ours and WBBL remix)
9. Who’s With Me – Flo Rida (Thomas Vent remix)
10. Sgt. Pepper – The Beatles (DJ Valique’s edit)
11. Come On Up – Red Light District (Jamko remix)
12. Don’t Touch The Kitten – Kitten and The Hip (Leygo remix)
13. Backfat – WBBL
14. Records In The Crate – Basement Freaks (Waggles remix)
15. Walk This Way – Run DMC (Groove Mind remix)
16. Jump – Dubra X Arteo
17. The Hour Of Smiling – D-Clik FM
18. Jinglin’ Janglin’ – Fort Knox Five & K+Lab
19. Spats – Ninjula feat. Nyxe
20. Swing In Spring – Stex (DJ EKL remix)
21. Swingers – Father Funk
22. Jump & Swing – Michael Fraser (Basement Freaks remix)
23. Come On Baby – Tropkillaz & Dexys (ChrisPop mash-up)
24. Trompetas – Niczo
25. Soul Makossa – Yolanda Be Cool (Gambino Sound Machine remix)
26. Hype Up – Liberty Chaps
27. Another Preacherman – Dusty Springfield (Big M remix)
28. Feel Alright – The Captain (Bass mix)
29. Patchupa – Waggles & Bear Twists (Boogie Man remix)
30. Tun Up Di Club – Eskei83 & So Shifty
31. Uptown Top Ranking – Althea and Donna (Livingstone & Canosis remix)
32. Uptown Top Ranking – Althea and Donna (Deekline & Ed Solo remix)
22. Crazy – Crash Party