Jay Cunning Vs Atomic Hooligan – LIVE @ Esparrago Rock – 26.7.2003



Jay Cunning and Atomic Hooligan, 2 of the pioneers in the very early Nu Skool Breaks scene and 2 stand up guys that still push the development of music as DJ’s today with their own DJ Academy “On The Rise“. This mix was recorded LIVE back in 2003 at Esparrago Rock in Spain, back when vinyl was king and the Nu Skool Breaks sound was as popular as ever.






Hybrid – LIVE @ Dance Festival Priego Córdoba – 5.7.2003



Hybrid was founded by Chris Healings and Mike Truman. Since first bursting onto the scene with the now classic album Wide Angle in 1999, the Swansea, Wales-based Hybrid have been known as one of the most forward thinking and technically skilled acts in electronic dance music. Blurring the line between in-studio production and live presentation, Hybrid are one of the few remaining dance acts to perform live with a classic band setup.

Their unique style of everything progressive has lead them to international start status, producing music for movies and tv shows as well.

For a more indepth look at Hybrid: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_(Welsh_band)

This is a very rare and mainly unheard of Live set thanks to my internet friend Jamie from Spain, it’s awesome !






A Skillz – LIVE @ The University of Wales June 2006



Adam Mills aka A.Skillz is a DJ/Producer hailing from the United Kingdom. Capable of rocking every party that he plays at, A.Skillz has the unique ability to mix every kind of genre of music LIVE and get the dance floor moving. This music loving individual has seen him appear at big and small stages on every 4 corners of the globe.

This mix was recorded LIVE at the University of Wales back in 2006.






Marseille – Breakbeated Reality Volume 1



Believe it or not Big Beat is still a thing and this genre far out dates the Breaks scene by far. Believers in this scene still produce tunes today with related record labels to still pushing out this sound. Here we have Marseille with a mix of new and old Big Beat sounds.






00:00 The Placenta – The Choice
03:13 SMP – I Waste You
06:09 SID alien – Viruses (Dark Guitar mix)
09:41 Adam Freeland – Coastal Breaks
13:48 Supercharger – Rock The Disco (Extended Version)
17:28 Dylan Rhymes – Naked & Ashamed
20:29 Chocolate Puma feat. Kris Kiss & Loopers – Step Back ([SC]Smash3r Remix)
24:44 Colombo – Lined (Little Orange UA Tribute Mix)
27:14 Placenta – Black Sun (1st Break remix)
33:16 Kemtrails – Crystal (Colombo Remix)
37:20 Pal Battery – Shock Wave
41:16 Inspired – Check My Break Beat Style
44:17 Drop Your Weapon – Kill The Vampire
46:02 Sergei Orange feat. Kelle – Deep Core (feat. Kelle)
49:46 The Placenta & Age Of Rampage – Broken Walls (Age Of Rampage Remix)
54:11 Sonic Academy – Like The Prodigy (Pal Battery Version)
58:37 Stuart Burrows – Phi
60:41 S.Ernst – Dismissal



Firestar Soundsystem – RIPEcast Mix June 2021



The Space Cowboys are really bringing out the best in Breaks artists lately with each of their guest DJ mixes streaming to over 20k of people in just a matter of days. This time it’s Canada’s Firestar Soundsystem bracing the decks and providing us with a broken beat related mix.

“This mix really shows the diversity of the genre currently and also shows how the roots of breakbeats and UKG can come to the forefront of this genre and still sound fresh and unique. I wanted to show that in this mix, which includes a few tracks I produced as well as some great music by some fantastic artists. Enjoy!”






B-Phreak – The Toast & Jam-Cast Episode 12



Germany’s B-Phreak has been in the Breaks scene for ages now and has graced the pages of Breakzlinkz for well over 10 years. His back with a special mix for The Toast & Jam Cast for episode 12. This set features loads of new music, including the first two tracks from B-Phreak, Bad Boy and Bounce, forthcoming on Toast & Jam Recordings. Keep an eye out for the new album and in the meantime enjoy this mix!






1) B-Phreak & Bradley Drop – Bad Boy (Original Mix)
2) B-Phreak & Bradley Drop – Bounce (Original Mix)
3) Huda Hudia & DJ30A & Amber – Think About You (Original Mix)
4) The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Let’s Baxta! (Dial uP Remix)
5) The Beat Club – Security (Bradley Drop Remix)
5) Hankook – Underground (Original Mix)
6) Hypho – Why You Here? (Original Mix)
7) Mafia Kiss – Tundra
8) B-Phreak – Get Low (Original Mix)
9) B-Phreak – Badman (Original Mix)
10) Yo Speed & Dasha Meelo – Gold Keys (Original Mix)
11) CLVRENCE & Ake – Vernant
12) Ducky – Tru
13) donkong – a2m (extended)
14) B-PHREAK – Groove It Out
15) B-PHREAK – Bullet
16) Who Da Funk – Shiny Disco Balls (Urbano Remix)
17) Old School Pick Of The Week
18) SWACQ – Work My Body
19) Scafetta – Dance baby
20)The Synergy – The Placenta
21) DJ Fixx & Ondamike – You’re Beautiful (2021 Mix)