Pecoe – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – Episode 56



This months Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour Show is from me (Pecoe) filled with lots of funky treats and unheard of tunes and tracks from my “All For The Beat EP” out now on BBP Recordings. Spread the good vibes ! x

Pecoe – All For The Beat, including remixes from Gramophone Soul, Double Bubble, Beat-Breaker and a special collab with Rusty from All Good Funk Alliance.

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Kid Breaks – Live @ UGC Radio – 21.3.2020



Kid Breaks is a champ, fighting Cystic Fibrosis a terminal illness his love for breaks is something else. Thanks to his dad Kid Breaks (13 years old) started his love affair with DJing back in 2017 and his talent has only grown stronger and stronger each year. With DJ sessions with Dom from the Stanton Warriors and even Terry from Atomic Hooligan and On the Rise DJ Academy Kid Breaks is making a name for himself and is making more people aware of his and others fight against Cystic Fibrosis.





Stanton Warriors & Krafty Kuts – Live @ Winter Festival 2020



The Raveart collective have been hosting festivals for quite a while now and their Winter & Summer Festivals are something to behold. With the recent Winter Festival held in Spain headliners the Stanton Warriors & Krafty Kuts dropped a live 1 hour set each and Raveart was there to record it.

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Featurecast – Get Into Something January 2008



Featurecast rose to fame in the early days of the genre Nu Funk and through the record label Goodgroove Records. His funky breaks music and DJ mixes were highly sort after at the time and Featurecast led the way into the newly formed Ghetto Funk Genre and record label. The Ghetto Funk movement had a huge following and still does to this day with it’s wobbly bass lines over funky breakbeats. Featurecast has been a bit quite of late concentrating on sound design to basically make a living.